Do you have Alien abduction each night? It is an OBE!

Many people experienced this strange phenomenon and it grew into a religion too. People just want to experience this one somehow. Alien abduction is just as misunderstood as any other concepts. Nobody abducts people in normal cases. Well, I don’t know if there are real cases haha.

You will see how unreal those believer cases are. Because people can’t comprehend the real nature of the non-physical world and they simply make up theories about hostile aliens visiting them. Your beliefs are instantly creating these when you are half-asleep. Same for shadow people and nightmares.

Basically, people don’t know what they are experiencing. The main cause is the lack of knowledge about the basics. If one of these people could understand what is the non-physical and how your thoughts and emotions are working out when you are in another thought responsive dimension, people could already understand that they are scaring themselves only.

Dreams are non-physical experiences. You can become conscious even suddenly from your fears. People have a lot to learn and my site is for this purpose!

alien abduction

About Aliens, Extraterrestrials

Well, it is a big topic in itself and I can surely tell everybody that indeed there are countless other races in different dimensions and physical like Universes. They could develop vehicles on the principles of the NP to change realities according to their plans with their minds. They can appear and disappear on Earth instantly. That is surely known, nothing special about this. I guess. I don’t say that other, intelligent races are non-existent. Humanity tends to think like we are the center of this reality.

They are only switching channels between dimensions and living their lives like us on a different civilizational level. We are just on a different evolutionary AND vibratory level and that’s all. Many human-like ET races are completely aware of humanity.

Maybe there are “bad” and “good” races or types. That is only an objective viewpoint and all of us (them and humans) are coming from originally the same source non-physically. Consciousness experiences life in many forms. Don’t get caught up in the duality viewpoint. And you can see that there is a simple explanation for most cases.

alien abduction

What happens really, when you encounter this phenomenon?

Many authors like William Buhlman shared his truth about this experience, which people are just having through the nights. There is no such thing as abduction by strange little aliens. If those are occurring on the physical plane, well it is caused by other types of phenomena and it is rare. I try to stop the fear-based idea about what it is. Don’t fear this. You simply don’t know about OBEs.

What happens is, you are not aware that your physical body is asleep and you are maybe in the buffer dimension (RTZ or other dimensions and Focus states) as your mind is already in a thought responsive non-physical world. You are releasing thoughts, emotions, and expectations. Meaning you create your own fear scene and you will experience aliens surrounding you or doing something “bad”. This is how the real world works and our physical reality is a limited place to experience.

It could feel 100% real because IT IS! The NP is not so much different from the physical. The similarity only depends on your instant expectations. You encounter something which could be frightening for you and your protective awareness kicks in. As you are in fear of the unknown, the trouble is there.

You may experience a physical body too but it is not that. Maybe you experience the whole situation lying in your bed and levitating. It is a classical OBE process and you just have no idea about it. People who have no idea about the non-physical world where dreams are taking place will experience some kind of strangeness and that will be the fear source.

You may find useful another post about explaining dreams here.

People around You

If you have helpers or curious “people” around you in this parallel dimension, you may see or feel or hear them. But because you are trying to scare yourself without conscious control, you will experience these “people” as bad entities, maybe aliens. Your own fear will cause misinterpretation in a thought responsive environment. Let’s be straight, a normal person will scare him/herself instantly from the unknown.

Just stop scaring yourself, nothing can hurt you physically. The rulesets are different and you could experience an endless loop of fear if you are releasing your emotions and thoughts. Use love and think from kindness, the character will change also. If it won’t work, then learn to stay calm and passive.

What you learned in this life is stored in your non-physical mind’s “hard drive”. It is used to interpret what you are seeing with your mind. If you encounter something “alien” from you, you may see ET’s on the way you learned in your life. And because too many people are sharing the same BS like little greys or reptilians, you may encounter them. These believers are reinforcing each other’s unique fear-based experiences. They want to believe in them.

Meanwhile, the other side is watching you about when will you figure out that you are scaring yourself and it is an illusion.

This whole issue comes down from the endless media lies and misleading information on what we can find today in our world. Be curious and passive and observe what you got. Don’t think and stay calm, that will help you even when you suddenly realize that you are levitating over your bed or noticing pulling sensations.

Edited on 28th of March in 2019.

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