The reality of Doctor Strange (2016) movie

I guess so many people saw this Marvel movie, titled Doctor Strange in 2016. Maybe most of them are just being amazed by spiritual and mystical stuff in it.

Let’s see what is the actual real thing behind the scenes. Don’t ever forget that movies are fictional just like those characters in them. They are based on real things and most of the characters are made up of various aspects of human expectations. Real in the sense of representing human desires of power.

Also, movies are controlled environments for washing human minds many times and forcing you “facts” which are false and limiting, making you believe in them. Just don’t forget this and to use common sense in your life. The creators with this movie tried to grasp new ideas like Astral Projection and multidimensionality but sadly they built the whole thing on mystical stuff and didn’t know that it is not really working like that. I saw the “how its made” stuff and they clearly didn’t make their research so deeply.

Comic characters, as far as I know, are created for entertainment and because they are individually representing human expectations and powers. Some are representing magic, some are superhuman strength, also some are another aspects of human nature. Eventually, just have fun and don’t get my words so seriously. I try to debunk the mystical nonsense eventually.

doctor strange

About movies for first

Marvel and DC movies, just like any other fictional movies are giving us so much fun many times. But maybe people tend to think that the wider reality is highly contained in them. Now, this movie is representing so much mystical belief systems that I wonder how many people joined the new age beliefs since then.

Astral Projection is very real and achievable of course but the label is a misnomer for various reasons. There are no spirits and all the stuff in that sense how it is represented like mirror dimension. I’m playing with these terms but I think the movie won’t get away with all of those if we need to know what is actually possible.

And don’t take my words too seriously. I highly enjoy these movies and having fun. I’m not really critical about these movies basically : )

Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful MCU heroes who have much more power with the infinity stone than regular heroes. It is for rule what he wants to, like time. I don’t have any insight into comic books, never read any really but it is just a movie with a fictional character. Of course, I know what is needed about him. The problem arises when people tend to accept that what is being represented is real.

For example, you are NOT reading a book about projecting and next time you sit near your bed in the NP or do it while standing. Just… not at all.

Special effects vs. the non-physical world’s realness

It is just so cool to see what today’s CGI technique could represent, so no bad words on this really : ) Just some comments here.

The non-physical can be just like the physical, more real many times. It all depends on the individual’s experience and awareness. You are not really going anywhere, only your mind interprets movement which you learned as a byproduct, being human.

What the creators tried to guess is the Real Time Zone and it is not working like that. Maybe if they could have first-hand experiences or ask somebody who does it…

Human concepts are stored on our NP mind’s “drive” and we are interpreting the non-physical by our concepts. The NP can be much real than the physical. Also showing evidence that all other worlds are as real as our primary one, meaning that we are eternal and coming from the NP originally. The Sun is not revolving around Earth! So no wonder how our self-centeredness is in this movie too.

People who are advanced in the etheric or RTZ projections. They already experimented many times with seeing their body parts, some people saw blueish starlight thingy skin as their “energy body” but the movie representation is only symbolic so to speak. But it is very cool indeed. Well, here, it is yellowish.

The false thing comes from the so-called Out-of-Body Experience and it is a belief construct which you believe and you will experience it that way, leaving a body.

Materialistic Dr. Strange and his knowledge to keep himself limited

There is a saying, you just don’t get a brain after a university degree or diploma. People never understand this if you are saying it to materialistic and box-minded people. Quite the opposite, they call you an idiot and defend themselves like a child. They are defending their ego like hell and keeping themselves limited. No surprise how materialistic indoctrination does its job on the most. Here, we have our doctor for this role. He built up his carrier to never fail.

The “initial” Strange is represented as a highly egoistic materialistic man, who only believes in what he can see, count or being physical. He denies just everything else which doesn’t fit into his limited worldview. We are like that until something proves the opposite. This alone represents humanity’s box-mind, the limited thinking which we just learn automatically from our dumb parents. They are also box-minded. It takes time and effort to get break free. He is not so different as we see it.

Stephen gets a serious injury and keeps talking with the same kinds of people like him, about what is possible and what is not. This is the natural human mind, what we believed in our life is what we became. But the big difference in him according to others is his willpower to never give up. He needs to go for his goal until the end of the world. Very smart. We need to implement this attitude for the same sense.

doctor strange

Getting angry and trying to heal his hands

The biggest problem with finding a solution is right at the beginning. He realizes what is happening when he just doesn’t get help from anybody because they can’t think outside the medical box. Also tossing his girlfriend away in anger. Well, we can choose whatever we would like to do but life will kick in the butt of being angry towards others.

