Why you should never ever argue with religious people

My pure intention about religious people only here is to make people realize that they are stuck in their own beliefs. No arguments here.

People are afraid. Afraid of not knowing where they are coming from. Listening to lies of the society and bigger forces, not UNDERSTANDING what or who is this “God” concept. They are really afraid about not knowing what is not objective outside of this world.

But mainly, they are so weak and simple, that they need to follow groups aka religions. Where does this God thing coming from? From what people told as stories throughout human history… Do you believe that what somebody thought out after his/her own highly limited understanding is a FACT?

These days the society is full of lies, according to monetary gain aims – do you believe any of them? Be skeptical! Use common sense because it is nonexistent these days. Well, this religious behavior was always the main part of regular human nature since this race is here.

Let’s make this clear, the most are thinking in a box-like world and can’t come out ever. Billions on this planet grew up in dumbness, accepting anything which is fitting in their limited thinking – they had no chance to deny. Everybody does this but intelligent people are the worst if they are that “bad” type. They literally overdo it. They will explain just anything and if they fail then you are wrong of course.

Intelligence is useless in the wrong hands. And I repeat it, if you are a religious person, I have no intention of hurting you, there are other types of people out there and I’m talking about them.

I was thinking many times about deleting this post but if it helps for some to open up their eyes about living in lies, then why not?

A religious follower will defend the non-sense view at all cost – most of

I feel myself a little bit confused writing about this but from good intentions. Believers will shake off their beliefs and move on to evolve in multidimensional understanding and that they are existing in all level, even on that so-called “higher self” existence. People need to realize that they are fooling themselves but nobody will force them, only themselves – if they are really BORED believing in something which is only a made-up construct.

If people are religious, they will at any cost defend their viewpoint and “rightness”. Plus they will argue with you that you are not believing in what they are. They will blame you, you are stupid, their belief will be forced on you. No wonder how all sorts of wars and violence are there.

People with a “believer type personality setup” are choosing this thinking for a bigger reason. They have a bigger challenge to shake all of these off when they return back to the Afterlife or non-physical. We all have our challenges.

So, this defensive behavior is for simple people, to avoid on their side to damage their ego, a childish one. The physical life “ego” is made for the job to keep you safe and alive in this physical system and stay stable in your thinking. But most of them can’t get out. And don’t misunderstand me, I won’t force anybody to believe me.

I was observing religious people’s behavior in my entire life (starting with family) and I can say that they are not so complicated. The foundation is the same for all with various tools. They fear the most and have a primitive defensive attitude. We need to defend our little ego and inner world to avoid getting hurt.

Here is the process of someone, jumping into a religion and following it

You have certain belief systems and view of the world. Some of them are coming from false teaching or maybe from childhood box-thinking from dumb parents. Maybe from school, where in my opinion we don’t learn even a useful thing after learning to count, write and speak. I won’t call these people also “dumb”. I will mention later the Flatlanders.

But don’t make suddenly the false assumption that school is meaningless. Without it, we can’t function in this world from childhood and start the real deal here. It is a necessarily bad thing so to speak. It gives the basic to not be like salivating bodies lol.

Almost everybody follows something, somebody. Even the big gurus and public speakers who are writing useless books. They are following their OWN religion, beliefs but they will be in their own self-fulfilling trap after death. And because our Multiverse is working on our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, you will experience mostly the exact world which is deep inside you. I mean this is a fact.

If somebody starts to think that elephants are flying and the Earth is banana shaped than partly it will be the actual reality for that individual. Of course, it won’t happen. But most of your inner world does project itself out with added time delay and mixed variables. Of course, the outside reality can many time slap you in the face.

You are finding a group and teachings which makes perfect sense to you – why not? IT was “proven” to be that way. The most intelligent types (this is ridiculous because people misuse intelligence, avoiding common sense) are no matter what, will defend their own viewpoint, the group construct. It is now their own reality, it explains the world and their god. People try to feel so special because they are lost otherwise in this chaotic world.

But mainly, people choose religion and a god figure because they don’t know they have the power to direct their own life.

Individual perception and its dangers

You just don’t recognize how solid is your world after a well-accepted belief, you are guarding a growing concept. Nobody will shake you out, instead, you start to argue with everybody to accept your nonsense. Meanwhile, the outside observer without this viewpoint could swear that you are wrong and that is not existing what you believe. It goes back and forth, defensiveness.

Both viewpoints are existing in a deeper reality! Don’t you see? Both are wrong and right. They are each individual’s perception.

Why is that in car accidents, victims are seeing different scenarios?  Even when they were next to each other? This is all about your own inner Universe and what you consciously sensing from your perspective and interpretation of reality. But those perceptions need to be similar to a certain degree. Even between religious people. We need a common ground to agree.

By accepting a viewpoint, you will build up a whole personal barrier and world. By thinking about what others are saying is the well-explained subject and “TRUTH”, with shown evidence scientifically with degrees, won’t help really. People could be still dumb as hell with educated degrees because they actually accepted what they learned from others.

