Angels – Who are They really?

It is a big trend nowadays believing that we have angels around us. Also, it is a “psychic” misconception and also known in the circle of spiritual believers that angels are here with us. Furthermore, they are trying to contact you or showing special numbers, called synchronicities which are nonsense guessings.

I will try to explain how unreal this whole concept and belief is. Of course, I’m speaking from my experiences and from my gathered knowledge over the years. Btw if somebody wants to believe in angels after he/she knows what are they, it is ok and even nice thing of course. They can be nice non-physical entities, helping people many times.


Angels are only forms, from the non-physical world

Angels are a huge misnomer for those who are resident in the endless subjective reality and trying to do their job. These “people” may be ex-humans, maybe other entities. It depends on your beliefs and perception mostly.

Mostly they are your parts of your Total Self and this way they can be many types of “people”. It is not some kind of divine idiotism which has been pushed down into religious people’s throat. They are part of the system, your system’s. If you can imagine or believe you have one, then you have one. Simple.

I’ve spent more than a year (when I’m writing this) of exploring their origins in the non-physical world. They are indeed for some people real. Other people are seeing them ET’s or normal humans. They are only forms. Your perception will determine and their intent of how do you encounter them.

The typical religious angel figure is a myth to a certain degree until you meet one. Then it is obvious to you that it is real but another observer may see this entity as a shadow figure or another human. Eventually, we need to grow up to shred down these nonsense manmade beliefs.

We have “angels” but they are called spiritual or non-physical guides indeed.


Angelic numbers and the nonsense around them on the web

Sorry for those who are running websites about angelic numbers but I feel they are fooling people. Maybe not intentionally but they are. It is ridiculous how some belief systems are made up to make people feel nice and happy about something which is non-existent.

There are many sites over the web and the most amazing thing that there are explanations for every number even until 4 digits or more… The main issue is that when people see perfect numbers and are aware of them, it is just a subjective message from the non-physical. If you are aware of your daily life, chances are, you will see them more frequently. Those numbers are indicating that you are on a good path and your goals are near. Maybe that the non-physical is got your message from your mind. Don’t overlook this.

Read my other post here about synchronicities.

So mainly these numbers are just one way of subjective communication. You notice them because you are conscious in your daily life. Numbers, words, radio songs, out-heard conversations, all the same.

By the way, it is said that ringing in the ears is angelic voices. Well, it could be some other things like frequency changes in your body. Maybe a sudden data package downloaded into your mind from the NP which will be known later. Or somebody talked to you from the NP but you have no receiver abilities to translate it. It will be revealed over time if you intend it.

Angels as guardian beings

Now I will be straight here. There are as many types of helpers on the “other side” as many people with demands here and now. I can’t even guess what types are there after I know for sure the main subcategories of NP helpers.

Forget the Angel thing, concentrate on the fact that you are surrounded by your own selves of your essence. This means that you are never alone and being watched from the other side for the good. Your life is for a reason and it is not a one-sided game.

Indeed there are guardian beings but in human terms. You are guarded to not do stupid things for example. Some people can sense other entities or see them with more openness. This is not paranormal or fearful, only the actual Wider Reality around you. Inside you.

I was a little bit harsh here so I edited back this topic. You can read more about non-physical guides and helper types here.

Edited on 12th of april in 2018.

The Polar Express (2004) – Understanding the magic behind the story

Here is a great animated movie, called The Polar Express. I planned to write about my insights on this movie which I really like. In my opinion, no matter how old somebody is, many of us are guarding our childish part deep inside and this one is my favorite to enjoy Christmas on my own.

To tell the truth, I don’t like this part of the year because after my family members and such others in our lives are done with giving Christmas presents (you know… “the celebration of presents” and buying for the most), they are continuing to be assholes with you. Never mind, this post is meant to be a nice insight.

So why am I watching this movie each year at or around Christmas Eve? Well, it is magical and lately in the last years as I got insight into the non-physical life and world, I realized that this whole movie is completely a so called “Astral Projection”. It is an adventure about our main character’s mind about what is real and what could be real.

It is a shared adventure with many children who experience the same thing and living the magic up for a whole night. And as the narrator tells the story at the beginning and at the end, I feel the same. It is not about believing in Santa or the magic of Christmas on my part but keeping up my good spirit and enjoy this kind of magic! No matter what happens in life, stay  good and enjoy yourself – this is a journey.

Sorry, it will take a little bit longer to read through lol. Let’s begin.

The opening about debunking Santa and the presents from parents

Our main character is keeping solid beliefs about Santa Claus that he is fake and the North Pole both. What books and lexicons are telling him is the fact. Even those newspaper parts are telling the same. But wait a minute his young sister still believes in it because she is much younger. Also keeping up a naive childish attitude which is normal. Well, I wish I could be a naive child again but I guess I never lost that part of me.

Children are full of magic and play until it is suppressed by parents and society. That is a shame. But back to the adventure.

His parents think that it would be a tragedy that he doesn’t believe. Believe is the keyword throughout the movie.

