The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 2 (“Real Time Zone”)

Going further in the Focus Model, I need to discuss a very interesting aspect of our Wider Reality. Here comes in the “Real Time Zone”(RTZ) which is only a label and had a wide variety of explanations about what it is.

Here is my take on from various reliable sources, people and my own experiences observing what it is. Beliefs about it are meaningless against personal experiences.

The Real Time Zone or RTZ is widely discussed in various spiritual forums and those what are about non-physical experiences. Many people had experiences which they labeled as RTZ projection or just gaining enough awareness that they seemingly woke up physically.

It is called False Awakening and people find themselves in the RTZ in their room or house mostly which is a copy. But don’t forget in the end that this “zone” is nothing more than a misinterpretation of your mind according to objective thinking and expectations.

But here, don’t mix the RTZ experience with FA’s. They can be similar but eventually not the same phenomenon always. The Real Time Zone is a buffer zone beyond the physical world towards the NP.

What is the Real Time Zone?

The Real Time Zone is simply an extension of the actual Physical World.

RTZ is the buffer zone closest to the physical, Focus 1.  If I take it one step closer, it is leading you to other Focus levels. When you are successful in achieving an OBE or a RTZ projection with your mind, you may see your body which is not really there. You may experience your room but many kinds of stuff are different. The door is on the wrong side or some objects are just at the wrong place where it supposed to be in F1. And it is brighter, maybe the sun is shining outside while there was night already.

It is an illusion from your interpretation or a test for your training. The Wider Reality checks you and your development. On the other hand, the RTZ is something like the physical world (here, ours) and it is an extension where you can still interact with the physical world. I guess stuck entities can fool people from this dimension but it is safe. You can mess yourself up with your own thoughts and what others are creating close to the physical. it is like a bleed-through thing and if you experiment here, you can take effects on the physical world.

So basically the Real Time Zone is just the closest layer. Your expectations are playing a big role here, according to your physical surroundings. Also other people’s mind and interaction. You are no longer in the physical world but people still think they are near their body. The two worlds are intertwined as well as the non-physical world with the physical.

How does it work in mechanics?

Let’s say you are in your room, which feels real, some objects are not at the place where “they supposed to be”. Now forget that BS load that you are observing your actual physical surroundings. Because what happens is your mind has this very huge power to simulate your room even until the smallest details like your phone’s screen too. What you experience is a simulation according to your expectations. If not, then a test made for you “externally”.

Some people see their body, they expect to see it (fear to die or what has happened). Other religious and fear-based conceptions are to see the famous “silver cord”, which is like mystics didn’t have the fantasy. These are there because you expect to see them as negative entities. They are from your own fears mostly or from another test’s sake.

Your own thoughts in your non-physical mind causing all kinds of so-called “reality fluctuations”. Not just in your room, you could walk on your neighboring street and it could be 100% accurate according to your Focus 1 street. Fluctuations in all Focus States coming from your mind’s poor control behind the scenes and changing the surroundings. You are in a thought responsive world.

Overlays and fluctuations

So what happens when you see fluctuations is, that you experience reality overlays. You may open your door and you just step into your Focus’ 2 mind. Here all kinds of emotional releases, feelings, uncontrolled thoughts may cause you troubles.

You may have a friend entering from Focus 3 through a certain door which is a symbol for “door” to other worlds. You may experience overlay from Focus 4, where pure energy beings or light spheres are residing. Our main focus could be also there if we are not experiencing right now in Focus 1, the physical.

In my opinion and after my experiences, the mind is causing fluctuations and overlays, when we tend to think or release emotions in every way. We can just step on our entrance door and when it opens up, we can be in Focus 3 already. That is why entering to other Focus levels are not like a big magic or effect like in movies.

I had many experiences like this and was amazed by the mechanics. That’s why when people normally dream, just don’t realize that they are constantly jumping in and out of NP scenes according to their expectations.

But don’t forget, you can experience celestial bodies in space too in the Real Time Zone. But navigating is very difficult there, according to the accelerated speed from thoughts. After a while it starts to wear off, it is boring and you just can’t gain any knowledge by flying and similar.

OBE’s and the Real Time Zone experience

When people originally start to learn about projection and learn about all the BS which are around the web, just every belief systems which people are sharing, they try to force a so-called “out of body” projection. Meaning they think they should leave their physical body to achieve it. Forcing every technic which is found and told, trying to “jump” or “push” themselves “out”. When they are successful after a long while, it is confusing. Why could they leave a body? Perception.

I tried to understand this for almost 2 years because I couldn’t achieve it but could travel to the NP in other ways. So what’s happening with people who are learning it the first time is they successfully implement beliefs about this whole act. They are achieving it by combining imagination, feelings, thoughts, and affirmations.

Using up Focus 2 for our purposes

What happens, they are programming their Focus 2 mind. Here all the belief systems, thoughts, emotions, memories are stored and they are successful because they made themselves think they are doing it. They just don’t realize it. Even the biggest authors of the past though, they are leaving their bodies and sharing these “facts”.

They may know how the wider reality works but they fail to realize that they have another belief about their own experiences. It is their own interpretation.

We are achieving anything by Focus 2 mind programming. The mainstream calls “subconscious” but it is misleading. You experience your own belief constructs and OBE’s are the same in mechanics. We just have a layer of mind space for this purpose.

You are never “out” of the body. You’ve never been inside a body! The focus of your consciousness is using a primary focus which is Focus 1 right now, here. If you don’t understand the difference, try to watch closely when you are “dreaming”. You are in a different environment, other than your physical body. This is called Lucid Dreaming but the label is misleading again. How could it be if you are “IN” your physical body, huh? You see.

Of course, after you wake up without previously trained awareness, you just wash off your dreams and don’t pay attention to how real are they when you are actually “there”. This is just a bad habit of thinking after waking up that it was not real. But while you were there previously IT WAS! It seemed physical.


OBE is a belief construct and the Real Time Zone is a training ground.

But people are just trying to copy Monroe’s experiences the same way. What happens is, you are seemingly leaving the physical body. Because that is what you believe, feel and see. Your whole perspective reinforces you that your belief is true. You just float above, leave through the head, maybe through the third eye’s place. Maybe you stand next to your body being confused but you are now in a different “dimension” already. Surprise how religions are formed and nonsense beliefs. Negative and demonic entities also.

So the Real Time Zone is the closest buffer NP focus world, which is really mixed with partly the physical world’s elements and with various Focus states. An extension of the physical. You can achieve OBE’s but don’t forget that it is a belief construct again and seems real. Well, it is real for you.

There is another concept called “phasing” which proves finally that you are never leaving anything. There is rarely any movement and it just causes your mind to detach from the physical focus and switch on to other “channels”. You don’t have the fear that your body could be harmed lol.

Phasing is using up the Focus Model here and just another label for traveling with your mind between realities.

Edited on 16th of june in 2018.

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