What is your physical body? Are you in your brain?

So many misconceptions are out in our society about who we are, what is our physical body and where is our mind. I knew this approach too well from my younger years when I was up to science. We need to start somewhere, right? The problem is that science is too blind to see beyond the illusion of objectivity and measuring physical objects.

Science tries to see tiny little particles which are reacting to observation (consciousness). No surprise, how medical approach also tries to only “heal” the body, make surgeries which are pointless in the long-run. Actually, a very few are ready to do researches beyond the physical world and note issues from our mind or inner being. Because we are treated on the after-effects, like diseases, cancers, illnesses, and disorders.

These are non-existent outside of scientific researches. But people are categorized by stupid labels. The thing is, that your consciousness does everything, not a physical vehicle. You are integrating with it as a vehicle for you because you are non-physical basically. This happens all the time when you are asleep.

Well, when I understood this mechanic, it was very funny how just everybody tends to think only in physical world terms and concepts. We think from indoctrination that we and our body are the centers of this Universe and everything comes out from these. These are all end-results of consciousness in a limited reality. There are countless ones.

Non-physical Mind vs. Physical Brain

We are using a primary focus state, a waking consciousness, when we are “awake”. We are usually aware mostly at daytime and living our lives for a while. But how should we imagine this concept or the mechanics? Now if you didn’t read the Focus Model yet, I would recommend it.

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Everybody is using their own non-physical mind, a restricted focus from their inner non-physical being who is timeless, spaceless, genderless, raceless and eternal in the non-physical. Your physical brain is used up as a developing and translating device, which controls the physical body.

The body is a vehicle for you which allows you to function in a limited reality like ours. We don’t need a body normally and we are not a race or gender.

How the physical body works together with our non-physical mind?

You are controlling the whole body from the point of view which is residing just behind the physical eyes, seemingly. But of course we are not seeing with our eyes, our sight is created by the back of our brain. Our brain is in darkness, an organ which is closed out from the external world in a safe place.

What we are experiencing by the 5 physical senses are only electromagnetic effects, which we project out to experience consensus-reality based human world here and now. It is automatic, the body is made to interpret these.

Mostly just everybody experience the same things but with various degrees of differences. It is sooo real, isn’t? We observe an external reality but mostly it comes from within. Our interpretation defines it.

The brain runs the system, which keeps every part of our body functioning. Starting from the cells up to organs, nervous system and much more. But direct commands are coming from us. If you can’t control something in your body, you just need more effort with your mind. If you believe that you lose control over your body, you will lose it. That is that simple and what normal people can’t understand.

The mind cannot be located objectively, because that is your tool to operate in a physical world. If you are dreaming you are still IN your own mind as a mind noise. Passing this barrier and you can be anywhere else, at real places. This is an objective representation of yourself.

Sleep life

When we fall asleep, the physical body is in shut down mode and the physical brain device is regulating it’s behavior. It is restricted to move, brainwaves are changed and it keeps the body on autopilot. This is sleep paralysis and people don’t get the idea about what it is.

A tiny fraction of your consciousness stays with it and keeps it functioning until you return back and reintegrate. If it is too fast, it can cause sleep paralysis. The body is in this case in a deep trance and for the purpose of not hurt yourself if you are moving while dreaming. But we always have SP, just a slight one.

I guess the why is simple here. Many people are afraid of their body’s safety so they are more close to the physical world then others. This way they tend to shout or scream or crash down off their bed lol.

So what is it basically?

The physical body is partly selected by you, there is a big chance for it. The other part comes down from family genetics. And it is not really necessary to know your physical family in person before you are born. Maybe I’m wrong here but for many “spirits”, it is not an issue because they want to deal with a random circumstance. If you have body challanges maybe from birth, it is for a reason! We make these initial challenges for ourselves! Then we tend to blame others and outside influences.

To explain it further, humans are body fixated and suffering from over-objectification. We all are, this is part of our life. But You are NOT your physical body! It is a dumb belief. We believe this because we have reflection and we only see our physical body all the time from different perspectives. So the naive idea comes from this that we are a body. If you would even know that you are not, most couldn’t do their physical life.

Why people are trapped after death? Because they still think they are that body, that person… You can use any other kinds of bodies, even animals. Thinking that you are that person, stops you from developing further on the scale of limitless possibilities when you return back after death. Funny but most of the humans are holding a self-image around their golden age of 20-30’s years oldness, being post-humans. Some may stay in their childish years or in their elder years. We are holding these inner images automatically.

physical body

Body vs. self-image

If your self-image – how you look at yourself and how you should look like – is a certain one and you keep thinking about being that body, you will stay that one. It is so simple. Because you are stemming out like a hologram from your inner expectations, you can’t change it until you changed your thinking. This is a common problem with people trying to physically change. You see, what we learn as human beings are not we should, if we want to walk the path of self-realization.

You want a muscular body? Do a workout, do sports but no matter what you do if you are still observing your outer layer as an opposite one according to your wish. Mind work and beliefs. If you can’t imagine it, you won’t achieve it. The outer work is just one tool and you need to keep up another body image.

Here comes all types of diseases, muscular or obese type bodies, just everything physical body stuffs. Don’t believe it? Look back on your life and see how true your self-image is. Observe your every-moment-beliefs. Look at others who could shape their body into a different type. Changing our body, healing illnesses and diseases take time but mostly inner thinking and willpower.

The brain device itself runs these commands like a CPU in a PC engine and gives these tasks from your mind towards the body. All the changes in the body are coming from you mostly. Other times outside influences are doing some stuff but it is still related to your thoughts.


So eventually, I guess I explained it how we are not a physical body or brain. They have functions which consciousness uses for existing in a physical dimension. The physical body has an actual rimespan and if we are finished here in any ways, we draw out our consciousness and returning back to our home, the non-physical world. The only problem comes for billions when they are identifying themselves with a physical character.

Edited on 29th of March in 2019.

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