Here I need to notice something. Is it not fair in any family to force our views on our children right? I don’t like this word really, knowing where it leads people but here we have it in a relatively positive way. So his bathrobe is torn in a pocket and he is just falling off to sleep after seeing and hearing his parents. So it IS an Astral Projection! The clock stops, he thinks he just shut his eyes for a moment. And stuff is unchanged around him, seemingly everything is intact.

The Polar Express arrives on a non-existent railway

Here the train goes, I love that entry of this scene, radiator beeps like a train lol.

We could see at the beginning that there is a street with some or at least one parking car outside with snow. Now there is a train on a track. Wow!
Curiousness takes over – that is the best attitude to explore the non-physical. And he tries to find out what’s that. Now the glassy ticketer guy shows up and makes this guy insights about if he doesn’t make up his mind, he will miss something big, without being too specific. Only with the destination.

Ok he finally joins and realizes that not even he is not alone, there are many kinds of children, gaining more confidence. Of course, there is always one who is too intellectual. The story goes on and they slowly ride in front of a shopping mall where our hero only notices the mechanical Santa, being fake and taking nods on it. Oh man… belief systems, right? But everyone could be shaken. Where we search for reinforcements, we will see it.

Train represents a Consciousness ride to the unknown here.

Tickets! Tickets, please!

We arrive at Billy’s, the little shy boy’s home. He makes up his mind pretty hard but joins as our hero does his job to stop the train. Why? Well, he just feels it is right. The story goes on, now we have magical tickets and those are causing many troubles throughout the movie.

Btw it is interesting to see when our hero’s ticket is disappearing as he is taking it away in his pocket at the end of the movie.

Those tickets are now having punched in holes to show some letters… Those letters at the end of the movie are forming words for each individual according to their strong or weak parts to work on.

If we don’t have a lost ticket or the searching, of course, we don’t have the troubles on the train. Hot cocoa comes along for not being “hungry”. Well, it is a joke because along the nice representation of a dancing comedy and singing, the children barely drink a lot lol. Well, some are crashing off in sugar rush yeah! The ticket is also missing and our hero tries his best to undo his fault. Oh that fricking bathrobe pocket, right?

Tickets are personal symbols

But my best guess is that tickets are representing a personal or individual trait which is, of course, cannot be assigned to other people. Why? That is you partly, right? They are only virtual representations of you. It is like a label, represented after your personality here.

Now the ticket from the little girl is missing and she is dragged towards the back of the train wagon’s end. Well, here are some strange things happening.

The guy upstairs, living freely

This guy on the top of the train is not really a ghost. He is partly an aspect of our hero’s self, a free somebody hanging around in various worlds and also a living belief system convincer/doubter. Who tries to question our hero’s thoughts about what is real. But funny that the girl is dragged upstairs visually with the ticketer man and he just follows them. So we are here at the guy, we needed to be there.

He finds interesting that our little one doesn’t believe in ghosts. It is in itself a funny thing because he is in the non-physical and can’t even wake himself up (this alone shows how real are every dimension is) – it is not allowed until the whole scene is played out – I guess the boy’s full soul essence grabbed him to show him, he should change his thinking drastically.

Not believing causing our hero more trouble. Like going backward on the train later and seeing Scrooge from the Christmas Carol, who is a non-believer and a stone-hearted man. He need see solid evidence and even frightening scenes in his “life”.

That toy cemetery represents those grown children who are not fitted into the magic of Christmas anymore. They grew up and being an adult, brainwashed and indoctrinated. I’m not saying that we need to keep the Christmas magic in us but that we deny anything which is not fitted into the close-minded, box thinking human world. Christmas and Santa is only one aspect of being shown what is wrong with our society. Not Christmas itself is the subject but widening our perspective about what is real or possible. Especially for a child with imagination.

Freezing, really

So here they are chatting in the cold. The next strangeness is the cold and snow. Do you think in physical life, you won’t freeze? But I’m not criticizing at all! So this guy is doing his job as a seemingly adult man, who only dreams about a girl.

He goes away and helps the boy to get to the girl, the lost one. Right, these scenes are pretty awesome of rollercoastering and helping hand is there for him.

The Polar Express

Rollercoaster on big heights and lows with moose

Right, those scenes are my favorite, I guess many people like them. So the first big problem and a good reinforcement come in from this direction. Moose. The Scottish long haired funny guy’s voice is just enough for them to move on. The story is going along and everybody does their part to play it, no matter what.

I won’t be surprised if this whole action is repeated in every year in this “Universe” with different kids each year. Too bad there is a glitch or mistake in the movie. We see 5 wagons behind the smokey and in the North Pole City, there is much more as it is running in but later on that.

Now, moose are showing us that indeed, this train goes towards North. Canada huh? Right, there is nothing extraordinary of this horde, it is natural. But it is strange that the track is “now” under ice as our ticketer guy says. I found it strange that it is frozen in ice, those who planned it down maybe centuries ago could maybe lay it a little bit higher, huh? Just some intelligent build, you know… and eventually it is a movie.

