Law of Attraction is a lie

This post will be a little bit harsh and you may feel a little bit bad while you read through this Law of Attraction post but at the end, I will tell you how the “system” really works.

I needed to make some updates in this one, it seems like people read it and have no idea about what I try to say. I don’t question anybody’s intelligence but there are the explanations below and on my site. The issue with LOA believers is that they need a belief system or rather religion to feel special and believe in nice fairy tales. Our life can be a joyful one but I try to expose the myths and lies in this on my way.

Where LOA fails for the followers? Is Law of Attraction is a lie?

Now, this famous made-up label “law of attraction” is a pure BS! It is a non-sense fake thing, which is just spreading like wildfire. I feel sometimes that it is my duty too to inform people that those who are making videos about this and writing books, giving courses and making a new religion about this have two serious problems.

I welcome readers who don’t want this mess, who want to know where this fails. Who wants a complete solution in their life. Many are confused. I’m writing for them here.

The issue in itself is problematic. And just to mention, there are zillion variations over the whole internet, how to do it and none of them are actually really right. Why should they if nobody knows the mechanics? It is not a secret… So:

  1. They just don’t know what they are talking about when they talk about this thing. This label is made a long time ago on something which people just don’t know how it works – yes it is manifestation! Many authors are catching ideas from ancients sources, previous data and making up a new explanation.
  2. They are fooling you, lying and trying to get your money for something which everybody has their own natural ability to do it, but heard and read so much brainwashing over their life that they just don’t know what the heck is that!

The lie is that there is no such law, we are making these up to stay in a pretty illusion

This “law” which is not existing other than in people’s mind is a belief system to make you believe you are smarter than you are. Also making you believe that some kind of “universe” does the job.

We don’t have these natural laws in our physical reality. People, even the founders have no idea. We are doing anything we are doing multidimensionally and not the way it is sold. This is business and you are hooked up.

The lie comes from a source which is based on scientific resources to fool intelligent people and lead them into this trap. This theory is simple and you can turn it into a non-existent law, right? Grab quantum mechanics and the big words like “vibrations” and “vortex” and other BS and push them down through gullible people’s throat. Does it work? YES! The problem is that only for a tiny majority.

I know many anti-LOA sources too and they are wrong too. We are doing it but our intent or desire will cause probable futuristic outcomes. And the non-physical side will do the rest but not the fairy tale way. If it doesn’t happen and our selfish desire won’t come, then we tend to be upset, lost, more emotional, etc. This is where the most will fail. They tried to follow a stupid theory, calling it “law”. We don’t attract anything… geez.

Giving labels to just everything which we DO NOT understand, because the most just don’t!

The label itself is fooling, you are just thinking it is some kind of Universal law. A law, seriously? You can’t deny it and if you don’t follow it, you won’t succeed. As you may notice, this whole thing is very similar to mainstream religions, they are based on fears.

Check your thoughts and you are responsible for everything! This is what is told you! Do you believe this? Did your life unfold for decades because you did it all with your thoughts? Are you responsible for everything? No! We live together as human beings and many of us chose our initial life circumstances from our birth. But NOT our whole life. These are possibilities and starting circumstances.

These people have no clue that we are living a multidimensional life and we are seeing a tiny fraction of it, here, right now. We are not in full control and we have a life to learn. So the problem is that these people who made these “laws” don’t even know anything beyond our limited world. They speak about laws and vibrations without knowing it first-hand. You can start it with your dreams or practicing Astral Projection. And soon, you can see that this was not so true.

People are parroting the same BS and reinforcing it with confirmation bias

Another problem comes from the groups. People who are following the same religion are always trying to find new ways to keep themselves in it and drag others into it. Because it is so good, you will get all your selfish needs in life out of nothing, right?

Oh, come’on… It is tiring enough that just everybody says this same BS and spreading worldwide instead of thinking about what it is. Even people who figured out how manifesting is probably working in reality, they still try to give this label a chance and saying it is a side-effect. I will tell you this.

