What counts in your Physical Life?

There are many many theories and rulesets about what physical life is about. There are many made-up and reliable theories with common sense about what physical life. That is just guessing. The truth is that no matter how smart people try to be with their wise words Your life is only yours. Your decisions and desires are yours and you need to deal with them.

You are living your physical life and you are walking your path, not those who criticize you all the time. Not even the media and society who tries to pull you into the mud.

Your physical life is there for a reason. You came here to this reality to play a game on your own. I know for many, it is not a good game and they suffer. But it is meant to be a good play, a game. Well, eventually we leave from here and returning back to the non-physical to do whatever we would like to. Don’t take the game too seriously. Yeah I know, easier than done.

I won’t share any mystical and religious concepts, I rather decline all and always will. Now what I say in my blog posts are coming from personal observations, experiences and from making up the bigger picture of the truth. Maybe personal truth mostly about the Wider Reality and its mechanics. But it gives the foundation and mechanics about how our multidimensional life works.

So what I say here is that the most accurate thing here is that you were the one who planned your initial physical life here and started up. No, not ALL. Now, many people just can’t figure out why did they select a certain family or life circumstances, body type, etc. To learn and grow from them, mostly! Not the learning itself is the most required thing here. Rather than you are acting and experiencing here and making decisions from your heart instead of fear and egoism.

Experience is the main key here. Consciousness, you in a raw state, wants to experience in limited systems.

physical life

You are forced to use your creative power and learning to create your reality on your own. Also, you are tested by unseen forces to learn the thinking from your heart as I mentioned above. The vast majority lives from fear, greed, and primitiveness. This is because they are like that in their core and still learning the basics. Our world is like that because the participants are like that.

Right or wrong decisions? Doesn’t matter, they are all Yours!

There is no right or wrong. Even some belief systems are saying this but in truth, it is true lol, We only learned that in this duality world you need to make distinctions between those two but really, it doesn’t matter. The main issue is that did you learn or gain something about a certain decision or physical life experience?

Did you make a decision, based on your fears or from your heart without fear? Did you learn to deal with your own fears? It is all up to you. If you feel good, you did a good job.

Everybody has a certain compass against good and bad, we just developed our sense from birth or carrying from other lives. The other side is what your Inner non-physical self thinks is right or wrong but that doesn’t matter. Your non-physical counterpart doesn’t judge or punish you ever, just helping you indirectly mostly. It depends on the individual and how ready to hear the helping “words”. Don’t take your “inner self” as an individual, it is still you, the bigger portion of yourself.

Your developing personality here and now, which you bring “back” to the NP is the one what counts. You are becoming it by choosing and making decisions. But don’t take this seriously, we have the eternity to learn and play.

Your physical life choices are just like you are choosing another path and another one continuously, as jumping to the next reality and to the next. Seeing all the endless possible realities, they exist already and you are just seemingly without any effect, going in and out of those. Now we can call it physical time but time is really an illusion. It has a function: do you make the wrong decision over and over again for decades? You have plenty of time to do it.

When you make a wrong decision, you may feel bad after that and face it’s effects but this reality is about one thing for sure. You are in a slowed down environment, concentrating your awareness to one certain life, to make choices until you’ve learned really how to choose wisely. That’s all! Decide from your heart and on what feels good for YOU! Not according to anybody else! Don’t compare yourself to others and their success or capabilities!

This is Your life, and you are worthy to live it in full joy!

We can surely get life situations when people are just stepping in our personal area of life and decisions really. Like our family or partners. Egotist people are everywhere, who just can’t make correct decisions and suffer from their weaknesses. They even start to blame you or just telling you how should you live your life. Then comes the next stage what is good or bad for you etc. Now… who the heck cares about what others are thinking about you? We do care but we should stop it. It only has bad effects. So many people have emotional issues because they let other’s to judge them.

Because you just “subconsciously” processing what they said and will have a negative outcome many times. You can’t help it, you can’t help them! Just leave them where they are and stop giving them energy. Most of the people are just stuck in a loop of endless suffering, blames and egoism with stupidism. Let them alone fast and concentrate on your wants. This is not selfishness.

You can be kind to anybody and just do it, that’s ok. But eventually, you need to keep up a passive barrier to not get caught up on others. Just don’t let yourself be influenced. You can’t live the other’s life. You should develop a passive observational personality, who can maintain a balance in any part of your life, starting with your emotions. Don’t give a chance for these people to get you.

Physical life is taken too seriously from these interactions with people. You deserve a happier life and it starts within you. Don’t expect the same from the external world.

physical life

Influence on people and Your physical life

Here is a personal story from me. I many times had struggled with people who just didn’t stay with their own thoughts and forcing their views and beliefs on me or on others. I’m vomiting about it symbolically. I guess I saw this from my birth and observed people’s behavior, starting with my family. Most of them are like that – they try to influence you and you can’t escape (and the worst, they don’t care).

The other side is true, even in a family or just with people in your daily physical life, you CAN give advice to people if they need help, need information, your knowledge, your heart. BUT you can’t force them to do what they should. You can’t ever live other’s life. They have also no idea about you and your inner being. The body is a facade.

I got many messages from the non-physical over some nights because I couldn’t understand why people just want to suffer or doesn’t want to be their own help. Like they wasting their physical life, being humans. And got the message that you can’t live other’s life and let them alone. Just don’t torture yourself about other’s stupidism. We are in a consensus reality but we are doing it individually.

From the non-physical perspective, everybody is responsible only for their physical life. Another case is, of course, if you are with somebody or going alone is not a good thing. That is right, don’t think this over furthermore.

No respect towards your decisions, your life, and your personality?

Again, just don’t give a damn to those people who can’t accept who you are, trying to influence you. Maybe laughing at you, not giving even a tiny respect which you deserve. Everybody encounters with these people but it is sometimes really hard to get lost from them. The worst is close relationships like mostly our family members. Everybody can find personal examples from above.

Your physical life worths more than idiot people’s influence. Let them tell their opinion to themselves and leave them alone.

Why should you let people blame you or let them humiliate and influence you? Your self-esteem will lower down and you lose your creating power. Just stay yourself, stay strong and remember, what counts is only You, your physical life experiences, joy and memories, your interactions from your side towards people and nothing else.

Play it nicely and play it well without hurting others. They hurt themselves enough.

physical life

Eventually, it is all about You and interacting with others

You may do your best and that’s all. This is what you are bringing further, what makes you, the YOU. But eventually you are here and now as a limited character, so don’t make the false assumption that this is only just you. We are much more than this limited character.

But our added experiences from here are what counts really. You are becoming and developing endlessly. Once more, your character here, this body, personality is just a construct from the beginning for various purposes and you “become” eventually. You need it to experience a limited perspective.

The main thing here is that you should always make decisions on your own. Even if you need secondary reinforcement, your family or friends are there. The other side of the game’s coin here is that we live with consequences always. Every little decision has delayed consequences which people don’t accept.

Starting with our thoughts which build up in our “subconscious” as a running program and takes effect in the physical life later. That is a manifestation, a so misunderstood aspect of everybody’s hidden part these days. Many people are just in fear to make correct decisions and they are just stuck. Like regular jobs and relationships.

So, if you want to suffer, here you go, do it.
If you want to be happy, that’s cool, do it. That’s all, nothing complicated. Our main problem mostly if we took the effort and we are still stuck. Don’t give up.

The only barrier is the one which you pull up against yourself. Your limits, mental blocks. It is up to you to live a good life in what you feel good. It is not recommended that you need to swim in money or suffer in mental pain : )

Edited on 26th of March in 2019.

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