Why infants don’t understand death

Death is an illusion such as birth. It seems real because from another viewpoint we see people come and go in this fashion. But how do you tell a young child or infant that your family member has just died? This is a concept just like any other which we learn from our parents. This society from birth learns it as we grow up to be pretty brainwashed with the material world. Birth and death as concepts are just meaningless like linear time.

How we begin as an infant

When I was very young around 7 years old, I experienced another human’s death. I didn’t see it directly because I was in school but the funeral. I didn’t feel anything, didn’t know even a thing what just happened. Young children don’t have this concept in their mind yet. I was just thinking what the heck is happening around me. But I had the understanding also that it is not the end. The concept of death for an infant is meaningless.

We are coming here just like there was nothing seemingly before our birth. But the case is, our bigger non-physical being’s memories are just repressed to a certain degree to function properly in a given physical density. It won’t do any good if you remember all your parallel lives at once. We can’t just pop up in a given physical world and just do whatever we would like to. This whole game is part of our multidimensional training.


So the main thing is that you are very young, maybe just a few years old, maybe a little bit older and you have no idea what others are talking about. Crying over corpses, visiting graves, making ceremonies which seems meaningless really. Here comes in one of the biggest misconceptions from humans. Meanwhile, we live down decades here, looking back it was just moments. Because we are living in the now really. From a non-physical viewpoint, we are jumping in and out of simulations, worlds.

The habits of saying goodbye to dead people

A funeral is a very important thing from the society. You may be a religious somebody, maybe your family is like that. The main thing is people just don’t have a clue what happens with a “dead” relative, loved one and this way this ceremony always have a bigger issue.

Every aspect of this process contains unnecessary elements like above with burying and cremation. They are needed to take the “dead person” to a better place. Symbolical ways. Very few older religions understood like the community of Tibetians that death is not the end.

But this whole issue is like you are talking to a dead physical vehicle. Whenever you are going to the cemetery. I admit some earth-bound spirits could be around but not the way like movies are representing it. People are talking to even somebody who just passed on his/her deathbed.


This person’s spirit may be still around somewhere but we all just go through a dimensional membrane and return to the NP to do whatever we want to. But people are just trying to force back this person or arguing over his/her corpse of fortunes and will.

When somebody dies, they in that moment draw (mostly, some may be stucked) their consciousness “back” to the non-physical world. Adapting back and going through a process which makes them familiar with the NP world again.

According to the Focus Model, it is F3. They are not that body, we are not this body, we are all characters from a bigger viewpoint. Using a projection vehicle in a given path. I guess children/infants like me deep inside had a feeling from the start before the indoctrination that this is a little bit meaningless. Meanful only for those who have just no idea where that relative gone and they can’t just not believe in something – almost everybody does this on this planet. I mean, they can’t find answers to know it for sure.

They think relatives are up or down but meanwhile, everybody goes back to the next (previous) level of existence. It is Afterlife which is now more free place and each person goes to the place which is resonating with their personality. Indeed heavens, hells may be real for those and for many billions actually there, until you don’t believe in them.

The conclusion in the Afterlife

And as maybe some people may learn through their life, not knowing something IS believing. This attitude won’t save you from your responsibility about who you became. But this post is about children experiencing death from an outer perspective.

An infant is relatively free and creative with endless imagination which is later repressed from the family and it is a huge mistake because that is one element – our imagination – which would be one of the most useful abilities later in our life. NOT what we learnt in school, brainwashed by the media and our parents, by our society.

Birth and death, right and wrong, just any concepts are holding us in meaningless and unnecessary illusions and blocks us from our true potential. We are living in a dualistic Universe. Both elements are needed to experience even one element out of both. We born as an entry point and we die as an exit point. Dualism is needed to experience both sides and death is needed to not ruin this whole game of just living for eternity here as a limited character.

Edited on 4th of april in 2018.

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