The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 1 (FOCUS 1 – The Physical World)

This post will be about the physical world for first from the series. Our physical reality frame is NOT the only one, despite the fact that most of humanity from materialism and believing what is told to them still thinks that we are the center of the Universe. Also, humanity thinks we are a body, we are not going anywhere and our thinking restricted to this world only with our ego issues.

You need to first accept this and you can test it. There are countless physical realities (or Universes) like ours, some are similar, some are way different. We made these systems on Focus 4 level to experience limits and learn from these experiences and perspectives of being limited. Furthermore, to understand all the F1-F4 states, we are already on these levels in different constructs, also we are our own god. People just don’t learn about this because religions are telling the most what to believe and keep them in fear. But I have no intention to hurt anybody or discuss religion.

Here it is the most accurate (to date) Focus model of all time from a wise man, whom I don’t want to fully describe and give his whole name. He is F.K., one of the most knowledgeable men on this planet. Who spent many many years to explore and investigate Robert Monroe’s model’s accurateness.

Well, his model is just better with this presentation. He passed away since a while with a great chance but this model is not about accepting and following everything. Just use your common sense and explore the Wider Reality in your own means. Don’t follow it strictly. The non-physical world is subjective. You can learn enough in your current lifetime to avoid the pitfalls of addictive physical life after you returned back there.

Simplifying the old Monroe model

F.K. is made our job as NP explorer far more easier and I’m using up his model in my life. I repeat it, don’t try to exactly replicate it. This is a pointer, a foundation to build on. Also, I would like to share here, to make it straight how our Wider Reality works in the non-physical. To be straight, our physical reality is part of it, a subset, not so different. So, don’t take the model as a strict end-all thing.

I will try my best to make it clear and tell what I know about this and what I learned also. Be aware this knowledge is vast and can’t share all.

If you are a believer, maybe you should stop here. But if you are enough okay to change your thinking, you may change internally after understanding the model. My intention is to open up your eyes.

Be prepared that maybe you should run through a few times to understand the basics of how our reality works. Besides starting with the physical world, it is about our mind as a non-physical pure consciousness operates and experiences through Focuses of consciousness. You are a non-physical entity who uses a primary attention, thinking it is in a body. Because you are not. And I start with our physical world to build up this whole stuff towards our source.

The Consciousness Continuum

Everybody in their deep core is a point of pure consciousness and consciousness needs to experience.  I had once a brief talk with one of my other focuses in the non-physical. He is a parallel self, another version of me. A man who told me that nothing is static and consciousness needs to experience. I can agree with this.

We have a consciousness continuum or scale to use it. We are using a tiny fraction from it. You can use the example of a flashlight instead of an endless spectrum. You project a fraction of yourself into a physical reality.

Everybody on this planet chose to come here and do whatever he/she wanted to. Many times it is a hard thing and suffering in the end, not achieving the original goal. Maybe we just need to define a goal if we don’t have. Many people seemingly fail in life. They continue doing their thing in Focus 3 what other’s call Afterlife. We are free to do it, to ruin our life.

The Focus Model tells you exactly that you don’t cease to exist not just when you fall asleep or have any kind of altered state in your mind. After death, we just continue to exist in a less vibrationally dense environment there. You carry your crap there and you are not guarded by a body anymore with a time delay after your mindset and actions.

Consciousness can’t die and it was always existing, as everybody on a deep level. Deep means non-physical, the source. As I spoke about it already, time and space is an illusion and there is no real beginning nor end. Time is ONLY part of the physical reality constraint setup. Not even after living in a physical world. “People” just continue existing in the Afterlife in vast amounts and dimensions of cities, regions etc.

This is a game of entries and exits to become more advanced. This what physical life is about.

The effect of not releasing your emotional baggage after the transition

The main problem comes when people are believing anything and carrying their crap there.  Because it is an almost instant thought responsive “environment”, you will be at a place or circumstance, which still resonates with you. This is true too on serial killers and every emotionally damage persons and both on religious people. I’m talking about anybody else, starting with normal people who never learned a useful thing about this or cancer sufferers with their cause of emotional baggage.

They will gravitate towards every kind of heavens and hells until they just stop believing in an illusion and they can grow and learn further. If not a believer, then it doesn’t matter, your mindset and the emotional charge will do the job. I’m talking about facts, you can test and prove it.

Post-humans are just bored about their beliefs later and let helpers (guides) to help them take the next step. Same for people with various deaths and accidents. They need to stop concentrating on their illusionary problems.

physical world

Focus 1 – The Physical World, our world here on Planet Earth, right now

It is our main stage because our primary focus is here and now, on this planet and in this actual life. We came here for a reason, most of us can’t really figure out why are they here. We did NOT appear from just out of anywhere, it is part of the game. If you would remember who you are, you would instantly ruin your physical experience.

You need to understand that physical Universes are end-results of consciousness. We made it, we play it. It doesn’t seem to be a happy game because this civilization is a control system.

If you look back on your life and what was it mainly about, you may find out your true aim. You don’t need to always find a big answer about this. Maybe you are here just to experience. Or for the joy of your consciousness’s expansion. Other’s are here to just be a big somebody or learn certain things. It is up to you. The most are still learning the basics about themselves and how to behave.

Focus 1 is our main intensive focus in the physical world and the illusion seems to be so real. Most of the humans here just can’t imagine there is anything else beyond this little world. These physical realities are stemming out as subparts of the bigger setup. They are immeasurably intertwined, just like the Focus states.

We made every “little” physical worlds to learn, grow, experience, play, enjoy what we could. We built the Universes, the Focus structures, we built galaxies, solar systems etc. There is no limit in the bigger scale. Our physical world or Universe here, this one is only just one with certain rulesets and characteristics from the many.