Here our team tries to work together and get out and get in line with the track before they reach the entrance to the elevation for the mountain’s top. Teamwork, right with some panic lol. By the way, noticed that the little girl in the driver’s seat is not really sure about herself AGAIN? The main hero reminds me partly many times when he is just making up his mind and acts, figuring out the facts later about which one is the break. A real intelligent one. One for beliefs, one for being a leader.

The mountaintop and the Aurora

Wow, it is interesting to see that a magical train climbs up to a mountaintop on a spiral road and goes towards a very high attitude bridge. The ticketer now speaks about a magical occurrence that “somebody or something” helped him a long time ago on the train. Just as our ghost guy helped our hero to pull them up on the ice – oops forgot it huh! Btw it would be a vomiting ride, going back on the same track lol!

Now the ticket is checked and we have a little song at the end of the last wagon. Well, I like it in Hungarian (my main language) and in English too. A real heart touching one for being together as children, being enough clean to not get hang up on arguments about anything as an adult.

Their Billy’s main problem is his present which he wants (a representation of his family and how they are lacking). Later he will learn that he needs to trust in the process. The girl is full of heart and singing together.  She needs some bravery to open up to her full potential.

The pretty Aurora which I love so much as a natural occurrence lights up and there we go the big Northern City of North Pole. Noticed the shape of the city from the airline? Very well designed.

The Polar Express

In the City and the trouble with the jingle bell

Right, The Polar Express, our too much-wagoned train (lol) arrives at this magical big city and we arrived “in time”. Noticed that time is not even existing? Non-physical world huh? Well, our intelligent one points it out a few times besides his egoistic attitude.

The young ones are getting into trouble again. Our ghost guy shows the breaks. Wait a minute how did he manage to appear on that exact wagon? After they got the ride into a parking lot deep under the city, there is a pause.

The young girl points out the direction and throughout the movie gains more confidence in her leadership. Billy gains more trust towards his friends. Our hero is still doubting.

Ok, here we go the streets and the stuck melody. Everybody is away of work (the elves) – the job is done and celebration comes after a big project. Our fellows are chatting about the direction. Finally, the girl gains the leadership again and she is so sure where is the jingle voice.

Funny that a jingling something captures her attention just enough to keep her curiosity up? Planned action on a bigger scale, huh?

The HQ and the ride in the tube

We are at the HQ and seeing some elves discussing a boy’s revenge of being bad lol. Santa doesn’t let anybody without presents. Presents are representing so many things: love, joy, surprise, spirit, good mood, friendship, being not left out etc.

Soon, we can see how massive this whole city is, even underground. Some decades or even hundreds of years may pass by? Being clear Santa and this whole issue is a supply and demand thing. As long as it started to be a needed thing to supply children with presents, the industry began. It is about children and their happiness btw.

We are at the covering/packaging place, well, Billy causes the next trouble of his present. A pretty strange occurrence again… he is the only one, right there who suddenly sees his present, wow. Coincidences, right? After a slide, we arrive at the big bag full of presents. Well, how the hack will Santa ride it, yeah?

A strange thing which I noticed that there is no story about the glassy smart one. I mean how the heck did he jump in the bag? I guess he was smart enough to get lost of the group and stealth in there somehow. Or this is a glitch in the whole scene because, in the physical Universe, you just can’t appear suddenly elsewhere, relative to your actual position some 50-100’s meters away.

On air and being on the square

Our elves know their job really, this is obviously not the first year and not the last. The big glowing star is restored and let’s run to the square. Our heroes are in an individual manner jumping down to the other’s and our ticketer guy notices that the smart one was missing.

He is not even arguing with the three main characters, did you notice it? Only positive words. Non-physical guide maybe…

Ringing bells. Ringing? Our hero doesn’t even hear that! Not even when “time” slows down and one from the row crushes in front of him. Ok ok, he now believes, tries it really. Wow, the bell is ringing! Here I tend to elevate the volume up to hear that nice spiritual chorus of showing Santa in the reflection : )

Surprise, surprise, he CAN see Santa and talk with him. Magical right? I like that glowing aura of Santa too. Now the next big thing is that he is selected for the first yearly gift after he points out the 4 main fellows personality.

What does he wish? I have only guesses, the bell and/or his new friends. Ok times up, we need to go home.

Santa rides

Mr. C. goes on high with those nice raindeers and the music begins, we are ready to go home. The interesting thing that the clock is alerting after we are done with Santa’s show. Btw that rainbow whip is pretty nice.

The tickets are now gaining full meaning and some of them are gaining more values than others. Finally, all of the children learned something for sure. Some of them are asking back the meaning and what is supposed to mean, but wait a minute our main hero boy is warned that he needs to keep that word only to himself? Wow.

Could it be that our ticketer glassy guy is an aspect of this boy? Surely. He sometimes speaks out little stories about his Christmases. Could it be that the ticketer is the boy’s “future self”?