Finding out how manifestation works needs years and decades of self-experiment in both worlds! You believe a belief system, you won’t get so much further in life. It is like the nonsense past life regression. You can blame an outside force about your problems. But this is not about you, causing all your problems. You see, people are blamed but also misled.

Many people already ruined their lives giving practice to this nonsense mindless wishing and hoping fashion. Those who tend to defend LOA will guard the fact that nobody fails. If they would have any idea. The internet is full of miserable people and our daily life too and many tried it. Very similar to somebody who is told how to drive a car without first-hand evidence that indeed, it works like that under their steering hand.

Attraction? You can attract things but not because you are in a certain vibration or in a match. I wonder if there is an intelligent person who also has common sense in this world? This attraction fashion is here since decades and a popular belief like karma.

Do you really know it?

So let’s be straight, are you a believer or a knower? Belief may help you, mostly if you only believe in yourself which I always tell people. Knowing makes you sure about what are you doing or how things work. You can’t skip the main steps or cheat. We need to make our necessary steps in life instead of wishing, hoping and visualizing.

Btw why it works for many people? They make them believe they will receive their egoistic desires. That’s all, beliefs. They never learn to create consciously. The other issue is that the Wider Reality delivers their stuff but just a few times to let them learn from the consequences.

Because let’s be straight, many people don’t know what will happen after they got their desires and what happens with them after it. Many don’t even know what they need in life. They parrot what the outside world does: cars, house, materialistic things which are only representing big voids in their soul.

Mainstream, big guys, books, “successful” people’s words, showing big numbers, fast results…

It is spreading like a virus and more and more people are gossiping about this, giving this fake knowledge towards others and just everybody is disappointed why just nothing works for them. Of course, it doesn’t work, you try to make yourself believe in it. But you still have common sense, fortunately. Common sense always fails when these beliefs are there, we start to avoid it.

What the Law of Attraction followers are doing basically, they will deny anything else which doesn’t fit into this highly distorted worldview. They close out negativity and stay in this illusion. The problem with this is that they are totally denying their life lessons and that we need to experience negativity too. We need to learn to control ourselves and this practice also avoids this important thing. So these belief systems are pulling people back on their own spiritual journey and physical life is the facade of it.

Some people will have extremely miraculous results and they really think it was from LOA. Believe me, I walked this path too and tested it for years. I tried to figure out the mechanics about this and from the beginning, it was obvious that this process is connected to the non-physical. Because we are coming from there. There is an interesting thing here, some people may get help from the NP to show other people how real it is but I guess it is not really obvious.

Do these popular people and followers really know it?

I saw the Secret when I was younger. Now, I can’t say how stupid it is. If you are new to this, you will caught fast. Even those people are telling BS in it.

Do you think that any of LOA people know a thing about their non-physical side or nature? Or how this works? Why does it fail? Why we can’t repeat the same result? Very similar to a candy man who tries to get you closer and you are captured.

I won’t write down names but the internet and communities are full of these people. Some are insane mentally, some are self-illusional and some are just nuts. I know many, their works and they just surely believe what they spread is true. That is insane. These public speakers are building up an illusionary lifestyle to also build up a cult. The promises are not fake, just the foundations.

The mechanics are based on logic and science, just people don’t realize how idiotish the whole explanation is. Another big life lesson is that in our society, people are lying for money. To lie better, you need to believe your lies and adjust it to customers.

When people find out that they finally understand how it works, they try to catch elements of the manifestation process (I did too). Followers just share texts, books, success stories, videos worldwide how they finally figured out what is causing the trouble. Yeah, and maybe they found out their own blocks, others are still unsuccessful and I think everybody deserves a better life than the actual bad one. Guessing won’t reveal it. And as you may noticed, I already gave the answer above.

law of attraction

What is the basic problem with all of this?

The whole idea is based on a selfish, false promise. You will get whatever you want. You just don’t give a damn on other human’s opinion, don’t give a f**k, yeah? They don’t exist, they will drag you down, etc. I have a surprise here, it is human life and many people with this attitude will crush on their face of the actual real reality. The fail is vastly bigger with this attitude.

