How to Manifest Petting a Cat!

Well, I thought it is time for some fun here and what would it be for other people to manifest like this. It surely works. The trick is to believe that it will happen, nothing magical really. If it is not a belief, then using your imagination. Choose which one does that.

Here is a simple experiment for catching a cat and pet her/him. This is only meant for a little experiment to see, your thoughts are building your “future” and practice it. Forget LOA and other BS, this is the way. Beliefs.

I made a fun experiment with this almost a week ago and before that, I had successes also. But I didn’t know what caused it. Manifesting will be a bigger topic which I share later but it builds up from a few things. Just use your imagination.

The “how to”:

So here it is. If you like cats, they are outside and you can meet some so your chances are good. Especially in a suburban area. For manifest anything like a cat, try to think about you are in that moment, right now. Meeting a nice cat and petting it, purring and meowing. Now this issue says, you will meet one and really pet her/him, if that one is a perfect match with your thoughts (in theory).

If you only imagined that you are actually just encountering a cat, that one may never come close, run away or maybe scratch your fingers when you try to do it. Imagine the whole scene in the present moment or rather it just happened and doing it. Just mind chatting about it won’t do any results, imagine it.


So imagine you pet a cat and you enjoy it. Imagine it visually, not defining anything, only a nice cat. It can help if you don’t give any color or detail. No daytime, no place, no color, nothing. Imagine that you like it, attaching positive feelings and you may add some affirmations that you are doing it, that’s all. You can practice it a few times a day but in my experiment, I did only twice at the maximum and under 30 hours, it happened, when I didn’t even expect it and was walking with a friend, chatting at the evening.

Before that, I only wished for it for fun but never thought about how did I do it when I was successful. Many times it was instant inside 5-10 minutes, outside in nature. Wishing and hoping never gives you your future, it only tells you, you lack that thing and it is magnifying itself up. This is a mind work.

Have a nice play! : )

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