Being Home and being safe

Everybody goes home now, the train stops at the first destinations surely and Billy is hugged warmly as he needed it. He has a harder time in the society with this family background, being poor. Our hero just speaks out a thought, thinking about is this only a dream?

YES and NO! Come on, you are living up a huge story being much more alive and being as real as the physical world and doubting yourself… Believe! : ) We know it was real.

Many people tend to question their dreams like that. They were real.

Our boy also needed to trust the process as Billy and also he learned to believe too. He lost it long ago and he now can share this and his story with his little sister. So long his girlfriend and now as he wakes up, the whole pocket damage scenario plays out again.

The final thought

Doubt? Was that only a dream? I Don’t think so. The little train model under the tree reminds us of the Polar Express and they got the missing bell. All right, He lost it right? That damn pocket.

But surprise, Santa tried to be sure that the year’s first present is delivered surely. The children both can hear the bell’s ringing but the parents are unable to hear it. Sad thing, it represents that the Christmas as a celebration is long time lost in spirit adults’ spirit. Don’t misunderstand me, it represents many things according to people around the world and this is a classic tree-presents-Santa-magic type but here we have a certain form all along the movie.

Our hero is now in narrative mode and this was a big memory as a movie.

He still hears the bell as being old and after even his sister stopped hearing it, it is still in our guy’s heart deep inside. Well, he learned that if he doesn’t need to gather enough evidence to see something is fake. He just tried it and it worked. What if he never tries it?

Wasn’t it magical? Watch it and live up the magic. Forget what other’s are thinking about you, enjoy yourself. This not really about beliefs but the magic!

Edited on 7th of april in 2018.

Tragedies and Problems – Dealing and Benefiting from them

Tragedies and problems are finding us time to time and people basically have no idea what can somebody benefit from them? What is a benefit or advantage from a tragedy, right?

We can’t escape normally from the outside world. Life just throws crap to us many times and we can do our best to deal with it. You don’t have these experiences which religious people would call karma. Life just happens automatically. Otherwise, we wouldn’t live it.

Regular people will only see the personal loss or anything which is caused by some kind of bad event. Maybe a car accident, the death of a loved one, or just a really bad grade in school. But smaller tragedies can happen too. The lesson is to deal with them as best as we can. We learn and grow from these too. We came for personal experiences.

What to do with tragedies?

Over my researches and life lessons, I found an interesting viewpoint about how to deal with personal tragedies and how can we benefit from those experiences. Later in my life, I had better insights from “spiritual” sources.

It seems very very simple from the subjective non-physical side, which includes a basic thing. Our personal spiritual development in this aspect. Of course, it is harder than said but it worths the try.


Keep balance always in your decisions. Also, remember that our life is only a facade of a bigger play-theme and each individual are stepping in their own path with their choices. We are directing the movie and it is lasting for a lifetime here.

The only solution is: how do you deal with tragedies, problems, and many negative life experiences. That’s all, think positive and fetch the positive side. With practice, it becomes an automatic thing. Become what you want to, not just act like it.

Why should we deal with them?

Well, we are on a training ground where we are learning constantly and developing. I admit it seems like the most are not even developing anywhere as billions are sleepwalking and indoctrinated. But everybody does their job in physical life. The most are learning very slowly and one lifetime isn’t enough for all.

The problem solving here means that you let go of bad things in your life, let go of the negativity, bad people, and bad relationships. Let go and close down those episodes in your life. Just look into yourself and accept what happened to you.

This way you will only live in the famous present moment and don’t give away any energy towards a past which you can’t change. Also, stop worrying about the future which is probable and you will only cause trouble in your thinking. Worry doesn’t solve anything, right? Neither people around you who are not letting you to live.

If somebody around you dies, for example, that is a bad and sad thing. Don’t let it smash you down. Life is going forward even if people tend to cling on a moment which causes them to degrade over years and decades for no reason. We need to let go of those bad events in our life, acknowledge them as they happened. Eventually, we can’t change them. Nobody disappears into the nothingness, so those “people” are fine.


We can gain knowledge about anything. It is only a matter of perception on every side. You may ask: okay, how a handicapped somebody could deal with or benefit from his/her position in a wheelchair for example. How can his/her mother/father/any relative who takes care of him/her benefit and grow from this situation?


The only thing here is perception and acceptance. How we deal with it, how we accept the situation and do our best. The handicapped person is in his/her little Universe and dealing with his/her bad situation as best as he/she can and when his/her life is finished for this physical lifetime, this knowledge will be added to the non-physical. It has the purpose to share this circumstance with others.

We live in these situations by choice and we decided it before our birth for a reason. We want to learn from these limitations.

Those who were dealing with him/her, they will also grow from their perspective and learn some understanding. In a perfect health condition, it is not possible to deal with people with restrictions. But it may be for a reason. Look at the non-physical side: entities are constantly gaining knowledge from those who were brave enough to jump into a physical life and deal with the consequences of their choices. We are interconnected with our non-physical members.