Most of our world have no capacity to understand this. We are not there yet. But a big expansion in awakening started to happen since a while.

physical world

Being You, here

We come here and we have a certain time interval to do our thing. Some people don’t survive their childhood and die in certain “diseases” and most of us are living up decades. And some people are living until their 80-100’s.

Now, I need to make it clear, NOBODY is like YOU! You are unique and don’t ever try to look at yourself as a match with others. Yeah hard to do but we can try it. You have your inner characteristics from which you choose throughout your life. Becoming a certain person along with your choices, likes and dislikes. Every choice is up to you, nobody forces you. But we also have life tests to deal with, same in our dreams.

Well, I admit our families and certain given life situations do force us to do whatever we don’t want to. We suffer from family members, life situations, idiot people, bad habits too. We have the power to imagine our life differently and act on getting out from misery. But blaming is always there, most people’s best weapon, instead of making changes deep inside. Our problem is that we are so addicted to physical realities that we tend to search for everything from the outside world.

How it begins and goes in a physical world

We start the physical life from initial given circumstances and we just start the game like a Sims game simulation. Our life is very similar. The future is never ever set in stone, no matter people try to tell this themselves and others. This is free will, You are free to choose. Our free will, on the other hand, is not so free, seeing how we need to fit into this world and accept the rules.

The physical time is there because you are mostly in situations and habits from which you chose badly. And you chose maybe for years until you finally chose well and the test is over. You are here to learn to stay yourself, grow up on every level also. Keep your emotions in check and play your part in your game the best you can. You don’t need to search for huge world changing things to understand yourself in my opinion. What game? Yours. Enjoy it. We should take it as a game. Hard to do many times but we can try it.

I was asking myself for decades why the heck am I here and now, and every answer is truly inside of you. You should search for your habits, likes, your enjoyment in certain things. Don’t expect to know everything at once, it takes decades to unfold. Look at your abilities, interests and you may find your answer. Everybody is storing enough informations from the NP on Focus 2 level to know what to do or have given informations from the “other side” to bare with certain problems. Habits are not necessarily things you born here to solve but they may be the case. They must be also badly programmed behaviors in many cases.

Focus 1, the Physical World is an end-result!

People tend to think there is nothing more than the physical world. Waiting for science and religion to give them answers which are nothing really. Science is just scratching an illusionary surface but they have good insights many times in core. Some of them. In general, they look into the opposite way of the solution and trying to measure consciousness in a body. Like you try to catch the driver under the car’s hood, that is very similar.

But the truth is, which I guess hundreds and thousands of NP explorers could prove that the physical world is a tiny little fraction of the Wider Reality and everything comes from the non-physical world.

Meaning every building, object, music song, belief construct ever dreamt up is coming from there and always came. In the physical world, everything is made up from energy and quantum mechanics could prove it already in a certain way. Focus 1 is an end-result and consciousness does the creation.

Every manifestations here come from your intent, beliefs, and thoughts, which you constantly build for days, weeks, years. Here we take many times the physical action, with our body and NP mind. We are manipulating matter through matter. But it is not so easy and takes time and effort.

Your physical body and appearance

They are both for a certain purpose for which you chose it. The physical body is for a certain projection of your inner being. It is an end result, your inner picture about yourself in this life. No surprise why people try everything in diet and don’t change. Because the mental image is the same. Many are obsessed and addicted to their body, mentioning endless sex and body-building too.

This body is made mostly on genetics in the given family (you chose the family and maybe the body type too). It is for doing your job here and now. You have physical attributes and abilities and certain things are just seemingly impossible for you. Until you believe that you can be a body builder or maybe much more in other interests and nothing is static. The DNA is projecting out the physical body and appearance and you can modify it.

But with certain rulesets. You can’t be for example 3 meters high mostly, but you can gain some centimeters growth if you really want it in certain conditions. But of course, you can’t grow back a lost body part. I guess you get it.

Most people are indentifying themselves with their physical body and no surprise again how many people are damaging their skin tissue with solarium, damaging their teeth with unnecessary dental surgeries to look “better”. Showing yourself somebody who you are not and declining yourself non-physically completely.

Besides talking about our biological vehicle, life is not so easy these decades. Never were in this civilization. But we can change our life for the better. There is plenty of food, clean water, don’t hung up on fake news and brainwash.

We tend to blame big dark powers controlling us, but who cares? Can you change it? We can blame always the outside world or find our way out. The outside world is like that because people’s low level of consciousness does the job.

Nobody will interfere with the happenings. It is up to people globally. If people continue to give power to money, economy crashes, dictators, big companies to poison people, this will be like this forever I guess. And this never changed since 100.000s years, looking back on the Sumerian era.

Reality becomes real where thought energy flows

We hurt animals, thinking that those ones don’t have that kind of “huge” consciousness as we have. Animals and plants also have consciousness but they are not caught up by their egos and doing simpler tasks here for lesser-bigger time periods. Remember if you hurt an animal, you hurt yourself because we are interconnected non-physically. Same source, different tasks with a limited physical vehicle. This could go on and on until your head starts to hurt. I edited back the whole article a few times.

So mainly Focus 1 is only for the game in these physical worlds. It is seemingly real, solid and you can’t escape. Well, you would be surprised, how MUCH real the non-physical is. I’ve experienced it many many times, I assure you, this is just an illusion. Our physical body is configured to interpret it automatically in normal cases and we got used to it.

If you try to learn how to project, phase, have an OBE (which is a belief construct again), you are relatively switching your focus to another mind-.reality. The Focus Model explains it well, I will try my best.

Edited on 27th of March in 2019.

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