Where is the non-physical world?

I was thinking about this subject because people may have this question mostly in their mind these days about the non-physical world. Thinking that heavens, hells, and other places are somewhere above or below or far away. Well, they are real if you resonate with them.

The non-physical world is an inch from you. It is right there but your perception as an entity living a physical life thinks from what you learned in this world that everything is “placed” in a certain distance and you need to travel to anywhere. Not really. But this misconception exists while people are traveling non-physically mostly in dreams.

The non-physical world – as I stated in the Focus model – is right HERE. You just don’t see other dimensions (well some people are able and you can learn it), because you need to concentrate on your primary task and live your life here and now. But rather you are blocking out other “channels”.

And because the non-physical dimensions and parallel physical worlds in number are endless, you are only at one channel at a time seemingly. It is like switching a channel on your television remote controller.


Non-physical travel and experiences

When you are dreaming, you are on another channel of your consciousness spectrum. Well, thinking that you are controlling another “body” and experiencing. When you are dead, you switch back to Focus 3 and being in the Afterlife channel. When you experience parallel lives, you are still at the same point in space and switching on another channel. Everything already exists.

That’s all, the trick here is to realize, you were never ever been IN a body, never traveled to anywhere. Not even while you have NDE or OBE’s, projections etc. Your mind is interpreting the whole experience like you are moving in space and time because that is what we learned here. To function under these strict rules… so our non-physical mind pulls out information to interpret what we expect there and make the experience comfortable to us. What makes sense for us.


Let’s say we have a spaceship to travel through in only our Universe or just in the local Solar System. There are countless other Universes and this one according to scientists is huge, which we see from cosmic radiation, billions of lightyears across. Surprise how many other civilizations are on other frequencies.

As we go further and further, it takes more and more energy with a certain technology. We are manipulating matter through matter in our physical limited understanding. Why we are partly here is to learn to manipulate our own “vehicle” and our surrounding’s energy.

ET races (non-human) are jumping in and out through dimensions because they learned to manipulate frequencies with mind control. They are not really going so far and not coming from other planets. They are just developed on a higher technological level than this race.

In the non-physical, you are using your own mind to navigate through places and you manipulate the whole energy structure to move wherever you want to. But if you like the construct of flying, you can fly. If you like to go through walls, you can. If you think about a certain person, you can meet it. It depends on your beliefs and local rules.

If we would like to make a comparison to the TV channel analogy, our physical dimension is one millimeter on the scale if the scale is endless. You are not traveling anywhere, you are switching your primary focus or your attention to another Focus state. When you watch a movie, you are still on another channel because you are not really paying attention elsewhere.

So where is the non-physical world? Right here on a different reality level.

Edited on 3rd of april in 2018.

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