Night terrors and bad dreams, alien abductions

Experiencing a night terror or even an alien abduction, in general, is a pretty simple issue. I’ve seen many many self-voted people talking about this subject in many videos and blogs, websites without knowing anything about it. Also, it is mixed with the “alien abductions” stupidism. Here is another post about it here.

I feel sorry for alien abduction religion followers, they just want to believe that they are so special that they are abducted to a spaceship. Or I don’t know what is in those people’s mind. But they have constant fear tests in the non-physical world in altered states. I don’t know why is it better to make up these theories, making it more confusing.

The truth is about these night problems is that every individual is causing it to themselves! You are the same individual while you are dreaming like you are in the physical world here. You never faced your fears and you are tested.

I’ve edited the title and some other stuff lately.

Uncontrolled thoughts and mostly, emotions are released in dreams, the main cause of trouble

We are generating and releasing too many thoughts daily to just notice them. If you don’t learn to check your thoughts, they can release emotions also. This alone won’t cause so much trouble in the physical world because we have a time delay and a solid environment. Our body sponges up everything without knowing about it.

The non-physical world is here right now on a different mind-channel or frequency so to speak. You just don’t sense it consciously. Forget what every people are saying about it, you are always there while you are asleep. You can also get influence from there, even daily. The physical world and non-physical are almost the same but here, we have restrictions.

Uncontrolled thoughts are causing released emotions, not the other way. Emotions are fueling experiences thus night terrors also. Bad ones are causing these unpleasant experiences over each night. In the NP, you fear something, you can’t stop it. If your thoughts and emotions are still fueling your nightmares, you will be soon awake and you can take some breaths.

The same true for nightmares or alien abductions. You are doing it by releasing all of your emotions and reinforcing your beliefs. Nobody told you to stop that behavior.

It happens, you will learn to control it. Maybe.

So what is happening each night, how you get these night terrors?

You are close to the non-physical and just releasing all your thoughts which are fueled by emotions. Yes, emotions are instantly creating what you see.

They tend to manifest so bad situations that you may don’t return back to the physical dimension completely at first. Chances are, you are still “out” and your thoughts will manifest any kinds of nasty events. False awakenings are typical in this case. You experience both worlds at the same time. This is how “ghosts” are seen.

You are creating those fears, not some kind of “evil” entities are hurting you. YOU are doing it! But I can’t help with religious beliefs.

If you experience these persons, seeing them as hostile, chances are that they are your own aspects of your inner self. Simply put, you are scaring yourself. Think from love and kindness to change it. Be friendly and curious. Or just stop paying attention. If something happens, let it happen. These are tests from the Wider Reality to help you grow up.

night terror

How it plays out while sleeping over the night

When people are going to sleep, from a very bad civilizational habit and programming, they tend to blackout to just “sleep” towards the morning. It is normal. They soon (relatively) realize maybe that they are “elsewhere” in a non-physical training ground. Of course, people don’t know that they are elsewhere other than the physical world. We call these lucid dreams.

So you are in a thought responsive environment and you are thinking about something is approaching you, omg what is that? You will sense some kind of threat and your protective awareness will kick in. This is now a flight or fight situation where you can be defeated. Those night terrors and abductions are coming.

So you had so-called night terrors, alien abductions, evil entities, etc. Even if you THINK you woke up and the entity is still there, you are not awake physically! You are in a parallel world, facing your own fear constructs. This is mostly why we are fortunate to have a physical body, we can escape to it to repeat these tests with a fresh start. Until we learned our lessons.

Stop fooling yourself. Check your thoughts, emotions and eliminate fear-based beliefs from your life! If you would act towards a thought form with curiousness with some kind of positive attitude, it would be a fairy or some kind of “benevolent” character. Maybe you are scared of real, nice entities. Your own misinterpretation is causing it.


The whole purpose even of my site is to stop doing scaring yourself and know what you can. Investigate it and question it. The internet is full of people talking out their own theories as facts and BS truths. They have no idea about these kinds of things, thinking they are frightening. Don’t believe anything, question them!

Many people are objectifying their own personal belief constructs. In general, people have no personal experience of these and they are just guessing. And we can test them out with our intent before falling asleep.

Make your own research here or where you can. Non-physical resources, forums, communities. There are many billions over there in the so-called “Afterlife”, stuck for eternity in self-made fear loops and addictions. We are not here to gather physical resources and act on dramas, to hate each other and suffer! Physical life just a big illusional facade. You can develop in all of these if you want to.

Don’t fear anything, you can turn them into knowns and a whole new world will be there for you to explore.

Edited on 30th of April in 2019.

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