Same for channeling entities, the followers are spreading that it is more and more evident. Until one day a few lucky intelligent/hopeful people will stop believing in the fake crap, in which still a big mass does. The ratio is always there. A very few on this planet are actually intelligent in a sense to have the inner knowledge from their essence that what is what. Not exactly inner knowledge but the capability to think with common sense.

religious people

Truth is personal, always! It is relative and subjective…

Everybody has their own truth and that is how here in this perspective, we are functioning. Truth is personal and dualistic in the sense that it is objective and subjective at the same time. Like particles and wavelengths. If you see a UFO on the sky, maybe your neighbor won’t see it. Interpretation plays a big role in this with personal beliefs. But both sides can kill each other to make each other understand that both are right (or wrong).

So if you THINK that God is real and somebody is created Earth and everything, it is real as there are angels and any kinds of things. And indeed they are, only in your subjective Multiversal perspective! Person “A” will encounter with angels in the non-physical, while person “B” will meet strange aliens with a big heart. It is just a form with personal interpretation.

I’m saying that what you believe or others are only existing as constructs as long as we are giving thought energy for them. They have no real life on their own. Another good example is the shadow figure near your bed at night.

Same for God. If you can imagine a God figure, it is now existing in your subjective mind. According to religious people, their beliefs will make this god real in their mind as a construct. This is how our multidimensional game works.

Everybody tries to grasp that God, with a starting point from books and stories which HUMANS were telling all along the thousands and 10.000-100.000 years though. Yes, the human history is much longer but we don’t know from those distorted sources surely. These stories are like human nature and heavily distorted. We tend to tell nice fairytales which aren’t facts.

The other one is that we invent Gods (endless ones) to try to understand our origins and nature. The whole thing went wrong from the beginning. I know surely this thinking but let’s fuel it further and these people will actually for the sake of their own ego and by defending their accepted lies will find phrases from these books and sources and tell you the exact meaningless words. Others are already written down and distorted their stories.

And it also continues today

Today we have the tools to use meditation or realizing while we are asleep that we are not anymore in the physical Universe. We think we are in a non-sense world or “it was just a dream”. We experience physical worlds because we THINK everything is physical!

We have free will to believe whatever we want to. Nobody will force us to stop that.

The most will always deny the multiversal existence because they FAIL to realize, that these perspectives (1D, 2D, 3D, whatever) are only in their toolbox. That’s where Flatlanders come in. And as I try to explain that world, you will see how the God notion fits in well but in a very different way. The Focus model on Focus 4 level explains well.

There is a movie on Youtube: Flatland – the movie (2007) – watch it till the end.

So Flatlanders (NOT Flat Earthers but very similar) are like that. They think it is God whoever tries to communicate (or not) with them from a different reality frame, which is unreal for them.  And if something is unreal or outside of your beliefs, you deny it instantly like an immature child. They are in the lower regions in the Belief System Territories in NP Focus 3 as far as I know it and they are doing the same as regular “alive” people here.

For example I many times failed to make NP people understand linear time. They didn’t get the idea to understand what is that because TIME is meaningless in the NP.

And many of them never ever lived a human life. I met many, it is a hard thing. They simply missing the whole concept of physical life. Maybe that is just one reason why some of us coming here to experience physical life.

Religion, again

Of course, I have no right to tell anybody what to believe. We have to figure it out if we need to. The most are believer types for a reason. It is their difficulty.

The best option is if maybe a few out of the hundreds or thousands (or more) starts to DOUBT in a surface level, that they may be wrong about what they know. But eventually, if you want to understand a certain world, you need more concepts and perceptions in your pocket. Build on what you have.

As long as I know the physical life is necessary to have the needed perception to evolve into a higher understanding of how the WHOLE system works. This is life. Which we all created on a higher level, what contains every Universe and dimensions. It is a huge game, a huge illusion.

Non-physical beings don’t care about religion, there is enough there for post-humans. Negative entities mostly from your own fears are not caring about your prays, they will laugh at you. You are only saving yourself on your own, maybe from a higher perspective (guides). People are continuing existing as they were like here because they don’t want to change.

On Focus 4 level, where you are a pure energy essence with all of your lives added as experiences, you are a god. That’s it. People are giving prayers to themselves!

The problem with encountering with these beings is that they tend to distort the experiences according to their limiting beliefs and that is why those appear to be gods. But we are already existing on all levels of existence thus having parallel selves. We CAN meet our highest construct and prove it. If you have a very strong intent, one day in your sleep life, it will happen.


I hope I didn’t hurt anybody but this is our world’s situation. Religions are existing because people are creating them and believing in those made-up constructs. I’m ok with anybody with or without their religion if they are keeping it to themselves.

So in the end, arguing about each other’s beliefs are not just childish and meaningless but causing wars physically and mentally too. Look back on human history: greed, money, fear, wars mostly. Does it worth it?

Leave them alone and they will learn at their own speed and level. Eventually, everybody needs to start somewhere and some people need to be some kind of aid to open up their box-mind. The only limits are individual which each of us is pulling up for our purposes.

Edited on 1st of May in 2019.

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