When it is frequently said in movies – it was “just” a dream! Really?

I admit that many times I read about people being concerned with dreams, just makes me mad. It is maybe my fault that I have the understanding about them and the most don’t have. People are flushing up questions about dreams on sites and they need an explanation of something which they don’t know even a thing.

The most annoying thing is maybe that there are many sources where people can learn what dreams really are but most sources are just pure BS.

We usually hear back words and repeated sentences in movies like: “it’s just in your head” or “it was just a dream”, maybe “it is not real”. Dreams are as real you being here and thinking the physical world is real. It is just operating on different reality rulesets. Our society or civilization still scratches the surface about this and the most don’t want to know.

They would be scared, their beliefs would be challenged or they can’t accept the realness of them or digest the fact. I think it is very sad. An average person can’t really accept more to dreams other than what he/she was told to believe about them. The most simply just don’t want to know it and live their life.

What is Real? Was that dream real?

Everything is real! Why mainstream tries to eat us this crap? The realness is becoming your evidence once you made up your mind and become aware in your dreams.

One thing is that they are trying to control people just everywhere in every aspect of human society. The other part comes down from that the vast majority just simply don’t know what dreams are. Because they don’t.

Dreams have this label for a long while and the general population thinks about them as non-sense hallucinations. Like you are just dwelling in some kind of “subconscious” crap and you need to just forget it. Just do your everyday mundane life, again and again, not realizing that this physical world is a tiny little fraction of an endless Multiverse. There are science and religion or more denial and that’s all to our world.


It was not “just” a dream!

You are reliving your previous daily stuff in personal or orchestrated simulations. Your physical body is asleep on autopilot, you are facing with fear tests many times. People call them nightmares. Your non-physical self “there” is always training you as a personal development to stay in contact with your NP wider self all the time. This is why we are dreaming. The physical daily life is a big illusion.

Don’t stick with this contradictory statement even for a second from the movie world. Those are for partly entertainment and partly to keep people controlled. The third part is always there in hidden sentences, symbols, and any tools. Most movies are representing the actual century’s or era’s social world, what is popular, what is well known in the actual society. And of course, our misconceptions being sold as entertainment.

Many movies are like that. For example like today’s ET and sci-fi topic movies. They were way different like 20-30 years ago and was pretty otherworldly what directors and actors represented about the future, tech and extraterrestrial world. But hidden false messages are always there, and mostly not really hidden. Actors and actresses are just speaking out those little sentences in which people just chew regularly and those statements are already accepted as truth. Not their fault, the industry does it, they have no choice if they need income.

A regular person won’t question anything or do some research.


If you deny dreams as real or part of you, you deny yourself in the first place. We are all living many lives at the same time. This is one thing from many, which our society can’t comprehend. It seems too far-fetched, paranormal or otherworldly.

You are just not aware of the degree of how the NP world is affecting you. Some people have a deeper connection and ESP abilities. We just tend to shake off everything from birth and social conditioning which is outside of our tiny little self-revolving world here and now.

If personal non-physical development is important for you, the tools are out there in various sources, even on my blog site here.

Edited on 8th of April in 2019.

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