Tragedies and Problems – Dealing and Benefiting from them

Tragedies and problems are finding us time to time and people basically have no idea what can somebody benefit from them? What is a benefit or advantage from a tragedy, right?

Regular people only seeing the personal loss or anything which is caused by some kind of bad event. Maybe a car accident, the death of a loved one, or just a really bad grade in school etc. But smaller tragedies can happen too. The lesson is to deal with them as best as we can.

What to do with tragedies?

Over my researches I found an interesting viewpoint about how to deal with personal tragedies and how can we benefit from those experiences. Also, I’ve learned them by myself in my life and had better insights from spiritual sources.

It seems very very simple from the subjective non-physical side, which includes a basic thing. Our personal spiritual development in this aspect. Of course, it is harder than said but it worths the try.


Keep balance always in your decisions. Also, remember that our life is only a facade of a bigger play theme and each individual are stepping in their own path with their choices. We are directing the movie and it is lasting for a lifetime here.

The only solution is: how do you deal with tragedies, problems, and many negative life experiences. That’s all, think positive and fetch the positive side.

Why should we deal with them?

Well, we are on a training ground where we are learning constantly and developing. I admit it seems like the most are not even developing anywhere as billions are sleepwalking and indoctrinated. But everybody does their job in physical life.


The problem solving here means that you let go of bad things in your life, let go of the negativity, bad people, and bad relationships. Let go and close down those episodes in your life.

This way you will only live in the famous present moment and don’t give away any energy towards a past which you can’t change. Also, stop worrying about the future which is probable and you will only cause trouble in your thinking. Worry doesn’t solve anything, right?

If somebody around you dies, for example, that is a bad and sad thing. Don’t let it smash you down. Life is going forward even if people tend to cling on a moment which causes them to degrade over years and decades for no reason. We need to let go of those bad events in our life, acknowledge them as they happened. Eventually, we can’t change them.


We can gain knowledge about anything. It is only a matter of perception on every side. You may ask: ok how a handicapped somebody could deal with or benefit from his/her position in a wheelchair for example. How can his/her mother/father/any relative who takes care of him/her benefit and grow from this situation?

The only thing here is the perception. How we deal with it, how we accept the situation and do our best. The handicapped person is in his/her little Universe and dealing with his/her bad situation as best as he/she can and when his/her life is finished for this physical lifetime, this knowledge will be added to the non-physical. It has the purpose to share this circumstance with others.

Those who were dealing with him/her, they will also grow from their perspective and learn some understanding. In a perfect health condition, it is not possible to deal with people with restrictions. But it may be for a reason. Look at the non-physical side: entities are constantly gaining knowledge from those who were brave enough to jump into a physical life and deal with the consequences of their choices.


A tragedy is only existing in a dualistic world like our physical one, here and now. We tend to get it very seriously. But on the other hand, we are gaining a deeper understanding of these events in our life, which we may not really aware right now.

It is like when spiritual people are spreading that there is no right or wrong. I agree on this but because everything is just experience,

Tragedies are always looking like that because our society has categories and attached meaning for just everything. We grew up surely knowing what is what but they are unnecessary limits. We are raised as robots.

Dealing with problems is like keeping balance, mentioned above. We tend to just make decisions on our feelings but that is the worst thing to do. 

Always take into consideration: why that event happened to You? How will you solve this problem or loss and get over to look ahead and stay yourself?

I hope I could help.

Edited on 9th of april in 2018.

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