What is Future in the wider reality?

I wrote about time in one of my first posts but if I try to divide the three timelines, well the future but especially the near future is a nice one and people just can’t really understand it. I admit it took time for me too, to understand how the illusional physical linear time works according to the non-physical, where time and space is not existing.

Future will never be and never was. Future is purely made of probable realities and as you go along your pathline and choose and choose, the future is giving you opportunities and realities according to your path, so relatively you are jumping in and out of different endless dimensions in the physical world illusion. You are not the same person who were one week or a year ago.

Nothing is set in stone and forget that. People are always telling that your life and future is predestined, who just don’t know a thing about the wider reality and at the same time they forgot that their choices made their life. You may have primary missions here and now, but you can always change the plan.

Future is only a label from this civilisation, nothing more. You are in the Eternal Now as in the non-physical, and because “time” is seemingly passing by with events and daytimes, seasons, aging, you think your are going towards the future. Just a label, an illusion.
Humans tend to give labels and objectify just everything. In the non-physical subjective reality there is no past and future, only Now. We objectify everything from birth because that is what our dumb parents did well, and their parents also. It is a self-defensive mechanism, which is needed according to understand this limited box reality.

You are in your past and in your future at the same time and it is up to you, what “future” do you creating along your thoughts beliefs and choices. That’s all.
If you have a certain attitude with characteristics, thoughts, beliefs, your future is going along these attributes. If you are manifested a big disease for yourself like cancer, you will be surely “dead” (return to the NP) sooner than a healthier person, who will maybe survive for more decades. Maybe a person in deadly disease unconsciously chose to exit sooner (you may never know for sure). It was only your choise and you can’t blame others, I’m sorry. Mental illness is another story. It is easier to blame genoms and food than look inside and solve internal problems.

The Future is yours, play with it. Near future is a probable outcome of your choices, decisions and chosen life path. Manifesting is like that. And stop focusing on the worst cases throughout the World, just stop giving negative emotion to something which is not your reality. Those bad effects in the world are real but you don’t need to dive into it.

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