What is Future in the Wider Reality?

This article is made to help Readers to understand the future concept. I already wrote about time in one of my first posts here. But if I try to divide the three timelines, well the future (also the near future) is a nice one and people just can’t really understand it. They think they do.

I admit it took for a while for me too, to understand how the illusional physical linear time works according to the non-physical mechanics. There time and space are non-existent. Future also just probable. These are concepts until you enter physical realities with limitations to try out physical life. You need to experience them first-hand to get the idea. Right now, as a human being.

Future is something which never happens, it is theoretical. Future is purely made up from probable realities. As you go along your pathline with choices, the Wider Reality is giving you opportunities and realities according to your path. So relatively you are jumping in and out of different endless dimensions in the physical world of illusion. You are not the same person who was one week or a year ago. So nothing is set in stone but certain stuff needs to take place.

Future in the shorter term is more accurate than in longer term

Predictions on the future are always misleading people whatever is the source. Nobody can guess the longer term, not even non-physical entities. As the timescale is bigger, the probable future is less accurate with big loads of variables on the events. Look at it as a big, unfolding game in all physical realities but we only notice our present moment.

In short term, a prediction could be very accurate and many people with precognition skills experienced that. Talented people can predict probable futures for others because they can tap into their information field and see the actual probable outcome. Some may have precognitive dreams. But you can always modify your future path.


But eventually, nothing is set in stone and forget that. People are always telling that your life and future is predestined (religious people), who just don’t know a thing about the nature of the Wider Reality. And at the same time, they forgot that their choices made their life.

The time and space illusion is a necessary distortion in physical Universes, like ours. We need to agree on it upon birth and experience it. We have time to experience with limits. Space is also like that because it takes a chain of events or time to get from point “A” to point “B”. Same about aging. All are needed.

So we truly live in the now. All the mental garbage, fears and worries are trying to attach us to the future and the past. It takes the effort to detach from these and stay ourselves. The past is stored (memories) and the future is unfolding.

So what’s about depending on the future?

You are in your past and in your future at the same time and it is up to you, what “future” do you creating your thoughts beliefs and choices. That’s all. Future will never happen lol. I know it is hard to understand.

If you have a certain attitude with characteristics, thoughts, beliefs, your future is going along these attributes. If you are manifested a big disease for yourself like cancer, you will be surely “dead” (return to the NP) sooner than a healthier person. Time allows us to learn from our experiences.

The Future is yours, play with it and don’t get attached. Near future is a probable outcome of your choices, decisions and chosen life path. Some talented people with ESP abilities can tap into this. And stop focusing on the worst cases throughout the World, just stop giving negative emotion to something which don’t want. Those bad effects in the world are real but you don’t need to dive into it. Focus on what you want and it will unfold.

Edited on 26th March of 2019.

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