In the beginning, he is experiencing a slowed down healing process. Madness is already there, being broken mentally and financially. The emotional state alone cause his problems.

Here it is: forcing, a well known human natural phenomenon. If healing was there but not enough fast or seemingly stopped, we tend to force it furthermore. This whole situation needs a completely otherworldly mindset. To look deep inside and see what is the cause. Healing starts in the mind, with your intent. Of course, it is well-said but not so deeply answered why.

Healing from your mind

This issue is true from a few ones from the movie. Your mind decides (the real you), what will happen, how your body regenerates. The body is a biological mechanism which reacts to your thoughts. They try to tell him.

If you don’t stop repeating the same blocking thoughts all over again, you will be ruined as long as you keep fueling the bad and not concentrating on the solution. It can be really hard to not get lost in a bad physical condition indeed. So you know, these ideas are there in the movie.

Your intent behind your thoughts is modifying physical problems and outside problems also. It takes time, that is why most people will be impatient and giving it up. That is why if a weakly minded somebody does this, it won’t happen.

What the “Ancient One” teaches – forget what you know (it is useless)

If you want to heal an injury, it is up to your willpower, your mind and creating the probable outcome with beliefs. You don’t need to believe in medicine, science or anything else, just in your healing power! Basically, that is the message but it is partly wrong. But this is very hard to accept that you are doing the job and not your body alone. Because you grew up with science and indoctrination.

The wider reality will catch up to your actual physical perspective. Well, people can heal diseases if they found the root cause, of course, nothing new here. Their own will is the key but many want to just “die” unconsciously.

People also think from the indoctrination that the physical Universe is the only one. Not really, there are just countless ones and the non-physical world is endless. This movie as I saw like to represent the non-physical as the hostile and peaceful world but it is not like that. Also, don’t get caught up on that everything is accurate in this movie. Some concepts are the opposite. They just tried to catch the idea of the many worlds stuff and countless dimensions.

But the biggest mystical nonsense is pushing out an “astral” body from the physical one. It is really misleading and causing more people to believe this nonsense. We are using a physical focus for physical life and our concentration is with the body but not “in” it.

The Astral world as a misconception

Now, Astral dimensions and every “Astral” like words are jokes basically. It is representing an everlasting belief system about the non-physical from centuries. It is useless if people try to explore it. You don’t have an astral body, only your perception changes to another channel of existence. You can see first-hand that you are immortal, only your viewpoint was too restricted. Many people try to prove it to themselves via OBEs.

And still… people try to cling to these old mystical belief systems and believe what others are saying. You are a non-physical entity, experiencing a chosen human-type of life, it is a game. You are the movie director partly.

As Strange is a character, we are all some kinds of characters as individuals. We walk our own path and there is a chance to wake up to much more.

So when the projection scene starts and he just shoots up to space it is a well known RTZ belief system that you fly up and experience space. And you can experience it. Of course, the visuals are only representing how his own mind interprets shooting through various dimensions and worlds. Entering through wormholes like dimensional membranes. Your thoughts are becoming reality before you, instantly, this is the message here.

And no, it doesn’t happen with just some push at the famous “third eye” which is a metaphor only.

Creating a portal with his hands?

Strange’s limited mind is still there and it is represented not directly that it is very hard for somebody physically thinker to open up to the Wider Reality if he/she was brainwashed about what is actually possible in this world and not by those who control everything and keeping us dumb. That actual double ring is just an object in which the user projects its mind power.

Decades of indoctrination about what is real and possible does its job on the vast majority. Nobody forces us to stay like that. Our personality and mindset won’t allow more.

Give up the control, well it is very true if we try to grasp how the NP works. It is useful to try not to control conscious projection attempts too. Be passive and observe just everything without emotional reactions. But here we have the significance of beliefs. Projection is shown as a very simple act but it is not.

Sitting and reading at your bed while “out of body”?

It is shown as a “Real Time Zone” projection but it has nothing to do with your body. Now when you are there it is a buffer zone, you are no longer observing the physical world, not even your body. You CAN see your body because you fear it’s death. That’s all, you are creating it like that idiotish astral cord. Furthermore, your expectations are creating overlays between other dimensions. You see this is way more otherworldly and complex than a movie.

