Non-physical traveling – Blurring realities and the effects

This topic is about the non-physical traveling phenomenon. Whenever you are conscious of changing non-physical realities, you are traveling into existing or made-up realities by your mind. Both are real but some are really existing. You can do it in Lucid Dreams too, these labels are all the same, like Astral Projection or OBE.

When you travel from reality “A” to reality “B”, your senses can function as just like what you’ve learned as a concept, being human. Fastness can equal greyish vision, representing tremendous speed. It can be maybe auditory also. Maybe the sense of wind. For me, it is only my visual screen. I don’t hear anything, it is just happening without a magical effect.

In the physical world, you need to actually grab a vehicle and travel with it’s and your energies. In the non-physical world, you don’t need even a body. You use your mind for navigating. You are your mind, the observer, just like here, reading this.

I edited this post, the title again with some added thoughts and polishing.

Non-physical traveling with your mind

People who are able to travel between different non-physical realities with practice consciously and from will may already be experienced in an actual travel speed effect. When we tend to travel, our conscious awareness or concepts in our minds are using up an actual effect of speed-sense from our physical life. We have concepts which we automatically use up to interpret a non-physical event.

Sometimes you see blackness, sometimes greyness, it is up to your interpretation. There, you will travel with or without any movement. Again, it is up to your interpretation. Still, you can experience speed or movement. This is why there are many categories even for conscious projection attempts.

Now, actually we are changing places or realities maybe but what is experienced for especially me is an actual blurring effect, which is like you don’t feel movement, it is silent. It is me, maybe you but it depends on the actual person.

You feel like you are breathing inside in a spacesuit and eventually, the effect in itself is a greyish screen in front of you. It is what your consciousness sees according to your interpretation.

Being human is limiting us but we can use the learned concepts to interpret non-human experiences. I mean non-physical ones. “Conscious dreams”.

The phenomenon

I noticed this phenomenon when I changed realities on my own or with NP help. It is like you are speeding like hell with tremendous speed and you may feel movement too (I guess rarely). It alone proves that everything exists where you are, in that spot.

In the non-physical, we may think we are using a body but it is still our projection from what we believe. No surprise why so many billions there, are suffering from thinking after “death”, they are that character or that body, that gender etc…

Of course, we CAN fly and feel the speed. Also, there is a sense of acceleration in non-physical realities but when we encounter this phenomenon, it is interpreted by our minds. We are “moving” towards another “place” with a huge rush. That is what we know as mechanics being physical. Mostly, non-physical guides or helpers are transporting us without seeing it.

It is still possible to see what is happening around us. I guess with years of practice and work for beginners, it will be much smoother like this. But it doesn’t mean that this is the only phenomenon alone. We are all unique in what we can experience. And as I mentioned, you can experience any sensations.


Phasing as a practice is mostly about traveling without any movement. You are realizing you are not traveling anywhere because there is no space and time “there”. The non-physical is truly endless and you can travel anywhere according to your desires. This requires to shred down the belief that you are your body and things are working like in our limited world.

The problem comes when this effect kicks in and you don’t know where you end up. Or you may have poor control over your thoughts. It causes blur while you may be jumped in and out of 10 realities without knowing it. You can also lose “phase” and end up in your bed, sucking your teeth about not being good enough keeping yourself in the NP.

Edited on 13rd of March in 2019.

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