Never ever listen to or believe people fully! People are lying. Somebody never learns this over a lifetime ever. There are countless people, making a living from this. And because our whole population is made from believer type people, they have a lot to buy.  One side is clever to pull down people with money always. The other side is just too naive to stop believing others. Sorry, but the law of attraction followers are NOT smart. They only would like to feel that they are. Well, okay, some are and they struggle to see through this false belief.

I respect those who try to help truly from the heart with speaking out how they figured out for themselves, how it is in essence. But it is still just guessing. Remember, the market is full of competition. People are fooled with money, there will be always some ways to sell people just anything. Somebody needs other’s money. Money is the god these days. Just create a solid foundation of false promises like religions and here you go, millions easily. And at the end of the day, founders can look into the mirror. It works for many, well, then it is real.

The beginnings

You can read a zillion books, watch hours of videos on the web, go to lectures, etc but you won’t get it because it is a label to a rarely known phenomenon. And the web is full of BS, it is hard to dig up real information. For real knowledge, search for non-physical communities. About Astral Projection without a central figure. Forums. Do-your-research!

This is the same as for example Lucid Dreaming. You are labeling your non-physical life when you are sleeping from social conditioning. People don’t know what they are doing really and after they understood what is it, they still try to believe in something which is clearly a lie. I guess humanity never will learn.

Maybe people will have enough finally when nothing seems to work out, not even supplying people who are doing nothing just writing books to share almost nothing new or useful. Same BS beliefs, parroted each time. And here I need to admit a thing. It can help really, people have more willpower to do something with this “tool” (LOA) to make their life better. But eventually, in the long run, they are fooling themselves, their life starts to be bad again. Not the fooling yourself part is the key here if you get the idea but that you still can’t replicate it.

It is two-fold. People are trying to help with or without fooling you and the other side is believing in another religion. There will be religions or rather belief systems like this because it is NEEDED, there is a huge demand. This world here and now is hard and people need protection and escape from misery. I totally agree with this but not in a fooling way. We can’t help it, there are enough people to follow these. Simply, most of us are working like that.

The actual events beyond this

The bonus effect is this. From a non-physical perspective, if a collective gives power to the same concept, it becomes real! I’m talking about group constructs or in other words, belief systems. This is how the concepts are created in the NP and everybody can download them to their life. That is funny huh? Guess how many people know about this?

OBE’s are working the same way, no matter your consciousness was never in a body. You are forcing an old concept to your mind that you can actually observe yourself “leaving a body”. This in itself shows how powerful your mind is. You are doing the job, not a made-up “law”. But you are NOT doing it alone. We are never alone. Just look into the non-physical guide topic and you will see. I try to avoid this to mention.

And btw the Multiverse is not vibration-based, not even positiveness oriented. It is made by consciousness (you) and you are co-creating it. It is based on BELIEFS and your intent. But you need to do the work on your side. We are multidimensional and this physical Universe is a tiny fraction of this system.

So what IS it instead?

It is a process which you constantly creating as your probable future with your own mind – people call it subconscious but it is not like that. As I mentioned many times, your actual reality is changing by your long-held beliefs and intention. You can’t imagine it, you can’t create it. Law of attraction followers try to grasp this part but fail mainly. I’m not telling you this is about beliefs all the time. They ONLY block you out from other things in life because your perception is limited.

Your daily life is changing according to your beliefs, and choices. Reality changes where thought energy goes. In the non-physical, that is instant, in no time. Simple but still hard, because people (humans) are not checking their thoughts so you are sabotaging yourself. Everybody does this, me, you, battling with myself many times. And again, you are not doing everything on your own and your whole life and what you lived up are the evidence.

You should keep observing what are you thinking about certain things in your life, you will be amazed that you are blocking yourself out. You need to take the steps, the creative practice in LOA is just a tool to concentrate your life into the desired direction.

