Backdrop People, Backfill People – What’s wrong with humans on this planet?

This topic is really mind blowing indeed and as many, I encountered with this issue in Dolores Cannon’s work, in her videos through the web about a year ago. I found it fascinating when she and G.S.N. told people about this issue. Mainly this is just one element to better understand the masses, humanity as the most. Backdrop people and backfill people MAY be real. Just maybe.

I updated this article again because I see daily how many many people are attracted to this topic and I want to help them understand all around. You know, giving insight as usual.

First of all, I need to discuss some aspects of this issue, which leads people to false assumptions. To just make it clear. That is, not “thinking” when we just accept an idea and use it on everything which fits in and repeat it like a parrot.

I had an update on this post, pretty interesting how most readers are favoring this article a lot. I don’t know why or some keywords are meaning other things to them. Maybe they admire Dolores’ work and I expand on it a little bit deeper. Stay with me.

Firstly, about the so-called “subconscious” mind

I researched this phenomenon and just all the times it turned out to be messy. We tend to talk this issue out on some forums between each other and some well-advanced non-physical travelers could dive deeper into this issue. I could talk about the mechanics of our mislabeled “subconscious” but check the Focus Model and Focus 2 for first. I use quotes always because people don’t know how it works. They just think from the false assumption-like Freudian model.

Almost ALL people, who are channeling “somebody” are channeling his/her own mind (mostly)! They are channeling belief constructs and constructs from their own “inner” mind. These belief construct can become complete characters.

Yes, people who prone to be strong believers can fall into this trap. This is their vulnerability. This is their learning path even in this aspect of our multidimensionality.

Channeling, the source is not coming mostly from real entities! Why?

Some people are capable of doing it because they are strong believers, also too naive and that is almost always dangerous. Mentally. There are countless accounts about people these days doing it. They don’t question it. Where will this fit into Dolores’ work? You will see below.

So mostly, it turned out that people are talking with their non-physical parts and these materials are always sounding very faithful, nice or maybe rude and arrogant. Around 4 out of 5 sources will be very similar and 1 will say you an opposite statement from a given subject like 4 times Atlantis WAS there… and the 5th one says it is a human utopistic idea and WILL BE! Just an example. Don’t get caught up on this detail.

Don’t ever trust just anybody, firstly. If we compare the physical world with the non-physical, one thing is sure. Here almost everybody can hide their true face, you can’t know them as a real somebody. In the non-physical, not really. I am not talking about an entity or entity group, lying to you. No! You are talking to your deep core beliefs. This is one thing what a conscious NP explorer learns as a basic. Not because there is any danger but because we need to grow up. What we experience as physical life is a facade and we rarely learn these consciously.

Exploring in the NP requires intelligence and passive observation. And to tell the truth, most humans are just incapable of this task. I’m telling this because real answers are there and there is no ego distortion in translation so much as here. You instantly can get information from the Wider Reality. The trick is to get your way there and repeat it.

What I try to point out that if you are familiar with the non-physical’s mechanics, it is a thought responsive environment. If you directly ask somebody about something, you must not accept a thing, test it. Ask back multiple times, investigate it, make your conclusion.

How this all relates to Cannon’s work and the topic? Well, if you accept channelings and received pieces of information from people with mind distortion in trance, do you see the fallacy?

Self-fulfilling truths from an unreliable source

But what Dolores Cannon did and many others are the following. She spoke with the given subject’s constructs and beliefs. In the worst case, she spoke with her own NP self through her clients and she just didn’t realize it. You see, even an intelligent somebody can fall into this trap. If they sound the same, she is talking to herself. Easy thing. We can do this all the time in our dreams. Like usual daytime characters from our life our beliefs like angels.

But people are naive, even seemingly intelligent ones may think that they can trust a non-human source. Even a man-made source is unreliable. Do you trust what a human being tell you or write down? We don’t even trust each other because we can lie.

While here we can lie all the time, in the non-physical world, you are just distorting the received information. I mean instantly, like a filter.

That is why it is dangerous to teach about what she listened back from her tapes and written books, also misleading. She was intelligent but had no idea how unreal it is, what those entities or subconscious sources told her. She is already transitioned back to the Afterlife but I guess she is in her own belief traps and thinking what she is now experiencing is real. I guess she could be one of the great examples of how public speakers are living in their own illusional self-fulfilling prophecies. Maybe I’m wrong somewhere but the “truth” is here.

You will agree if you become a conscious non-physical explorer and I would like to wish you to become one.

backdrop people

Channeled materials are always too good to be true and containing too much of the given person’s beliefs, answers are not direct

This is a fact. The material is almost always dependent on the actual person’s belief distortions. Also the actual willingness to be open and not twist the whole telepathic package. The telepathic communication may happen to real entities but the person will distort it. You try to push an endlessly complex package down into a small hole. This is how the NP works. You can receive a huge information package and you will blown away, like pushing down an endless datastream on a narrow pipe.

