The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 3 (FOCUS 2, the VOID, 3D Blackness)

To go further in the Focus Model, here comes Focus 2 state of consciousness. Maybe we can label it as Dreamland. I divided it up to make more clear the Real Time Zone also here. Don’t take the whole model so strictly, it is just a pointer for understanding the system.

This part is a little bit tricky and amazing at the same time. Because this mind “area” is for function in the physical world. Mystics and mainstream media call it the “subconscious” but I have serious doubts that this belief construct is real. If we use accurate labels it is The Void, 3D blackness and Dreamland. Those are still labels from mediums and mystics after misunderstanding the mechanics. Also, the Transition Zone back to Focus 3 is here.

Focus 2 is the bridge between the physical and the Afterlife – partly

Ok, in reality, there is no AFTER life because we are just existing in every level already and that’s what the model is about. We just have a primary intensive focus here and now. After death, we switch our primary focus to the non-physical world.

Focus 2 is a programmable mind area so to speak. Each of us has a unique one which is only individual. Like in a Server terminal where you have individual memory storage.

We, on a larger scale constructed this “place” to use it for creating and creative work in the physical, Focus 1. It functions as a buffer zone in any meanings like our memories, the energy comes from here to the physical. We can say, it is a barrier between F1 and F3.

The Dreamland

This state contains the famous 3D Blackness where instant thought becomes reality and it is also the so-called Void. The Void connects eventually this focus level with the entrance to the Focus 3, where “people” continue to live their lives after they did the exit as we know by “death”. So eventually it leads you to the “Transition Zone” and to Focus 3.

And mostly, the vast majority are dreaming “here” at this level of their mind’s. Not a place really but another channel of their existence. It has individual areas but other entities can interact with you. You can smoothly change realities also to Focus 3. That is why some people like me can walk in existing other worlds.

Practiced people could enter this mind state from meditation and can experience the endless 3D blackness, which is already a non-physical world so to speak. And they can create many many thought forms also with or without intention.

When we “die” in Focus 1, we gather what we saved on this Focus level and bringing back to Focus 3. Because this is what we are all, what we thought, created, beliefs, likes and dislikes etc. This is very dangerous also… if you were a certain person here in F1, you won’t change suddenly when you returned there. Quadrillions are slaves of their own beliefs and emotions without control or want to change.

Focus 2 is called “subconscious”

It made me struggle and still have doubts about the validity of an existing subconscious concept. It is told people since I guess thousands of years that you have that unconscious mind which is running in the background. And if you have life problems, you must blame that and change your thoughts. I’m not 100% sure that anybody is right about it.

The fact that regressionist could talk with people’s subconscious in hypnosis, proves that you have serious belief constructs which could speak as an individual through you! Not the other way. So some of them could become a personified self-fulfilling character.

Channeling people are talking with their own Focus 2 mind, they unconsciously created certain personal aspects which do your work instead of you. That is a fact. If they are talking to real entities, they also tend to distort a big package of telepathic information according to their limited translation. You can’t interpret a big mind message in a condensed form just so easily.

Focus 2 mind state is our manifesting area of our consciousness continuum

Note that this is not proven by me and it isn’t a strict rule or law. But it can be true for many people.

When we live our life here, we are manifesting everything from an unknown “place”. Things and concepts are not appearing up suddenly from anywhere without any cause in the physical. They need to solidify from thought energy.

We are living our life as a simulation and everything sooner or later matched up with our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts which we just spam out every day. But it doesn’t really work in this simple way, the non-physical does the job.

If you want to change your life, you need to first observe your beliefs about a certain life situation or problem and change it to a positive one. You can experiment with a certain mix of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and visual input daily until you see some effects forming up in your daily life. In short, if you can’t imagine it, you can’t experience it. People don’t get this.

Every physical object, concept, structure, even belief constructs are stemming from the non-physical. In this case from Focus 2 mind state. Not the other way. That’s why the physical is an end result. The energy is building up, taking form until it is created on this side.

We can do it in Dreamland also but it takes effort and practice to do it consciously. Some people can do it.


We are mostly dreaming in Focus 2, it is the Dreamland

So basically you are still in your own mind in a different perspective in a different “dimension” and your physical body is on automatic sleep, on autopilot. You are not in your head and never been. This in itself proves that consciousness continues to exist elsewhere, it is eternal and pure energy. The whole Focus Model says we are already on many levels.

I should mention the Void and the 3D blackness here but they are just part of this mind state, nothing interesting, parts of the structure. If you manage to project your mind into Focus 2, you can experience them.

Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs (mostly beliefs) which can be a pain

Suprise, they are “stored” in F2. If you have those, they are very real and make you up as a person. You can change them if you want to. They will create your physical reality and experiences, many times. Some people experience some in maybe some minutes but many changed beliefs maybe having effect after weeks and months.

It is said but I can’t prove it even to myself and both sides are killing each other with do you block yourself or not. If you repeat self-suggestions about a continuous life situation, you are keeping it solid on the other hand.

The future is probable

Ok, the future is also manifested here. There is NO FUTURE. It is a concept which we made up to understand linear time in Focus 1. In the non-physical, there is no time also so entities there only see probabilities and experiencing constant eternal NOW. Selecting and planning physical world life is also selecting an actual starting point in that actual physical world’s timeline. Well if you don’t understand this, look at it as an ongoing simulation in a given timeline.

Even in Dreamland, while experiencing probable events in the near future is possible. But many times it can’t happen because it is just a probable outcome.

Future is made up purely of probabilities. Future IS a probability and you are creating it by your thoughts, choices. It is never set in stone. Understanding this you may understand manifesting too and that how people could hang up on the concept of “future is set in stone” BS.

It could be, manifestation is a new age thing again but we are always doing it throughout our life. After leaving Focus 2 or after our physical death here in F1, we change primary focus and “return” to the non-physical to Focus 3.

Update on 6th february 2018:

I wanted to make sure that I add this into the whole picture to not confuse anybody: the whole Focus Model is one thing but keep it in mind that this is a relatively mechanical representation of how the whole system works from any perspective.

Those Focus States are mind attention channels. Focus 2 could be a little bit confusing after you see how it works, especially using it as we are living in the physical world. Instead of grabbing the working side, try to observe your beliefs and change them to get results.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

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