Not some kind of shit law and universe (which is a mass projection from consciousness) is creating but you are doing it by defining the main goal. Then you need to make the necessary steps and you will unfold your plan over time with your intent. Do you still think that LOA has anything to do with existing things? Sure, partially some elements are needed from it but not the way it is sold.

I can’t even still imagine why should I need to explain this to intelligent people. LOA followers just want to feel special.

Edited on 12nd of September in 2019.

6 thoughts on “Law of Attraction is a lie”

  1. I feel like there is some good information in this post but it is very poorly written and hard to follow 🙁

    1. I will keep it in mind, maybe I will change it later. The problem with these theories and religious acts is that somebody like me need to experiment on my own to prove how it works. I won’t post or share anything if I’m not sure about this issue to avoid misleading others. It is a little bit hard to make a few sentenced post about the LOA issue and many people tried to explain how unreal it is, before me. The actual truth about how our “manifestation” works are in the rows.

  2. Interesting article, and I agree with certain points that often, the way people talk about the “law of attraction” is incredibly misleading. However, the idea that we just create our reality ‘out of scratch’ is also a mis-understanding and doesn’t really add up with the consideration that there is no time. Hence the reason that everything has to exist as a potential first. We can’t create something out of nothing. What we manifest via our beliefs can only ‘manifest’ because that potential was already existing…..AS….a potential. So, what is manifesting really doing? All time including focuses and potentials already exist simultaneously. Within these focuses, we become what are beliefs are…..energetically. (If you don’t like the word vibration, then use a different term)

    Yes, you are experiencing the mirror effect outside of your body for what you hold deeply via beliefs. But, these are all still ‘potentials’ that you are experiencing as ‘real’ because of where your beliefs are.

    If you want to experience a different reality, that potential already exists……as…..a potential. Changing our beliefs, and we ‘match up’ with that potential reality which becomes real for us.

    In other words, if you’ve ever explored the deliberate receiving community, what these people are ultimately TRYING to say is that we are already one and the same with Essence (what some call Higher Self). WE as these limited vehicles in this particular focus cannot truly see what we truly want or need in any life. Hence the reason it serves better to align with Essence (which does involve shifting beliefs) so that we can simply allow in the reality that particular reality that serves us best.

    In other words, that reality that we either want or that reality that would serve us best in this focus is not somewhere ‘out there’. It’s already HERE. But, if we are living with beliefs about separation or fear or whatever, we cannot possibly see that reality. So, in a sense it IS about frequency or vibration, but not in the context of attracting something ‘OUT THERE’. That’s a mis understanding that many promote in the law of attraction sectors.

    Shifting our own beliefs, shifts our own internal state to ‘create’ something different.

    It’s the same way in the non physical, whether it’s OBE or NDE. These people are creating their own reality (often unconsciously) based on beliefs (vibration or frequency). But those realities they are experiencing are not something being created out of nothing. They still exist as ‘potentials’.

    1. Thank You for sharing your thoughts. The article was a simple guide for people following LOA to not get caught up in that religion. I didn’t want to expand it furthermore for a reason, avoiding religious battles. SO I left it as it is as some other similar articles. Most of the people are too simple to even understand simple fact about the Wider Reality. Some may have results but they can’t keep up that one positive side of their daily life because we need to live in balance and they don’t want to deal with the unpleasant negative side. I’ve seen hundreds of cases and investigated all. If LOA works for somebody, it won’t for others. Some also will walk into their own downward spiral of negativity after a while from their expectations. Also, I don’t tend to mention our non-physical guidance for a reason which is still giving a big weight into these life events.

  3. The truth is its about higher intelligence and it is everything and in everything. Your logic wont allow you to accept this till you experience it first hand.
    Its not a stupid law, but the reality administration, just like a developer can effect a game with code and do the impossible.
    I am leaving a comment because i am more than convinced and have seen very obvious eviedence. The ‘algorithm_administration’ can communicate with you via the different elemnts of this realm, direct you towards your desires and make it fun. Its 100% real.

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