Schizophrenic people

Wow, this word “schizophrenic” is language breaker really : ) Ok so here is a quick look on those “schizophrenic” people, hearing voices and seeing people and stuff. Btw which are not in our local physical reality, in this dimension.

Scientists, doctors, and mainstream are calling them mentally ill and trying to quarantine them to isolated places, facilities, institutes to push medicine in them and keeping them away from “normal” people. These people instead of this method could use up a better help if somebody could understand their issue better. They have no serious problems, just can’t get used to this connection to the non-physical world.

What to do with this phenomenon?

They are nothing serious in my opinion (ok it could be scary and disturbing). Just experiencing reality overlays, more than this one at the same time and they just don’t know what is it, why they are seeing and hearing things etc. It could be hell.

What happens is, if you are caught and a doctor or specialist seen you, chances are not good. People are just living this life for decades in these places and that is all for them. Slowly damaging their personality with useless drugs.

Once an old friend was in an institute like this type and met people on the main corridor and experienced screams and insane attitude. While he talked about his experiences with this and made fun of it, he was there for his girlfriend. She’s got a nervous breakdown from teaching kids and she was just carried away there to keep her on pills. Now she is perfectly normal, she managed with him to get back normal.

I said for the first time of her problem when it began to my pal, that she is inside herself deeply and needs to get back to normal earth life after she could solve her mental problem. I had the insight that it is the best way.


The actual world out there

The main thing is that normal people are also on the pressure to keep up in normal life too. So those people mostly couldn’t handle the hardness of life with this issue. Back on that issue both of us agreed on the fact that those people are intelligent and relatively normal. Just… the society doesn’t accept them and label them. Because they are there stuck, they just degrade down mentally further. They won’t get real help from somebody who is self-educated in any non-physical phenomenon.

What they are experiencing is reality overlays and it could be varied. And plus some mental abilities. You could see your “subconscious” fears in real time in various forms and characters as in dreams. Or you are experiencing real entities, uhm “people” from Focus 3 (Afterlife), who are communicating with you. You see them, hear them BUT don’t know what or who are they. Also, there are earth-bound post-humans on lower “planes” stuck.

Many people like them are just mentally ill but can’t really control what they are experiencing. Their connection with the non-physical is other than “normal” boring people in physical life. Furthermore, they can hear persons who are only their own aspects of wider self. Pretty scary if somebody doesn’t know anything.

Some people they hear a non-existing God thing, others are hearing “dead” relatives, and others are just thought forms. Now, in reality, you may hear some of your aspects from the same essence. Non-physical helpers from the NP or there could be some other cases but very similar.

What to do eventually?

If you are normal and hearing somebody and IT helps, then, in this case, trust the voice. If it is not helping, well you can close that out from your life, manifesting to stop disturbing you. Maybe in this rare case mystics could help.

But this issue alone proves that there is much more beyond the physical world. Fear is always telling us, that we don’t know a thing about a certain issue.

Edited on 3rd of april in 2018.

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