A tragedy is only existing in a dualistic world like our physical one, here and now. We tend to get it very seriously. But on the other hand, we are gaining a deeper understanding of these events in our life, which we may not really aware right now.

It is like when spiritual people are spreading that there is no right or wrong. I agree with this but because everything is just an experience.

Tragedies are always looking like that because our society has categories and attached meaning for just everything. We grew up surely knowing what is what but they are unnecessary limits. We were raised like robots.

Dealing with problems is like keeping balance, mentioned above. We tend to just make decisions on our feelings but that is the worst thing to do. 

Always take into consideration: why that event happened to You? How will you solve this problem or loss and get over to look ahead and stay yourself?

I hope I could help.

Edited on 1st of May in 2019.

The illusion of Personal Truth

Well, it is very simple and I admit I had decades of experience to agree that there is no “one” truth in human terms. In Universal terms in the Wider Reality, it exists. But our human limited minds can’t fully comprehend it. I guess those who spent decades of conscious travel already in the non-physical, could agree on this.

There are many truths indeed but we are making our truth up by our perception. So there is no real cause to debate with others about our truth because others have another perception about the same thing. Not so different from debating with religious people. You can only find your own truth and it will be only true for you with a great chance.

I will discuss some aspects of personal truths, belief systems and why we can only change our own perception. It may help a little bit in understanding our human-oriented mind. Please, be aware that there are countless belief systems in our society and you can fall into any of them as a prey.

The main thing is that truth is not just personal but subjective. It depends only on your perception and how you live it up or interpret it.

Finding out your personal truth

Doing researches and learning about the non-physical world and about yourself takes forever. On the other hand, I’ve found out over many years of knowledge, that if I searched in the outer world (internet, books, people, anything in our physical reality) I eventually didn’t find anything useful at all. All of my investigations led me to the conclusion that I need to forget everything that is told or can be found. Of course, we partly feel it.

Everything (almost) I learned was eventually false and full of beliefs which are limiting. I’m not a believer type, we may call it perception. What is mentioned here can be a pointer to develop personally and to understand what we would like to. But they are causing so much confusion, that I just needed to systematically close every theory and “fact” out. I realized if I felt about a topic that it is just a scam or wrong somehow, I was right. We can call it intuition. You can try it in your own life, follow your instincts.

How I research about stuff is like I accept a theory if it seems reasonable. After that, I constantly investigating if it leads me nowhere and has holes in the theory to stop believing it – sort of. Don’t take my words strictly, you may have your own method and thinking. But it is like if one voice is false in the melody, the whole stuff is false. Be careful in this world and question everything. We are living in a society where everybody will take the chance to lie because they can hide their intention. In the non-physical from where we are coming from, we can’t because we don’t have a body.

Where is that knowledge or truth?

It turned out later that it is really “true” that the knowledge is inside us, me or you. You need to develop your own way of communicating with your Essence, your core. Or gain knowledge from the inner world, called the non-physical. No matter how you call your non-physical self, you are still that vast source, you just don’t listen to “it”.

Some people are using abilities, some are only meditating. It is the matter of finding the best focus for the purpose and having the connection to the source in some ways and being successful in multidimensional understanding.

Gifted people in this sense is not even gifted. Only have deeper connections to other sources, which are not this world. If we think that clairvoyance is a gift, some people who are cursed with it may argue… And some are okay and earning money with distorted visions intertwined with their own misinterpretations and beliefs. These are just abilities to deal with or use them as best as we can. Some people are just better with tuning in. But many people are easily falling into the false illusion that they are so special with all of this. We all are in some sense.

personal truth

Your own inner compass

Everybody has their own right and wrong compass deep inside. The actual person only knows for sure what is good or bad for him/her. This way it is just an unnecessary argument when a friend or known somebody tries to turn you into a direction in your life which is not even beneficial for you. Your compass is made up of your inner personality, what values you are holding in yourself and how you are using up our society’s judgemental stuff.

Maybe they try to tell YOU how to live and by what unnecessary cultural suffering. If you feel yourself bad against a certain life experience, it is for a reason and you somehow feel deeply that you should avoid that path. But of course your choices have consequences, go with your gut feeling. Try to test the path of least resistance.

If there are two people who are saying the same thing, it is not meant to be right for you. If they are arguing between their beliefs, it means that magically they both are right in some ways. This alone proves that each individual have their own inner Universes and they only know in the best cases of course, what is what.

This way, everybody has their own truth. Everybody lives in their own little bubble, it is a fact. It is more interesting and a bad thing at the same time when we know somebody who is just so deeply believing in their nonsense that they will deny anything more. Starting with the LOA nonsense. We can’t help others, only our thinking.

About all the new age BS: “See the Truth” or “You should know the Truth”, “the one Truth” or “THE Truth”…

WHOSE truth? People are double blinded by their own beliefs. We can’t help them. We are always crashing against, for example, Truth samples via Youtube media platform, where people are just making up “truth” videos about Starseeds, ET races, Agendas, Chemtrails, Food industry, Reality truths, anything which tries to start a big movement… People try to feel special because they have nothing else to feel safe. The human psychology is always there.

