Jogging helps you stay young, healthy and happier

Some people like to jog or run outside or maybe being in a gym, others just hate it. Well everybody has their own method to shake up their body but jogging alone is a natural solution. It keeps your blood flow stable, your muscles in tone and your brain fresh. Also, jogging can make you happier if you like to enjoy the world outside. Other benefits are better bowel movements, sweating toxins out and enjoying nature.

I like jogging outside if I’m not in a lazy mood and the weather is good. Once an old friend showed me, how it is so enjoyable and cool to train my body and keep my mood up daily only with this sport or hobby. When you are jogging near a lake or some places with trees, animals in nature, nice sunshine, it is cool enough to observe the world while you are shaking your body. And our physical vehicle needs movement.

Why we need to stay in motion

Our physical body needs to move on its own and running a little bit in every few days. It can be done for 20-30 minutes daily. You don’t need to overdo it and take it too seriously but it could help with various physical problems. The muscle system in itself needs movement each day. It is like sleeping all day, the body needs movement. You can do it being over 70+ too.

It helps if you have back problems, muscle spasms, maybe blood flow problem or just living a physically passive lifestyle. You may benefit from jogging if you are able to do it. The main issue here is that the process kickstarts the system to start clearing out toxins. It also carries blood flow where it is needed and didn’t get because of the lack of movement (job, passive lifestyle, sitting) and the brain’s functions will improve too.

The added benefit is a faster bowel movement for helping your stool. It is a natural toxin flusher like sunshine or a good “gym” outside. Loners and pairs both could try it and enjoy it. Well, chatting while you are spitting out your lungs is not a good idea but still fun : )


Will jogging change my physical image?

Running alone won’t make you slimmer but can help kickstart the process also. I saw so many people, thinking that jogging will cause some kind of weight loss. They are constantly running on the same route, the same daytime and they are still that body typed person as were before. Jogging is a tool to stay fit.

Your mind and your eating habits will do the job, with a changed lifestyle. Change your mindset and don’t ever overdo it. You can’t imagine the changes, it won’t happen really. The physical image only changes, when you make an effort with the imagination of the end result. Like bodybuilding.

A big mistake usually in this sport is that people jog on concrete and solid hard surfaces. You may kill your joints, spine and as you step on your feet. Your various body parts are just crashing up and down if you don’t have a proper technic to avoid aches and pain. You may find a path which is softer like mulch or something which is the opposite than hard surfaces. Your joints will be very grateful in the long “run”. Do it comfortably and don’t race with yourself or you will spit out your lungs lol.

Find a method or your own speed to run a few kilometers daily and try to maintain that distance always. There is no problem when you can’t reach the end, only half a way. Well, it happens mostly when we try to jog again after a long time of pause and we are out of practice. If the recommended distance for yourself is too much, run half the way and rest for the other half. Just walk, rest your muscles and lungs and enjoy nature. Do it sometimes, not each day.

Remember, this is not a serious business, you should enjoy it. It is partly about forgetting the civilizational crap maybe only for half an hour. And eventually, we need to move. Our physical body will be grateful with our energy levels.

Edited on 28th of March in 2019.

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