The illusion of Birth and Death

On a higher scale of consciousness, we all made constructs like birth and death for the purpose of physical life. We enter into a given world and play our “game”. When we are finished, we return back to the non-physical world as anybody else. These illusions are needed to not ruin the game. They are real but only to those, who try out physical lives, despite the “illusion” label.

We just can’t suddenly happen to exists here and disappear, right? We can’t live forever as a character here. This is the big illusion of physical life in a nutshell. The body is changing all the time and we think we are our body. And still many people are afraid of death at any age. Knowledge is out there already, even here as you are reading my articles.

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How is the “birth and death game” played out?

You are born here at a certain race, certain body, characteristics, genetics and from initial possibilities. You are free to choose your path and whatever you believe. Nobody forces you after a while and your initial circumstances are what you may choose to grow. Less resistance, easier path. You can blame other’s about your misery but you are there for a reason and you need to understand it – not anybody else’s job. A bad family can be critical but it is a life test too to deal with it as best as you can.

From birth, we need to develop physically and learn to function in this world, so we can experience according to our beliefs and choices. Social conditioning does the job really, developing brainwashed people and building up unnecessary mental blocks, which later serves the purpose of billions of people’s struggling. This world with all societies is not existing like this by chance. The actual players are doing it and ours is a control system.

You are living always in the moment and while you are living a seemingly real life, you are closer to the end game. At death, you exit, switch your primary focus back to where you came from as everybody else. There, you get back your full awareness of your inner being and you are free to do whatever you want to.  Not this simple but overall, it plays out like that. Then you will see what was your life about if you didn’t care until that point.

birth and death

Why are older people just always have some diseases? Even young people?

Diseases are nothing more than a byproduct or rather a projection of your mental state and beliefs. Repeated beliefs over decades will accumulate in your primary buffer as your physical body. If you don’t stop accumulating bad thoughts and emotions, they will degrade your body. That is why our thoughts have consequences on the longer term.

What regular people experience from this is they did all the mental abusement to their body, they believed all the flaws that how their body works and here is their end result. Why should they learn a thing if nobody teaches them the real issue, right?

Just ask everybody, your family members (you rather already know it, the cause), friends, known people. Why are they ill, have cancer, certain types of diseases? They surely can’t answer that and blame what is spoonfed into their mouth by media and various sources. They believe strongly that they have a disease or disorder and they can’t help it. That is not a smart way to live but the most have a simpler way to live. We all have our path and thinking, right?

Becoming old and tired of life

Now, many people don’t select various illnesses consciously. Most of the diseases and illnesses coming from “subconscious” programming. Look at it as a daily routine when you simply keep feeding the emotional conveyor belt. Many people try to end their lives but elongating their suffering for decades. Most of them are from the circle of people thinking, when they reached pension around 60+, they lost their lives, their purpose and it is over. They believe in religions or in science and the medical industry. A slowly degrading life, feeling they are unworthy and thinking it is the end of all. They learned and saw this from others also, that is the norm in our world.

Their body is already old and unhealthy. They heat this issue further with more subconscious thinking in the background, giving more effect to their negative thinking. Or just believe in what others saying about illnesses and “you can’t cure it” stuff. That is BS, people could heal themselves many times from their misery, like cancer, too. Just take research on countless websites, videos, and books. You can change your situation. Just nobody could convince you because you already closed out other facts.

The only needed issue here is changing your thinking and solving mental issues. The physical body should be in perfect health at any time. You just need to observe your beliefs and find the best diet for your body. Aging is a natural process. At elder age, we should slow down surely and do some easy sports. But it is much easier to visit a doctor who never helps.

Illnesses and diseases are also tools for the physical game

It would be just boring, dying in oldness without anything serious I guess for many people. I think all of these miseries are coming from the lack of understanding of life. The cycle of birth and death have many surprises also. But billions are only seeing the facade of our human life, nothing more.

Most of the people are experiencing the “exit” in this way, as their NP counterpart experiences it too. Not a tragedy, just experience and grow from it. Ok I admit, I guess many people are not learning even a thing from their own self-created mind-acts. I know too many people about this issue even personally. They don’t care, they don’t even know what will come. Surprise what religion does? People don’t know a thing from brainwashing and just don’t want to, that’s sad! They kept in fear and beliefs which are making them even dumber.

Of course, it is much easier to believe in what is enough comfortable to dive into a self-created illusion about anything. Billions are ok with it.

birth and death

What happens in the “Afterlife” beyond birth and death?

