How to raise your good vibrations with various tools!

Are you in a bad mood or having bad days for a while and need some good vibrations? Or maybe you were always in a negative loop, wondering how to get out to feel better? Are you in the lack of this good vibrations stuff? The tools are here. Some from the many. You can try some to see if any helps.

Good mood elevating methods are everywhere but you need to know what is natural for you. If your average vibration is too low, your physical body suffers from potential negative thinking deep inside on an ongoing basis. This means in short that you tend to focus on the negative side and you didn’t learn to check your thoughts. If you keep doing it, you are generating emotions which will keep you there. This is how it works and how every physical manifestation is starting in the body. We are doing it.

Nothing complicated, everything is vibrating in the Universe starting from atoms. But don’t get hung up on vibration crap laws. This is about your actual mood. The vibration word here is a metaphor for your mood.

Music, the frequency raiser, and natural healer

If you enjoy some kind of music, like pop, rock, classical or others then you can just plug in your headphones or your speaker and enjoy it. Take time for yourself daily a few times to get rid of negative thoughts and behavior. You don’t need to suppress them, you need to focus your attention elsewhere! We are doing it all the time.

Music in itself is a natural healer and making good vibrations. If you try to experiment with various volume strengths, you may dive into the songs/tracks and melt in the feeling. It is very useful if you are very emphatic and feels the singer’s feelings and the melody’s effects like me and you may start to vibrate slightly.

Empathic people have a harder time in this world and also they have quicker changes I guess, like with me. Sound experiments can tune your brain device.

good vibration

Music can help in healing from illnesses or mental stress also. What it does is, when you are flowing with your most beautiful tracks, your body’s frequency starts to tune up to higher levels and this way more NP abilities are opening up (maybe), especially self-healing. Your actual vibrational level is higher. You don’t need to aim for extrasensory stuff, just for the feeling.

In the end, you get a good mood, “good vibrations”, no stress, happiness from the repeated effect. Just try it and keep it up mostly if you can. Meditating with music can do miracles in the long run. Do it once or twice a day for 20-30 minutes. Just one tool which has a beneficial effect on you mentally. Because everything starts mentally within you. It is a non-physical process.

Maybe laughing is your favorite

Laughing is diminishing stress naturally and keeping you in the joy of life. Many times, it is a forced reaction to deal with stress, we can do it automatically too.

My best method is to make friends laugh and known people do the same. Or maybe strangers can be affected to burst in laughter too. Maybe I didn’t say a good joke or just told some funny thing, maybe only a gesture. My perspective is not for myself to laugh but both parties from a natural ability so to speak. Good vibrations, again.  I enjoy doing this to others if the effect is positive! It can help if you managed to laugh at yourself too. Laugh at yourself, on your dumb things 🙂

Don’t give a damn to people and don’t take life so seriously, enjoy it at the moment, learn to laugh it off. If you change a little bit, you can see the outside world from another perspective. We need to practice it and remind ourselves that we need to enjoy life.

good vibrations

Play a game!

If you like PC games or any other non-electronic solutions, try to imagine right now, what kind of game was your favorite when you felt yourself in joy. That is the one which you need. You can play any kinds of games. Not the kill-all stuff, just something which causes the same positive emotions to unfold.

Don’t feel guilty about playing regarding your age. Who cares? Do it and see the effect. This is your life.

Make a trip to a favorite place or just enjoy a chat with a friend

Maybe you have places to visit when you have time for them – time for yourself. Nice places may make good times also, just like friends will do. They are both for detaching from the crap we experience almost daily and just stopping to pay any attention, appreciate them! These escape places are not always big huge ones, they can be nearby simple walkways or parks also.

Friends are coming and going in our life. If it is a useful friendship on both sides, it can make miracles when we (and they) need some help. Friends, good family members, and loved ones are there to help each other to get rid of bad events too and guide themselves. Well, not every family is actually supporting or containing positive members.

But still, friends of any kinds can help us if they are able to and have a good intention.

Eat some sweet, chocolate or whatever you enjoy

Here, I’m just mentioning sweets and chocolates which are proven to release endorphin and you may feel a little bit of happiness, only from eating a chocolate bar alone. It could help a lot. Don’t feel guilty eating it in moderation, the effect here is beneficial! Just don’t buy a basket of sweets and flush it off in your system lol.

The goal is to treat yourself kindly and it is an activity to enjoy yourself.

Enjoy nature

Again, if you are that type who can enjoy nature outside, just go for a ride on your bike, take a jog nearby, walk for an hour and listen to nature. Look around you, how the sunshine reflects on water or dances in colors, look around if you are at places of trees with nice vibrant colors, any plants nearby. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Now you are not concentrating on the daily crap around you.

If you can spot animals in nature around you, watch them, approach them. Detach from negativism and notice what we have. The daily sunshine in itself can change us in many ways, starting with absorbing Vitamin D and healing rays. Also, maybe you are that type who enjoys nightly walks/jogging. Silence in itself in suburban areas can make a good effect too. Or just lay down on your bed and enjoy the silence. You can connect with your non-physical self via silence.

Good vibrations and mood elevation for higher frequencies

Well, this one comes from various methods like above. Those are just tools, but for the purpose to avoid getting into a negative spiral in your life. If you lost your actual plan to do something in your life, get and find one. It just doesn’t need to be a big aim and our time here and now is seemingly endless when we live in the now but also it seems like running away many times.

The whole issue here is that your actual vibrating rate – the non-physical one – is pretty low and you need to raise it by doing something or changing your thinking throughout your day. It affects your body which is an objective vehicle for you.

Many people who are mentally ill or have various physical diseases. These are mostly caused by their own repeated negative thoughts and destroying their physical body, which is the vehicle to experience their life here and now. We are not our body.

Don’t try to understand ever why people hurt themselves, just don’t! You don’t want to let you dragged down! I know for sure it could be very struggling to shake ourselves back to the positive side after some negative life events and situations, but nobody will do it for us.

Life is a game. Ok not for all but we can enjoy it if we really would like to. Find your positive side and enjoy it fully. Don’t pay any attention to the negative ones or rather manage them as best as you can. We need to experience both sides but we can avoid the negative side.

Edited on 30th of March in 2019.

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