The role of Affirmations – Do they actually help you?

Affirmations are very useful for those, who tend to speak to themselves in a reinforcing manner or rather make themselves confident. I used them too in my whole life. But what significance can they induce? Are they some kinds of aid for us? Affirmations are just one great tool to focus our primary attention on our goal and help ourselves in completing the mission.

Well, let’s see how they are helpful in your life through a few examples. If you are more successful in any manner with repeated inner thoughts and making yourself stronger in mind, then that is great! I’m a researcher type too partly, so I’m using a few kinds of affirmations for my own confidence too. You can try it and see if it helps.

Affirmations are also very useful for non-physical practices and mostly focusing your primary attention to only one thing at a time. You can combine it with meditation. Some people may achieve their financial goals, others will be successful in healing or Astral Projection. It is not magic, you are simply focusing on your main goal more efficiently.

The two sides of the same coin

Positive affirmations are existing when we are trying to help ourselves out of negative events and life situations. And also to try to influence our outer life and towards those who we like and admire. The positive side can benefit many aspects of our life and can easily help to get by many times. We can surely achieve goals with enough mind work and inner change of thought patterns. But we need to do something in the external world to finish our goals.

Negative affirmations are sometimes very effective in unwanted circumstances and they can fuel bad life experiences furthermore. These types are not so good in the long run and may impact the individual’s mental health and this way his/her physical body – because thoughts are directly manifesting changes in the physical body. Not fast but over some time. The human race is very advanced in ruining their own life, I mean we are. It is much easier to focus on negative things.

A quick example here. Your relative or friend is sick or the type who can’t behave, or maybe you are unfamiliar in his/her company. This way, you are just rushing your mind with thoughts which ARE reinforcing the outer world and behavior of others. You don’t need to believe that this is true, you can experiment with it any time. That person will be more negative towards you perhaps. This is about just reinforcing how negative another person is in your perception. He/she may didn’t change, you simply will find causes to reinforce your thinking. Surprise if you thought about LOA.

You are distorting your own life with your thinking!

The whole idea comes down to this. Our thoughts are influencing our life directly on an ongoing basis, so be careful what you are affirming furthermore. It may be dangerous, not really in a relatively short time but maybe after days, weeks, months or years. We create all sorts of diseases, (cancer) and accidents with this without knowing about it!

Some things may happen which you created with your unchecked thoughts. Of course, those thoughts are not like affirmations but beliefs. The vast majority is not really aware of this basic principle and here’s planet Earth… Remember, your thoughts are sponged up somewhere “else”. They will go somewhere even if you let them go.

I’m sure if some people understood this, they will help themselves soon. Check your thoughts, feelings because they can rule you and create a never-ending loop of distorted worldview.


Use them wisely, with caution

When we try to reinforce a belief deep inside personally, it may manifest sooner or later, according to the given amounts of thought energy. But the main role is above in a nutshell. Do affirmations if you think you need them or if it is natural for you.  But be careful “what you wished for”. I’ve heard some people wished for a car accident… that is too stupid!

Some types of people may use it as the worst way to get results in their lives. It is not meaning anything extraordinary if somebody has intelligent thinking, if they are so naive that what they try to achieve is not even realistic! Or maybe they are motivated on the worst side of the coin according to their fear, greed, bad behavior.

One type of affirmation is my one natural side. We tend to affirm many things in personal life, like if we don’t know about something which is true or about the mechanics but if we make repeated investigations on various sides of the same problem, we can be sure later that what we thought about something or even somebody is actually right. This is about trusting yourself.

That is an affirmation type too. It keeps us safe from making decisions or beliefs which were maybe too naive in the first place. Beliefs, affirmations and many more are coming from the same source: thoughts. Where do thoughts are coming from? Consciousness, YOU. Use it wisely without hurting others. Nobody punishes you but you are experiencing an after-effect of your thinking all the time.

I hope I could help with this.

Edited on 18th of June in 2019.

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