When Your parents think you have problems as a kid

In this society, we are programmed to label everybody and everything according to the distorted system in which we live in from birth. Labeling people who are different from “normal” is very common. Kids, children are not so excluded from the subject and parents are starting the problem.

We don’t understand kids fully and so-called scientists and doctors are made up nice words, categories to keep them away from the vast majority.

We fear what we don’t understand and accept. Child problems may exist in people’s head only according to social expectations and norms. Everybody was young once and we all got our dosage from civilizational norms.

The problem with labeling and categorizing youngs

First of all, people have no idea what is the actual child’s purpose for his/her life here and now. They will only know it later.

We have no idea in reality who is our friend, family member etc in reality non-physically. We can guess after our many years of experience “knowing” this person. But eventually, only that person could know from inner knowledge, who is he/she in a wider sense. It takes time and effort to find it out.


Labels are not also helping but rather destroying many person’s lives in the end if they just give in their final power and give up. A family member just thinks that he/she knows another member. These people many times are trapped later in this artificially limited thinking and accepting what their dumb parents are thinking about him/her.

Family members are relatively destroying the given person’s further life many times.

We tend to label just anything. Our physical human world works with objectivity. We objectify anything and this way we can arrange our categories after we know what is what. It is a useful tool for functioning in this world and society. But it makes much more harm, than good for those who had no choice at the beginning to get break free.

When the child is being labeled

For example we label a child with attention deficit disorder (WTF is that? Is this a problem to be bored, right?) or similar, meanwhile the given child is bored like hell because his/her surroundings and stimulation of senses are so much low that he/she is unhappy every time or rather moving here and there. This is because the actual life is boring. Younger generations are much otherworldly than older generations.

This is our society, we label everybody without understanding the nature of these behaviors. We have absolutely no knowledge of the Wider Reality and life. If we have, we deny it from fear. Such a shame. We don’t know where we are coming from but the biggest problem is that the most don’t want to know it, they fear the truth. They will deny it at all cost.

Schizophrenic people are the same. I used to mention them, it is not an easy life for them because, in my understanding from a somehow specific inner reason, they can’t control what reality frame are they observing or experiencing with their extrasensory tools, so they will get mad sooner or later in medical terms.

They have no information source to know what is the issue with them.

The very same principle is valid for those who start to be mentally ill, manifested in the physical brain so later these people who CAUSED themselves these mental illnesses are called Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer diseased, many more. The brain can only just broadcast what the mind is telling it.

Later in life…

What are people learning in college years? They are learning what other people are teaching from the same misunderstanding viewpoint. People are teaching others the same useless material which causing our society being in darkness and not moving on anywhere, it is all about the money and disinformation.

This is an endless loop and divides people according to dumb categories.

The sad thing that these people are not even realizing that they are not even doing any use in the long run. Meanwhile, they are treating people successfully with “medicines”. Because people’s minds are accepting the fact that they can only heal with those craps. Interesting huh?

Children or adult people will have these medications for a non-existent problem.


To deal with children with difficulties in this society, it is much better to treat them with more patience and with a keen eye to look after their source of the problem.

So in this case for example, if a child has an attention problem, it would be much better to give more attention to his/her condition. Maybe he/she needs more stimulus and being bored.

Or somebody with autism has much more difficulty level to deal with life. It is still an achievement to go through childhood and many people can function “normally”. Only this society have the standards and many people just don’t fit in this dumb game of rules.

Medications and doctors won’t help at all but patience and a deeper understanding will.

Edited on 9th of april in 2018.

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