I could count many many ones but these are the main culprits and scams these years mainly in spiritual circles. They are sometimes so well orchestrated that naive people will surely jump in along with intelligent ones, who can’t find even a hole in the theory for first.

The worst when these people who are creating these belief constructs are doing nothing but fooling people 24/7 with books and public speaks. They believe clearly what they are saying. Their truth will be yours if you are prone to fall into belief traps.

Funny that if we count in just every truth along with theories, religions, facts, physics laws, just anything – we will see that those are real in those heads who are believing in them. That is personal truth, sort of. You change your perception and the world is like that part. The world DID NOT change, your perception changes only. You block out everything else which doesn’t fit into your belief system.


Of course, basic physics are real and we need a certain common sense to navigate on this planet in daily life. But I think something is going pretty bad when people believing that the Earth is for example flat. It is all about beliefs and people’s god. Most of the people need a higher power because they deny the fact that we are doing our life. They are so belief blinded that they can’t even function in this society anymore…

They WANT you to believe that for first they are special, this way you are too and if you believe their issue, this whole Planet will be a happier place.

Personal beliefs will cause troubles, box-minded thinking and make a certain individual think, that what he/she is actually believing is real. While you are safe here in physical reality from your beliefs and being free-thinking anything which you choose to be real, on the other hand in the Wider Reality, you will be in big trouble because it will be your constant reality of truth until you change your mind and stop fooling yourself. I think it is a very serious thing for the most. Maybe people who read this article will learn one thing from their life: we are here for a reason and not for a school-work-pension life at all basically.

I can’t save anybody and don’t want to change anybody at all. I just give a useful insight, how it all works, as usual. So what is the Truth? You are  : )  Maybe I should ask, what is real? Only You are the most real as you read these rows. Thank You.

Edited on 19th of June in 2019.

When Your parents think you have behavior problems as a kid

In this society, we are programmed to label everybody and everything according to the distorted system in which we live in from birth. Labeling people who are different from “normal” is very common. Kids, children are not so excluded from the subject and parents are starting the problem.

We don’t understand kids fully and so-called scientists and doctors are made up nice words, categories to keep them away from the vast majority. So we actually have a system where everybody needs to fit in.

We fear what we don’t understand and accept. Child behavior problems may exist in people’s head only according to social expectations and norms. Everybody was young once and we all got our dosage from civilizational norms. If we have behavior problems from a young age it is mostly from our parents and school. A young kid needs to fit into this horrible world.

The problem with labeling and categorizing youngs

First of all, people have no idea what is the actual child’s purpose for his/her life here and now. They alone (kids) will only know it later if they want to.

We have no idea basically, who is our friend, family member. Not even non-physically. We can guess after our many years of experience “knowing” this person. But eventually, only that person could know from inner knowledge, who he/she is in a wider sense. It takes time and effort to find it out.

behavior problems

Labels are not also helping but rather destroying many person’s lives in the end, if they just give in their final power and give up. A family member just thinks that he/she knows another member. These people many times are trapped later in this artificially limited thinking and accepting what their dumb parents are thinking about him/her.

Family members are relatively destroying the given person’s further life many times. We try to measure the child’s personality from an end result, from his/her behavior. It is a reaction to other people’s control and towards the outside world.

We tend to label just anything. Our physical human world works with objectivity. We objectify anything and this way, we can arrange our categories after we know what is what. It is a useful tool for functioning in this world and society. But it makes much more harm, than good for those who had no choice at the beginning to get break free.

When the child is labeled and categorized

For example, we label a child with attention deficit disorder (WTF is that? Is this a problem to be bored, right?) or similar, meanwhile the given child is bored like hell because his/her surroundings and stimulation of senses are so much low that he/she is unhappy every time or rather moving here and there. This is because the actual life is boring and we are bombarded with zillions of information to lose our focus. Younger generations are much otherworldly than older generations right now.

This is our society, we label everybody without understanding the nature of these behavior problems. We have absolutely no knowledge of the Wider Reality and about life. If we have, we deny it from fear. Such a shame. We don’t know where we are coming from but the biggest problem is that the most don’t want to know it, they fear the truth. They will deny it at all cost. Their beliefs will be damaged.

Schizophrenic people are the same. I used to mention them. It is not an easy life for them because, in my understanding from a somehow specific inner reason, they can’t control what reality frame are they observing or experiencing with their extrasensory tools, so they will get mad sooner or later in medical terms. This is not “normal” behavior in our society.

They have no information source to know what is the issue with them.

The very same principle is valid for those who start to be mentally ill, manifested in the physical brain so later these people who CAUSED themselves these mental illnesses are called Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer diseased, many more. The brain can only just broadcast what the mind is telling to it. If we can’t keep up, we will make ourselves sick.

Later in life…

What do people learn in college years? They are learning what other people are teaching from the same misunderstanding and viewpoint. People are teaching others the same useless material which causing our society being in darkness and not moving on anywhere, it is all about the money and disinformation. To tie down us with greed and credits.