If the person spoke to a real entity or group, the end result is not always the same as what is being spoken. People try to understand a vastly subjective viewpoint with objectivity. A telepathic information package can’t be translated objectively. You will simplify it down automatically, your human thinking. We do this automatically because we are programmed in this civilization like that. It takes the effort to break this habit.

Channeled materials never make sense in the long run (only for believers, following it strictly). Even if two given materials are coming from two different persons, they always sound the same way. Also, there are various entity groups on the other side with own agendas and understandings about what is happening on the planet and there are as many theories about ET’s, Earth shifts etc. as many groups. Who believes that? Yeah I know, who wants to believe in them to be special. There could be something eye-opening in this century but humanity likes to over-dramatize it.

A whole industry is built on writing and selling useless books on this topic or any products like seminars and workshops. The material gives false hopes for people and won’t help in anything in the long run. My site does, I believe it. It is like those “predestined” catastrophes year after year.

The source of information may be true but beings who try to give us accurate information can only rely on the concepts and communication channels which is available in the actual person’s mind. They have a hard time to speak to us. Simply put, an endless subjective world tries to tell you something in their own terms and you filter it down heavily. As I mentioned, the data package and the narrow pipe.

Backdrop People, Backfill People – who are they?

After understanding the basics, let’s begin. I needed to mention the channeling practice. Some may be mad at me but bear with the solid facts.

These people are just too empty as humans. I won’t say the same as people are discussing in big forums and making assumptions about the worst things like they don’t have soul etc. Nobody has a soul or spirit, we are using a primary focus but let’s move on, away from mystical concepts.

They ARE here but as I always felt about humans, something is never right.  They are filling up the gap around you. Like when you feel that you are somehow different than just most of the people who you met over the decades in your physical life. Something is always wrong. If I try to measure the unmeasurable, maybe 1 out of 10000 or 100000 humans are actually somehow advanced in many aspects to see the difference. They are seemingly empty, hollow, being just a hologram. But they are still playing their roles here on a vast scale.

Note that once I talked this out with a friend with 50+ years of conscious NP exploration background and he told me that most of the non-advanced entities are recycled back to learn simpler tasks as a normal thing. We may were in the same situation once.

A basic explanation could be that they are projections from different reality frames. We are doing the same while dreaming in existing places. I observed it on my own. It could be right but I won’t say that billions are not real. It is just a theory, so play with it. Look at this as you are maybe way ahead of others in the value of your consciousness which you carried here to live a physical life. You maybe teach them passively. You are alone with it.

They are not soulless or completely empty but they are here for a little while. This multidimensional game plays out like that. We are our movie’s directors and main actors but some roles are for them to fill up the gap. To make this clear, while you are in a crowded mall or shop, they are there, once you leave the “scene”, they are non-existent.

NPC’s or Non-Player Characters like in games

So realness is not an issue here, if you see them, interacting with them, they are real. They may be just not a complete spirit like you. It is like a terrain generation in a game. Wherever you place your perception, that place will be instantly generated. Same could be true for backdrop people.

You go to crowded places and see those random people seemingly playing their own roles at that moment. But we have no tools to just figure out this. As soon as you start to make a conversation with them, they will be part of your movie, right? In crowds, empaths may spot out those who are hollow seemingly. You just feel it that something is not right with certain people. Same for sucking out your energy in big places like it happens with me. You are just consciously avoiding the masses for a reason.

Also, we can call them NPC’s like in MMORPG games. They have a basic task and they don’t do so much furthermore.

How many people experienced situations where a complete stranger just popped out of nowhere, gave helping hand and just disappeared? I guess you got my point. People call them angels and ET’s but it is much more simple. See my point? We are multidimensional basically. We ARE doing this all the time even in our conscious or not so conscious sleep life.

Can you tell who are those NPC’s?

I guess we won’t be so sure really, it is just a feeling, an experience when you talk to regular people and after maybe even some months or years you are still not sure about how real that person is. Same goes for non-physical exploration, talking with guides or other entities. I guess this whole game is designed by this way to not cheat and demolish the whole consensus reality of illusion in our physical system (or in any other).

These backdrop people may have the basic purpose to keep up this reality frame stable or in balance. Even if the main players are out. We need to make sure that the game is stable if we want to experience it as a human being. Or we can talk about any other non-human civilizations.

I had many friends and pals, people in my life and almost just with everybody I felt this. They are somehow hollow or not “ready” for anything. As I constantly grew in understanding, they just got lost in my life and that’s all. In my previous post about friends and losing them, it seems very true that they served a purpose. Or me to them.

