Who are You in the Wider Reality?

Who are You in the Wider Reality? You experience a facade from birth as your own body, identity and many more. This is our reality. It seems to be real and it is to a certain degree. We are focusing our primary attention into this world. But what about “beyond”?

The problem with our indoctrination and thinking we are our character

People tend to think that they are that character and identifying themselves with that given body eventually.

Surprise when they arrive at the “Afterlife”, they will stay the same mostly. And those few who realized that they are not even human or male/female can easily step forward. Where? To the Wider Reality and develop further because there are relatively no limits.

We can just imagine the limits but our thinking is highly restricted with our perception right now.

The social conditioning is very extended when it breaks down to conditioning types. It can come from our parents, the media, other people who also believe in the same false assumptions and parts of this system. Religions are the worst (some of them had the core element). Everybody is free to believe in something, don’t misunderstand me but it leads you nowhere.

So we are just constantly brainwashed from birth and most of us are just stuck forever in hard beliefs about who we are really. Just nothing comes close to the real fact. But the fact is, that the most don’t want to know a thing. This path of self-realization is not for everybody for a reason.

Everybody is a non-physical, timeless, ageless, genderless, pure energy being using a character in physical life

You are originally an energy being, who splits into individual units and experiencing life. The aim is learning to grow, playing, learning certain values, experiencing duality (many purposes). Also, there is the illusion of time and space, physicality and many more. There are many what we can learn in limited systems like this physical Universe.

The Wider Reality means that all physical Universes or realities are stemming out from this vast and endless system. There are no real limits according to our world. We are living in a constructed dimension, an end result of us.

So, you just don’t want to stay forever in the non-physical if you really want to gain something. You NEED to experience the physical dumb training ground, which could be hard. And the joke… It is said that most of the non-human entities were never even physical. I met with many on my earlier journeys too. They had no idea what is the physical linear time for example. I was amazed that I was the one, teaching them about physical things. They look human-like according to my interpretation.

We are planning a game for us to jump into a certain world in a given timeline. From initial circumstances with given surroundings and family, we just build up our new personality for the sake of the game. There is a learning curve and experiencing physical life, which is important to make value about what is it like to be non-physical. Interesting huh? The nature and reality of this game.

You are gaining a better, more valuable insight into what it feels to be physical and non-physical at the same time. But you need to first enter and try it out to know that. We can experience both while we are in physical life. I’m still not sure how NP people are experiencing looking into physical worlds but not the way we are thinking.


Your knowledge is a benefit for all in the NP after you finish a lifetime

What we learn, experience, achieve, how we played will be added. I agree with this that we will add that information package to benefit others in the non-physical. I like to help people here in the physical also (not always here lol).

Remember, you came from the NP and not the other way. That is why physical life is important. You will appreciate it when you realized the value of your experiences here. The whys, hows etc. Don’t wait till you die and realize what did you lose. To experience another reality frame, there are mind tools also.

If you’ve suffered through your life, you gain knowledge about how not to do it. Not everybody learns and if you could manage to know yourself better and have fun, you also gain knowledge. About how to do it right, plus realizing your true inner self. It takes effort and dedication. Actually, a very few people step onto this path.

Don’t underestimate what your life is all about. And don’t be self-judgemental if you couldn’t change your life on the way what you wanted to. Maybe you deeply didn’t need that change or you still lack the skill. You may never know while you are here… but never give up! Don’t look into predestination, it is not really existing in a religious sense.

You are not just ONE person, it only feels that way being here

Now, this issue is very mind-twisting and I needed some months to digest it while I was gathering evidence and tried to understand the basics. Robert A. Monroe told this issue in his later vids, which I could find on Youtube from 1994. before his death. Later other people could reinforce this theory as truth. Here you can find the 9 vids in numbers.

It could be that schizophrenic people are not so “mentally ill” if they experience other personalities. Even their own fears.

Now I don’t give so much value to channeled stuff but there is some truth behind the distorted stories. We need to seriously investigate them if we need the truth, belief is not truth! Monroe was misled by his own beliefs many times so don’t take his words seriously. He was a pioneer but he was wrong in many ways. Well, somebody should make mistakes of course.

The issue is this. Everybody is composed of different personalities. I will later try to discuss this further because it could be life-changing. But people with more personalities are very normal and everybody using them according to their life situations, emotions, and addictions. It is automatic using your selves. We are using our other, existing parallel selves and their personality because we are interconnected with our other versions.

How you are composed in reality

You are composed of various aspects of your whole being. This gives you an identity and YOU are deciding which ones do you want to use from birth. You may be sometimes happy, sometimes laughing at movies, sometimes mad at certain people. Other times you enjoy playing games and other times enjoy pop music. You are a teacher like and other times an investigator type.

That is all YOU, and just don’t realize ever that you are switching over certain personalities. You are made up of them, according to the given circumstances and situations. This is one reason why we can’t know the other person for sure ever.

That could be why we all maybe find bad persons relatively good deep inside and it is a mistake. I have this tendency too and getting lost that bad person is very hard in this case… Let go of them.


This whole personified unit thing which is You or Me is also an illusion for the sake of enjoying the physical game and experiencing loneliness as one unit. Detached from the big interconnected net of consciousnesses in Focus 3 and Focus 4, from where we came from.

You are like a flashlight focusing intensely on a target. You have the ability to explore yourself from this perspective.

It is for the game to know what is it like you are closed out from the network seemingly but you are still connected in the background! The separation is just a mental barrier.

So who you are? Only you may know. Look deep inside and observe your likes/dislikes, your characteristics, attitudes towards people and life situations, your talents, your life purpose which you feel is “that” purpose here and now. You can investigate through advanced and controlled non-physical travels, OBEs, “Lucid Dreams”. That is all you. The actual personal reality. These practices are opening up those gates.

But don’t make the false assumption that this character is you in a wider sense. Billions do that and don’t escape from themselves after death, being stuck in the Afterlife in Belief System Territories. You have the main core, sure. But your primary focus is here right now in your waking awareness. Consciousness does not occupy space, nor time!

Edited on 27th of March in 2019.

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