Why do people lie all the time?

Recently I made a big research about making a living about blogging. I’ve found out something which did not surprise me at all, just partly. It is a big life lesson for just anybody, that people are lying to you.

You can only trust yourself and don’t give credit to just anybody. Even if you have a good friend, years may pass by until you have relatively full trust in him/her. This whole issue is experienced by just anybody in real life so I guess it is not really new. Any lie is coming from fear and mostly from the monetary gain of any kinds, mostly.

Why are just everybody lying to you?

I mostly try to gather the actual main sources of lies in our society to show that it is not just one issue. Plus I guess many encounter this phenomena and don’t understand people with this behavior.

People are and will always lie to you because of their nature and fears, which the actual society indoctrinated in them. Many are doing it for money, to get more out of people surely. But some are only doing it from defending themselves and their ego.

We can’t really judge others of course according to this nature but I realized that third world countries (ok maybe not just them) are doing this in a vast scale. Anybody anywhere try to fool you in just anything. Money is a central “god” to the most and they can’t let it go. Why should they? If you can’t beat it, join it right?

Maybe my other post about money will do a better insight here.

The attitude…

The basic thing comes down to this: people lie because they don’t want to solve their problems, fears and don’t want to develop deeply to become better in any ways. Creativity and common sense are relatively non-existent these days.

They lie mostly themselves and just don’t even realize it. People fall in scam traps, in fear machines, they try to get by with money, a non-existent paying something. Almost everybody tries to think in money terms and they are slaves of it. It is relatively the same as working for others. People are just selling their soul.

How should this world turn around to a better place if billions are just don’t give damn? People are ignorant, lacking of emotions and empathy. They are following each other or a religion. Or both.


When you read seemingly useful blogs and sites about seemingly helpful ideas, datas and “facts”…

This topic is only just one from the vast but nothing new here. Only the tools and facade are different and people are lying to you in creative ways.

Relatively, you just run through with excitement and while you try to catch the main infos out of the actual context, you just can’t find any useful information from the big textwalls. Like people are talking and writing but not even telling you a thing. Maybe like mediums, fooling naive people.

People are doing this all the time. Writing big text walls about nothing, speaking hours and hours on youtube about NOTHING! I’m still amazed about this. And why?

Because people need it, there is a whole big demand for emptiness. They need empty discussions and entertainment in every form and they are so bored and unable to function in this world that they are will pay also for these types of time kicking things. People need something to follow. Religions again, huh?

The smarter side takes advantage of this. People are ignorant and selfish if they look at others like payment machines. They don’t care about what they did to others. Everybody pays from their mistakes, somebody a small price because he/she was fooling others. And others are paying bigger. If they won’t they are paying with their underdevelopment.

Eventually, we are here to experience and this alone what people are doing is not really useful to anybody. But we can learn from other’s mistakes surely, that is the good side to this.

People are irresponsible about their acts and the consequencies

These people have just no conscience deep inside. Everybody thinks this life is the only, we should fast make money and don’t care about others.

And you know what? Always the naive, newbie, good hearted people sucks with this eventually. This is the same like a car crash, always the idiot insane somebody causes the problem who is irresponsible towards others and while he/she survives without injury, others are dead.

The main issue is that the most is brainwashed and believes what the few says them through media, useless education and various sources like religions. People tend to think this life is the only one, grab our share.

Big car, big house, millions on your bank account? That’s is so human. Nobody will ever carry their unnecessary material shit to the non-physical back.

Is money more important for You than the fact that with your attitude, other people are made fools? I’m not asking this directly, sorry for that. It is about what we are doing to each other in this topic.

Most people are just simple

In this world, we try to get by with different tools and methods to live our life freely or whatever we would like to. But many are just copying each other in just everything and trying to do just anything for money which is only in their mind. We can call less developed people “primitive” and we tend to label them but the turth is they are just simple.

Eventually, the explanation for simple people’s attitude is that they try to function on their level. I guess under our non-physical existance, we all tried it or doing it. We all have our own tools to do something but it is hard in this world. I know it. We can understand them.

To close this post, trust yourself and those who you know very well. Be sceptical always towards other’s intentions. Normal, nice, very reliable people are RARE who are more advanced towards non-physical understanding. You will see their attitude and wiseness towards life.

I don’t see people here as bad, I see the reality. We can’t understand other’s fully, it only causes headaches and confusion. People are just what they are. Be careful in this world and use common sense. It will help you.

Edited on 10th of april in 2018.

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