Multidimensionally, we are doing the same to each other as the human race acts. They are indeed real but as long as we are existing as humans right now, we are all a limited character and in this way, the backdrop people are also real. Of course, until limited tasks and purposes. From their perspective, we are teaching them maybe. They have no idea about anything in this sense. You may encounter them in your workplace too.

Look at this like they are dreaming. Well, our physical life is a stable dream and you can prove it to yourself firstly via Lucid Dreaming.

In densely populated areas and countries…

If you go to vastly populated countries, you may spot out the advanced souls. But the game is maybe more real there because the same kinds are pulling in each other into misery and poorness. Maybe this theory finally solves the question that what is wrong with people? And because this world seems so real, we can’t be sure of 100% who is like you or me. If we were in the non-physical, we can spot out anybody instantly from telepathy and energies. But here, it is covered with illusion. You see a body and it’s controller which humanity thinks are both the same. We are not our body.

To add some thoughts as I understand this, the most are not planning out anything for physical life and they just want to experience it. Maybe they are new to physical or human life. This cause the most to born into poverty and highly populated countries. Seriously.

One thing is sure here also. People in less evolved countries for example in Asia are there for a reason. Everybody is at a certain place for a reason. No, not from a nonsense karmic BS.

It is not some kind of predestined myth but it could be for a reason why certain types of humans are here or there. The most have a lower level of consciousness and they are on a certain evolutionary stage non-physically. We all need to start somewhere. If you are way ahead of them, you may had your own lessons already in other lifetimes which they just start out to learn. Earth is a school. And look at this as you are existing right now in all of your potential lives, not sequentially.


The issue here is that there is a given bunch of characters and let’s see how they play out their role or tasks. Who plays? Your bigger non-physical self and you are a portion of that. The actual physical character or human is just a portion of you, projected out for it’s tasks in this life. You only see your reflection. You are a representation of it for the given tasks.

I need to add that these NPC people may be elements from the system to keep up the balanced game in physical worlds. If they are done, they may be recycled back to the non-physical system. It is not a bad thing, entities are always being generated in many ways. We ARE the same in nature. You are a group of entities from your essence. Yes, there is NO multiple personality disorder nonsense.

The game always needs “people” for certain roles. If some pass away or change, others will do the same. The balance is needed here in this world also. Eventually, we can teach many things to each other and we can pull up others to a higher level of evolution. I’m doing it passively. Why we are so many in this century? Too many entities would like to play here. Look at this chaotic world. The entity wants the game, birth comes next from given parents.

We can teach people how to become love, be empathic and compassionate towards others. That is the real thing to learn. It doesn’t matter if those who need development are NPC’s or backdrop people. We teach each other to learn and grow up. We find our multidimensional nature sooner or later to be the path.

Edited on 12nd of March in 2019.
2nd edit

7 thoughts on “Backdrop People, Backfill People – What’s wrong with humans on this planet?”

    1. Please note that this is a theory, like solipsism. You have the intelligence to ask about it, so you may be not. But who knows 🙂 I guess you get the idea. Look around you each day and see how people behave, even personally with you, you may get the main idea. As soon as you give them a role, they will play it.

  1. If you read The Gnosis and The Law, by Papastavro you will find where Cannon may have gotten her information.

  2. Everyone believes in everything Dolores Cannon has learned except for the backdrop ppl! We’ve ppl channel they are channeling their future selves. Their vibration has to be quite high as well. Otherwise, the I do will be very distorted! Now you the differences between a good channeler and a bad one. It’s walking around with holographic images for friends is pretty tough to swallow. Are you one of the “soulless/holographic ” ones? Truth is, Noone knows. During her book it says that alot of those ppl will be angry when they find out that they can’t progress to 5D. That woman isn’t lying about this. And y’all know you just don’t want to admit it.

    1. I said mystics are lying. Dolores Cannon had no experience from the non-physical world first-hand, meaning, having Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid Dreaming to extract real information. Most people are just lacking the experience and pushing words to defend their religion or belief system. I will only leave this comment here to share with others that you can have your opinion but the whole message or lesson didn’t come through for you. The site has no place for belief defending or debates but for learning about real things. And Dolores only saw a faint side of the coin. The topic itself is there to play with it.

      Didn’t you learn in life that believing is not knowing the actual issue? You can experience it but it seems like belief defenders are visiting my site more and not really looking around, just searching for confirmation bias stuff. Channeling is always distorted by the “host’s” beliefs and concepts, not because the other side is lying but the non-physical is a structured place. If you believe everything, you are lost.

  3. Backdrop people may or may not be real. But just like Earthworms or insects, they have their crucial roles to play in nature. Some may not be pretty and some Backdrop may always be angry. But how you treat them, and react to situation, ultimately says a lot about you as a person, and your Spirituality.

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