The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 5 (FOCUS 4, the Higher Focus)

Focus 4 is a way different “place” but rather FOCUS of ATTENTION in just everything according to the first three main ones. People who are getting lost their illusionary physical like image and Focus 3 focus, can once again switch their primary focus back here. This is the place of the misunderstood so-called “higher self” state. Residents in Focus 4 are called badly as “higher self” entities or looked as gods. They are US in a bigger sense.

The Focus Model is all about that We are existing at all levels of existence at the same time. That is what people misunderstand and being confused with past life crap.

What is in Focus 4 really?

Here, everything is purely subjective and entities who are resident here could appear like a God-like figure. Well in a bigger scale, everybody is a God in their full essence. So no surprise that mainstream calls people Higher Self who are having their primary focus and life here. We already occupy this focus level too. The only difference to energy beings that we have our primary focus elsewhere in a physical system.

Here now objectivity cease to exist and we somehow could manage to get here from Focus 1 while projecting (because there is no structure or anything known), we may see everybody as a God. Their energy signature eminates so strongly, that they need to lower it to not melt you. You need to meet them many times until you can handle that high energy radiation. It is not a god-thing, you just need to understand how the wider reality works.

You see, God is non-existent, you ARE that god. It is all about perspective and a completely different stage of existence.

higher self

Focus 4 is relatively an “umbrella focus” for everything

Here, in theory, we could see how parallel lives are working out at the same time, how this whole game looks like. Too bad, that those quadrillions of spirits in our local Focus 3 system are just a waste of potential. They stuck in emotional and belief loops, suffering and keeping up with their own illusions.

Earth-type life is highly addictive and it seems, the most can’t get further than their own religion or beliefs. Maybe in a huge timescale to measure it physically.

F4 makes an umbrella for all other 3 states. Focus 3 stems from it, all of them. For example, the human F3 is containing all the probable and parallel F1 physical realities with the F2 buffer zones.

What is Focus 4 about?

We can think about it as a primary starting place for our Essence. You as a pure energy being is in boredom and try to experience just anything. We are experiencing physical lives, many many at the same time. Parallel realities are countless, I mean just endless ones. We create characters – like probes – to experience those things which we can’t in a subjective reality.

In objective physical life, there is dualism, the perception of what is it to be physical. What is it to be alone, to learn, to experience linear time frame and space, to learn to behave, create, manipulate energy, to change. Nothing is static and it serves no purpose in the NP.

Parallel and probable selves, F2 aspects:

We have other “selves” in other realities, all of them just as real as YOU. They are from your own Essence from F4! They are mistaken to think they are “past lives”… there’s no past. In parallel time? Come on…

We have countless alternative selves also, who are stemming from our own physical life according to our choices and from creating endless universes.

We have many aspects, who are simple and they are behaving very dumbly in Focus 2 and can mislead us. Being a negative entity or just anybody, they are for certain tasks and could be seen as guides too. Focus 2 in this case always fooling us. Many people just don’t have the intelligence to want to make difference or understand what they are experiencing with them.

The blueprint for lives in all levels

In my best understanding, we can see our life as a concept and experience it in Focus 4. We can become just any concept, a day, a color, a word, a musical tone, just anything. This in itself can just change anybody over a night if they could reach this state. But it is very rare. It takes practice for years mostly to even get to F2 or F3.

The blueprint here means that you can observe the actual plans for your current physical “life” as a concept. What is it about if you still didn’t figure it out by yourself. This blueprint is constantly downloading itself to Focus 2 where we use our toolbox. Meaning all levels are interconnected and changing the outcome always as the future is about probable events and possibilities.

I’m not 100% sure that this theory as F.K. explored it by his own is really accurate.

Total self-disintegration, loss of ego

When you try to fully understand this Focus level, you can experience some kind of ego-death state where you just experience your total self. Your essence, potential, whatever we call it (forget the “Higher Self” concept, it is a huge misunderstanding). You realize who you are truly. This level is a bit tricky, so not so many people could investigate this place and I guess it is for a reason. I was there for once fully consciously also, which is rare for the most.

You may encounter an energy being and you just melt in it’s energy, losing your self. You may be in a huge fear because you first think you will cease to exist and afterward realize, you were never that limited character at the first place truly. People here are just on another level of primary focus, nothing divine thing. There is no divine, only in human heads.

The communication is subjective and telepathic. It can be overwhelming.

What is beyond Focus 4?

There were lots of speculations even on the side of F.K. that maybe there is a Focus 5 or not. Maybe a vastly different state.

Robert A. Monroe also tried to travel further and he just almost killed his physical body. Because what is beyond Focus 4 is vastly different than our local system (F1-F4). The rules are not real for our world anymore, too many natural laws against your energy wires. He just took his physical body to risk because the energy link is stemming from Focus 4 to downwards.

Speculations going further and maybe nobody alive knows what is beyond. I would be interested to investigate further this interdimensional area maybe from Focus 3 after I left this world. But this in itself makes us think, maybe those Focus 4 people are only just high evolutionary Focuses as all of us have and beyond that is maybe another system. Who knows what is beyond F4 “people”, we are limited in this sense.

If the Multiverse NP is truly endless, there could be just endless Focus states and interdimensional areas which are hidden from us and maybe those have many further places. Just a speculation but it seems like if there was really no beginning then this is a complete mystery and a vast potential at the same time.

So maybe there are endless other reality types beyond but maybe not. Only those can figure this out who try to leave Focus 4 and maybe never return back. I guess who knew what could be beyond is already left this physical plane and being Focus 4 focus “people”. The famous “higher self” people.

Where is “God” in the system?

So how did we begin? We didn’t. Consciousness just exists and existed always. Time is meaningless there. Also searching for gods but some egoistic entities can show themselves like a god. The god concept is existing in human’s head only.

Do you really count the elapsed time when you play a virtual reality game from the beginning till the end? Same here. Time is part of the game in F1 systems but it is meaningless in the larger picture.

Most people could hate me but there is no God if we understand how the wider reality is made by US all. It is an Earthly concept to create somebody who gives you understanding and being an omnipotent something INSTEAD you, blaming it. Doing the work and understand how is it really working. God is a concept, we created it, we give it power.

We on a higher existence level as Focus 4 created everything. Universes, the local systems, concepts, just everything. Not some kind of imaginary big being. If you meet God in any focus states, you are fooling yourself and encountering with your own creation from your mind! It is a misinterpretation according to your expectations.

NP people are just looking at you strangely when you are chasing God figures… they are non-existent. Same for prays it won’t save you.

YOU are God. Religions are just killing off people’s potential to develop further and stuck in a box. When you choose a religion, which is to make you comfortable with something you just don’t know, you are just limiting yourself down.

Here is the link to the summary of the Focus Model.

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