This is an endless loop and divides people according to dumb categories.

The sad thing that these people are not even realizing that they are not even doing any use in the long run. Meanwhile, they are treating people successfully with “medicines”. Because people’s minds are accepting the fact that they can only heal with those craps. Interesting huh?

Children or adult people will have these medications for a non-existent problem. If you notice, I tried to build up this subject for any ages in our life like a process.


To deal with children with difficulties in this society, it is much better to treat them with more patience and with a keen eye to look after their source of the problem. Look after their capabilities and not about their lack of being able to fit into a sick world. They will manage to fit in if we let them do it on their own.

So in this case for example, if a child has an attention problem, it would be much better to give more attention to his/her condition. Maybe he/she needs more stimulus and being bored. Many are simply over-bored! Or they lose concentration fast. We all have problems with it.

Or somebody with autism has a much more difficulty-level to deal with life. It is still an achievement to go through childhood and many people can function “normally”. Only this society have the standards and many people just don’t fit in this dumb game of rules.

Medications and doctors won’t help at all but patience and a deeper understanding will. We should treat these young people and even adults with trying to understand them and according to their capabilities, help them IF they need it.

Edited on 1st of May in 2019.

New Age Awakening – Awake to what?

This subject is a little bit ridiculous in the sense of what mainstream people are trying to sell these days. It went on for many years and the other part comes from a real problem like the most people are just sleepwalking on Earth. A few are already awakened or starts to be that way. The most won’t ever in this lifetime. That is a fact.

Let’s see this dumb thing about new age awakening.

Awakening is a nice term to capture naive people, who are resonating with the idea

Those who are intelligent enough to know who they are deep inside maybe figured it out alone. They can use up non-physical tools to travel to the source and learn about themselves. Nothing magical, we are partly doing it while dreaming.

Who knows that they are enough aware of themselves, their nature, they are already “awakened” or “enlightened” surely. Same for imagining being somebody else, you are already that in a parallel reality. We have the tools, Astral Projection, OBE, Phasing, Lucid Dreams, deep meditation with practice.

Those who can imagine that they are much more or got this awakening stuff, they are the same group.

But be aware, the most will just think they are this awakened somebody and will believe in a self-fulfilling prophecy. They will think they are spiritual and believe in what they like. Common sense will be non-existent. The two main groups are way different.

Many people will just spit on you if you are aware of your multidimensional nature because they don’t have the capability of understanding more, other than human life and it’s flaws and problems.

Awakening is rather being self-aware of your nature

Who knows that he/she is more advanced than just being human, are not egoistic people (with a bigger chance) but they have more lives being accumulated from different systems in the multiverse. And many entities being humans are just starting this out. That is NOT a problem at all. The problem is falling into this self-fulfilling trap, eating petals and sunshine, thinking they are above everybody.

Being self-aware means that you made your own non-physical research deep inside you with the tools mentioned above. Also, self-awareness can be developed with practice over time. You will constantly monitor your thoughts and behaviors. Also, notice how the world works around you and how people are behaving. It takes time and effort as anything else.

Now, if somebody thinks he/she needs to awaken to something, bam, the self illusion has started! There is a group, which is about being important and finding meaning to their life. We all heard of these groups like ET groups, Kundalini “awakening”, Starseeds. There are many many all over.

Those who are writing books about these, acting as public speakers, making researches… they are showing their own religion to you and trapping you to pay. Most of them are unaware of this illusion which stems from them. It is not awakening to anything but pure BS. And people will grab this as a new belief system, it is so nice to use it, right?


Problems with this awakening thing

Most of us as humans have no idea what we are non-physical in nature and it seems like the vast majority is so unable to think in Wider Universal terms and break free of their limited box mind, that they are already forgot their true nature many many lifetimes ago.

This whole Earth world could be just much otherwordly if everybody could be “awakened” or self-aware. We could live a peaceful life. But this place is for training ourselves. I guess many of us are choosing this physical universe and this civilization here to learn many stuffs under one lifetime.

It is not recommended on the other hand to know everything. It is misleading to experience a mass awakening which is just happening. I don’t think so that this is the case. A primitive somebody won’t awaken to anything, right? The simple person will be simple after death also.

We are not supposed to just awaken to our deepest core, we are here for a reason, to learn whatever we can or experience. So it is not a recommendation to just know everything. People who are more adapted to this self-awareness will always research it like me. We are not so similar. It won’t happen to everybody and we are all walking our own paths.

Awakening before you die

You have certain decades to live here. Why should you leave out the fact that you can explore and understand many things about your true origin in the non-physical, meanwhile you live a boring or maybe interesting Earthly life? But what you believe is what you get. You have decades to explore and understand. We have the tools, the effort is up to us.

Perception is only your truth, your knowledge about how things are working and you can always change it.

So when I read the famous “awaken to XY thingy…” here and there or hear people speaking about it, I just smile or laugh… People are addicted to human life and they already forgot who they are in my opinion.

