The illusion of Personal Truth

Well, it is very simple and I admit I had decades of experience to agree that there is no “one” truth in human terms. In Universal terms in the Wider Reality, it exists. But our human limited minds can’t fully comprehend it. I guess those who spent decades of conscious travel already in the non-physical, could agree on this.

Finding out your personal truth

Doing researches and learning about the non-physical world and yourself takes forever. On the other hand, I’ve found out over many years of knowledge, that if I searched in the outer world (internet, books, people, anything) I eventually didn’t find anything useful at all. All of my investigations led me to the conclusion that I need to forget everything that is told or can be found.

Everything I learned was eventually false and full of beliefs which are limiting. They can be pointers to develop personally and to understand what we would like to. But they are causing so much confusion, that I just needed to systematically close every theory and “fact” out. I realized if I felt about a topic that it is just scam or wrong somehow, I was right. We can call it intuition.

How I research about stuff is like I accept a theory if it seems reasonable. After that, I constantly investigating if it leads me nowhere and has holes in the theory to stop believing it – sort of. Like if one voice is false in the melody, the whole stuff is false. Be careful in this world.

Where is that knowledge or truth?

It turned out later that it is really “true” that the knowledge is inside us, me. You need to develop your own way of communicating with your Essence, your core. Or gain knowledge from the inner world, called the non-physical.

Some people are using abilities, some are only meditating. It is the matter of finding the best focus for the purpose and having the connection to the source in some ways and being successful in multidimensional understanding.

Gifted people in this sense is not even gifted. Only have deeper connections to other sources, which are not this world. If we think that clairvoyance is a gift, some people who are cursed with it may argue… And some are ok and earning money with distorted visions intertwined with their own misinterpretations and beliefs.


Your own inner compass

Everybody has their own right and wrong compass deep inside. The actual person only knows for sure what is good or bad for him/her. This way it is just an unnecessary argument when a friend or known somebody tries to turn you into a direction in your life which is not even beneficial for you.

Maybe they try to tell YOU how to live and by what unnecessary cultural suffering. If you feel yourself bad against a certain life experience, it is for a reason and you somehow feel deeply that you should avoid that path. But of course your choices have consequences, go with your gut.

If there are two people who are saying the same thing, it is not meant to be right for you. If they are arguing between their beliefs, it means that magically they both are right in some ways. This alone proves that each individual have their own Universes and they only know in the best cases of course, what is what.

This way everybody has their own truth. Everybody lives in their own little bubble, it is a fact. It is more interesting and a bad thing at the same time when we know somebody who is just so deeply believing in their nonsense that they will deny anything more. Starting with the LOA nonsense.

Facehug when I see these New Age crap like “See the Truth” or “You should know the Truth”, “the one Truth” or “THE Truth”…

WHOSE truth? People are double blinded by their own beliefs. We can’t help them. We are always crashing against, for example, Truth samples via Youtube media platform, where people are just making up “truth” videos about Starseeds, ET races, Agendas, Chemtrails, Food industry, Reality truths, anything which tries to start a big movement…

I could count many many ones but these are the main culprits and scams these years mainly in spiritual circles. They are sometimes so well orchestrated that naive people will surely jump in along with intelligent ones, who can’t find even a hole in the theory for first. The worst when these people who are creating these belief constructs are doing nothing but fooling people 24/7 with books and public speaks.

Funny that if we count in just every truth along theories, religions, facts, physics laws, just anything – we will see that those are real in those heads who are believing in them. That is the personal truth. You change your perception and the world is like that part.

Of course, basic physics are real and we need a certain common sense to navigate on this planet in daily life. But I think something is going pretty bad when people believing that the Earth is for example flat. It is all about beliefs and people’s god. They are so belief blinded that they can’t even function in the society anymore… They WANT you to believe that for first they are special, this way you are too and if you believe their issue, this whole Planet will be a happier place.


Personal beliefs will cause troubles, box thinking and make a certain individual think, that what he/she is actually believing is real. While you are safe here in physical reality from your beliefs and being free-thinking anything which you choose to be real, on the other hand in the Wider Reality, you will be in big trouble because it will be your constant reality of truth until you change your mind and stop fooling you. I think it is a very serious thing for the most.

So what is the Truth? You are  : )  Maybe I should ask, what is real? Only You are the most real as you read these rows. Thank You.

Edited on 8th of april in 2018.

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