What are non-physical guides or spiritual guides?

Non-physical guides or spiritual guides are a huge topic in these recent decades. You may already heard this term as “spirit guide”, it is the same. People may hear about this topic by what are they doing between worlds and in especially in the non-physical world. So much misleading stuff is on the web and mystics are just copying themselves over and over again. Just every people say the same and don’t care that it is only partly true and guides or helpers are just not what they are.

One mistake is that they are using the word “spirit” a lot. We are spirits too. They are simply not focusing their primary attention into physical realities but we are. We don’t have a spirit, we are using a physical vehicle. This nonsense comes from the body-fixated idea that we are “in” something.

Humans don’t care, they like to fool themselves from weakness with them and guides may appear as angels, animals, regular or ET people and much more, according to our expectations. They are all forms in the end. Many are dependent on your beliefs like seeing an angel. You can encounter with just anybody in your conscious sleep life.

Now let’s see who they are and what are they doing. My observations are in line with what the most experienced older NP explorers could find out about them too. Don’t try to expect what is told you by mystics and psychics, they are selling you false hopes. Actually, a little truth is there.


Who are these non-physical guides?

For first, words like “guide”, “helper” are just labels. We need to label them to categorize them. Their job is mainly to guide and help you in life. They don’t care about names. Only we tend to categorize everything in a box to understand how things work out. Look at them as advanced beings and you are one too if you feel that way.

They don’t mind if we give them names like Jack or Anna. For them, it is just for our benefit to make the contact easier. Sometimes they choose names like my guides and tell me first which was a surprise and later that they are from the same source as me. They are called parallel selves (no past lives, forget about it). We are already them on a different reality level. We look ourselves from a different, limited angle.

So who are they? Well, WHO knows you better than yourself? You, your original wider essence knows you only. Your primary essence which is very badly termed as “higher self” is what I am talking about here. You are yourself, in other forms and constructs. No “god” there, sorry, we are that god, one by one.

You have, who knows how many other selves roaming in endless worlds. Some of them are with you watching you, helping you. Their time which is spent on you is just nothing from their perspective. You just jumped in this world for experiencing or do your task for a split second. There is time only in physical Universes as a limit.

Real people like real guides are resident in Focus 3 (Afterlife, Transition Area) and beyond, around. They are like you if you are “dead” and have a desire to help. In our world, we are guides to each other like family, friends, strangers.

Types of guides or helpers:

What I found out after 2 years of exploring is that there are some main types of guides:

Your own other parallel selves

They are very similar to you in the main characteristics. Telepathically they know everything about your daily life if they take a look into your mind there. They can be a few or more, being with you without knowing about it. They see you in a completely different manner and not objectively as we are.

This is why communication is mostly subjective. They can’t think like a limited character as we do.

Teachers and watchers

They are in a hierarchical way maintaining your tasks and tossing you in different ways in life. In the NP when you are asleep, it is another world with different tasks. You are being fear tested and trained according to your capabilities. They let you in your mind noise or give you tasks. It is hard to notice these hidden signs in a thought responsive environment.

Strangers and other entities passing by

You can encounter other strangers surely, who are just passing by. Maybe you just ran into them at a given reality and they can help also. Maybe you can help them. It can start great friendships also. Not always a fairy tale, you can roam into rude “people”.

Your own aspects from Focus 2

They are from your so-called subconscious (own personal restricted mind area). These characters can represent different attitudes but have no real personality, you created them unconsciously, They can act as a probe to do certain tasks but they are not as real as you. I mean they have no real identity and consciousness. This is true about all the people you already met in your physical life, they are not really real but you are making them real.

The difference is evident when you experience F2 and F3 and talking to “people”. In NP life (dreams) you can meet them but they are seemingly stupid or just too simple. You may feel that they always lack something which makes up a complete entity. They are constructs like beliefs. You try to talk to them intelligently, they will look like a stupid robot.

Physical world helpers here and now

They are friends, family, love connections, every known people in your life, who you know. Non-physical guides are not really different from this issue. It is just anybody who may help you in a certain way or just with a told sentence on a street which resonates with you.

Everybody is just busy to do their life. If a friendship or any connection has blocks and seemingly over, DO NOT force to make it better! It is over for a reason, maybe both party is done. What most of humanity does, they are addicted to emotional connections. They never learned to stop that and this is a very first step to go further in the non-physical.

non-physical guides

Guides or helpers won’t force anything on you ever in the NP. But in physical life, we tend to force everything. The game here is way different in this case, full of egoistic, fear monger people. It feels real until you “die” and notice how unreal all of those emotional dramas were.

Well, the best teacher won’t give you the answers for just no work, some of us need to work for it mentally. If you don’t do the job, it can be hard. It depends on the person’s development here and now and it doesn’t mean that the most are somewhere at a low level. No, everybody is on their own level, nothing overcomplicated. We don’t need to judge “underdeveloped” people. Okay, we tend to do it but all have our learning curve.

We are teaching each other from different perspectives and it is needed for both sides to learn. It is the same in the non-physical world. Teaching, learning, inner development, becoming love.

You are NOT alone ever

We are seemingly in separation to experience an outsider’s perspective here. I admit it is very hard many times, feeling alone. But the two worlds are in contact and stuff are coming from there, not from here. The physical is an end-result in every way as your physical body and focus. Many entities, uhm “people” are helping you in unknown ways. It is very interesting but there is so much crap through the web that can make you very confused about what is what.

We barely notice anything outside of our perception here. Some of us can and many need to learn to listen to these datastreams.

From a guide’s perspective, if we were them, we can guide others if we choose to. Everybody chooses what he/she wants to do furthermore. We can go on retrievals by nights to help out stuck “spirits” too. Post-humans or others. Most of us have no idea of doing it. You can help people out from their misery which they continue after physical “death”.

But the main issue here is that we are watched and tossed in the right direction according to our aims. Not a forced thing, we want it. We are all doing it consciously or unconsciously in every level. we are not alone, it just seems to be that way. Learning about communicating via subjective tools may improve this surely.

Edited on 8th of April in 2019.

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