Some people are living human life for simple addictions like having a family, drinking alcohol etc. Others are just experiencing human life almost the first time and others surely are here for expanding their true nature of understanding the multiversal self for example. There are as many reasons why a person is experiencing human life here and now as many humans are living on Earth. Being human is only a form.

Dangers of being more aware to the Wider Reality than you should

Indeed we have multidimensional nature basically but most of the humans are unable to handle more other than living a physical life right now. It is just too much. It happens mostly for people starting to open up for non-pysical phenomenons. Awakening to the multidimensional nature is not a child play for many and needs a certain development level in my opinion.

Some people are exposed to their true nature from birth or early childhood and have a constant fear in their life because they need to GROW UP. Not physically! Personally, it is all about personal development in an inner core.

To put it simpler, physical life is the necessary stage of non-physical development and that is what even the most intelligent people are denying also. We can call inner development in many names but we are constantly developing in all levels of existance. Human life is just a facade, a material objective form, and a temporary game.

Edited on 9th of april in 2018.

The role of Affirmations – Do they actually help you?

Affirmations are very useful for those, who tend to speak to themselves in a reinforcing manner or rather make themselves confident. I used them too in my whole life. But what significance can they induce? Are they some kinds of aid for us? Affirmations are just one great tool to focus our primary attention on our goal and help ourselves in completing the mission.

Well, let’s see how they are helpful in your life through a few examples. If you are more successful in any manner with repeated inner thoughts and making yourself stronger in mind, then that is great! I’m a researcher type too partly, so I’m using a few kinds of affirmations for my own confidence too. You can try it and see if it helps.

Affirmations are also very useful for non-physical practices and mostly focusing your primary attention to only one thing at a time. You can combine it with meditation. Some people may achieve their financial goals, others will be successful in healing or Astral Projection. It is not magic, you are simply focusing on your main goal more efficiently.

The two sides of the same coin

Positive affirmations are existing when we are trying to help ourselves out of negative events and life situations. And also to try to influence our outer life and towards those who we like and admire. The positive side can benefit many aspects of our life and can easily help to get by many times. We can surely achieve goals with enough mind work and inner change of thought patterns. But we need to do something in the external world to finish our goals.

Negative affirmations are sometimes very effective in unwanted circumstances and they can fuel bad life experiences furthermore. These types are not so good in the long run and may impact the individual’s mental health and this way his/her physical body – because thoughts are directly manifesting changes in the physical body. Not fast but over some time. The human race is very advanced in ruining their own life, I mean we are. It is much easier to focus on negative things.

A quick example here. Your relative or friend is sick or the type who can’t behave, or maybe you are unfamiliar in his/her company. This way, you are just rushing your mind with thoughts which ARE reinforcing the outer world and behavior of others. You don’t need to believe that this is true, you can experiment with it any time. That person will be more negative towards you perhaps. This is about just reinforcing how negative another person is in your perception. He/she may didn’t change, you simply will find causes to reinforce your thinking. Surprise if you thought about LOA.

You are distorting your own life with your thinking!

The whole idea comes down to this. Our thoughts are influencing our life directly on an ongoing basis, so be careful what you are affirming furthermore. It may be dangerous, not really in a relatively short time but maybe after days, weeks, months or years. We create all sorts of diseases, (cancer) and accidents with this without knowing about it!

Some things may happen which you created with your unchecked thoughts. Of course, those thoughts are not like affirmations but beliefs. The vast majority is not really aware of this basic principle and here’s planet Earth… Remember, your thoughts are sponged up somewhere “else”. They will go somewhere even if you let them go.

I’m sure if some people understood this, they will help themselves soon. Check your thoughts, feelings because they can rule you and create a never-ending loop of distorted worldview.


Use them wisely, with caution

When we try to reinforce a belief deep inside personally, it may manifest sooner or later, according to the given amounts of thought energy. But the main role is above in a nutshell. Do affirmations if you think you need them or if it is natural for you.  But be careful “what you wished for”. I’ve heard some people wished for a car accident… that is too stupid!

Some types of people may use it as the worst way to get results in their lives. It is not meaning anything extraordinary if somebody has intelligent thinking, if they are so naive that what they try to achieve is not even realistic! Or maybe they are motivated on the worst side of the coin according to their fear, greed, bad behavior.

One type of affirmation is my one natural side. We tend to affirm many things in personal life, like if we don’t know about something which is true or about the mechanics but if we make repeated investigations on various sides of the same problem, we can be sure later that what we thought about something or even somebody is actually right. This is about trusting yourself.

That is an affirmation type too. It keeps us safe from making decisions or beliefs which were maybe too naive in the first place. Beliefs, affirmations and many more are coming from the same source: thoughts. Where do thoughts are coming from? Consciousness, YOU. Use it wisely without hurting others. Nobody punishes you but you are experiencing an after-effect of your thinking all the time.

I hope I could help with this.

Edited on 18th of June in 2019.