RTZ is that mirror dimension here. It is not really working like what is represented, it is pure CGI visual. For first-timers, it is the best advice to get as far as they can from their recent body’s position or they will be sucked back to the physical, ending the whole experience in no time. That is a well-experienced fact. But you just don’t walk into this dimension with a big master lol.

You need a strong NP focus to detach your viewpoint from your physical body. Many times an empty mind with concentration. It becomes faster over time and practice. Some people are pros in this and it takes even a decade to learn it.

Reading is very difficult in the NP. If you try to concentrate on alphabetic letters or words, sentences, it is just starting to be very messy soon. What you learned about language is only useful in the physical world. Communication is telepathic in the NP  and it is translated into your language automatically. You can still think you have a body and use the 5 senses.

Movement in the non-physical

You can experience actual physical-like movement just as you may travel with your body. But you don’t have any, only a partly energetically created. We don’t move anywhere because everything is existing at the same spot (just an illusion). Movement is our own, learned illusion.

Time and space is nothing there, only here as a ruleset. Movement is interpreted by the mind just like any other structures and visuals. You are the mind, you are automatically doing it.

Time’s role

Time is only existing in physical dimensions. It is an illusion for the game as aging and being in life situations for “a certain amount of time”.

Too bad, the movie shows that events are coming from the physical world towards some kind of eternal bad being lol. It is the other way and maybe there are worlds where it is much worse than here. It is just a movie with eternal and non-eternal beings battling each other like Thor, Odin, or Earthly heroes. Maybe Thanos who will obviously demolish the Universe later. Oops, spoiler : ) But our physical Universe, Earth and physical bodies, structures are end results of consciousness. We play this game for a reason.

Kick someone’s ass and “kill” him in the RTZ lol

Well meanwhile it is cool to see how the CGI technique now showing us very amazing things represented on the screen, it is just a joke that you just jump “out” of your “body” and see the physical world as you are now on another dimensional scale in parallel mode.

It is fun indeed to see a fight or an effect with a transparent appearance but it is a little bit dumb. The creators just tried to catch this idea so they had no other tool for this. You can’t kill anybody in a parallel non-physical reality, none of you are alive or dead. Even if you are close to the physical world in the buffer zone. Your body is asleep at that time.

Kicked out in the NP? Hurting somebody? Killing a spirit? Indeed you can punch into a wall or crash into something but you will only experience the impact without any “damage”. That is now rather funny. Entertainment.

Everything has consequences

A hidden message which is told many times by Mordo. We have choices and every path we chose have it’s own end result. It is about life but here it is obviously for some kind of battle gathering behind the scenes (Thanos?). Well, he is taking this business too seriously. We shouldn’t fear to choose, otherwise why we are physical right now?

And finally where I just laughed, the closing post-credit scene in the last minutes. When J. Pangborn is working at his place, our now negative hero Mordo just steals his “chakra”. At this point, I burst in laughing from this CGI solution because the chakra nonsense is just a representation of a western belief system.

It’s his manipulated energy which keeps him physically well functioning. A metaphor.


Eventually, Mordo represents the realization of what is wrong with the balance of the physical world. Reminds me of Batman vs. Superman where Man of Steel realizes for some time that in that world, people can’t be good.

Finally, don’t take this post seriously! Enjoy the movie, I like it really too as magic also. I only represented what is real and what is not, according to how movie entertainment is showing stuff to the masses and makes too many reinforcements what is there since centuries in human history.

The creators – as I mentioned – tried to use up ideas from where they could with creativity but they clearly didn’t even know that all of these are false or misleading. We live in a world where regular people still don’t know how it works and we can all do projection and other stuff alone. So they just didn’t even ask somebody how it works. It is hard to do if they already deny the whole thing. Not their fault.

Well, bad things happened when the Dragon Ball series came out in my country too and the government just stopped broadcasting it. Young children couldn’t make difference between what is real according to that cartoon series which I also like and they just hurt themselves badly, some just jumped off some big heights ending in the hospital.

I think it is important to correct all the mystical nonsense to help people understand how real it is beyond the physical world and that there is endlessly more to this. Our Universe is a subset or tiny fraction of the non-physical world from where we are coming from and returning back. We still live in an age where all of these are hidden because very few people are practicing all of these.

I hope you liked my analysis here.

Edited on 30th of April in 2019.

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