I have bad news and good ones either. Your willingness to be open and don’t accept just religions, group constructs like a vastly naive human, could make your way easier. People who are believers just have a harder time adjusting back there. It is just vastly easier to be passive and curious and not adapting to any belief systems. It is because you will live up your own beliefs instantly.

The good news is if you are relatively free from beliefs, you end up in the non-physical with much less struggle and if you are also intelligent, you could navigate easily there and not stuck in any wrong places. Forget the Hell construct, if you’re not believing in it, it won’t happen. But you can visit it anytime. Hell is very similar to what people are doing in our world too. Just think about it.

The Afterlife (human part) is full of regions, which are since a while had a label, the so-called Belief System Territories (BST). They exist, I saw many NP cities, people are just living physical-like life there too. They don’t even have the slightest idea that they are “dead” or on other words being in the non-physical. People just die and end up in different regions, according to their beliefs and likes. You are relatively free to go, but you are addicted, most of us are. Other groups are proud of being post-humans and being aware of this fact also. Your non-physical evolutionary position can determine this.

You are not experienced eating enough sugar, having kids, having a soul mate, having a business, seeing a country, trying out certain hobbies… You are emotionally still attached to things which are useless outside of physical Universes. Surprise, you will soon plan another life to jump back to a certain Earth simulation and do whatever you wish. No rush, you have eternity.

YOU are deciding your next physical life, nobody else. Now, this is much hard to understand because you are a community of personalities from a higher perspective and you are already living your other lives simultaneously, I will make another post on this. But it is obvious, the vast majority just losing their conscious connection to their source. They just don’t care because they are fully in physical illusion and pros/cons.

Personal limiting blocks

Birth and death can’t exist without the consensus reality where we are interacting physically and vice versa.

The bad thing is that most of humanity is attached to beliefs and religions. They are just not ready to experience everything else. They end up on the most resonating “places” and staying there for who knows for how “long”. Now, time is nothing there. People won’t be wiser at death, they are the same there too if they don’t have the intention to change. They carry their emotional baggage there “back”. Physical life has it’s delayed time effect to help you stop doing your stuff.

Let me take an example here. There are people in this world, who believe, there is nothing after death, you are just in the nothingness, you cease to exist – why should you cease to exist? And some of them end up floating in the transition zone of 3D Void and just wait, and still blaming themselves, “I told myself, I knew it”. And NP people can help you get out, but it is up to you. On the other hand, some of them end up in different healing facilities. Beliefs, beliefs, beliefs + emotions. That’s it! You will continue surely to exist.

Others are teleporting out to different dimensions which are still simulating their last known life situation when they were killed or had some other life-threatening issues. They are in an energy bubble, repeating the same situation for eternity until somebody blows up their energy block and help him/her get out and realize, they are creating their own problem.

The Transition Zone for post-humans

We made a construct in the Wider Reality to experience the return to our true home to the NP world. We made human constructs to enter certain places, facilities and there you are healed emotionally, mentally, whatever. It is for traumas and repeating issues in yourself to help you get over your non-existent problems and stop taking Earth life previously in a serious way.

After the Transition, you are led to these places and they are real, so much people noted back and made diaries about these places that they saw people are getting there eventually. Now “age” here is unimportant, many people are having an aged image around their 30’s but others just using a child’s image. Your physical appearance is only just a self-image, nothing more. But humans are just like to hang up on their physical body and can’t let it go, it is sad really. They think they are that person, that body! It starts in our world.

There is an old saying, which older people are used to say, if I was old, and will die, I will be wise. Why should be a complete idiot man/woman wise if he/she never was? Come on, self-trickery again. I knew too much people in my life already who thought that they are wise, one of them is around 70. Who do you want to fool? You are bringing there your actual value of consciousness. You can’t lie to yourself and now not even to others because the communication is telepathic.

What is the lesson?

People are there to shake off bad emotions and mostly beliefs. It is a hard one, beliefs are creating our reality on both sides. Emotions are the other ones, when people are dreaming they just release all the emotions in the next Focus state called “Dreamworld” and just living up all their likes or bad emotions, fears and having bad dreams. This is our lesson to grow up.

If You can’t control your emotions and beliefs in your waking life, chances are you will have the struggle in the non-physical too and almost never get further than the massive amount of “people” there. I mean maybe quadrillions of them, just many, nobody knows the number and this is only our local system of post-humans. Non-physical exploring needs a certain type of emotional balance, passivity but curious mindstate and no fear. Fear is just coming from yourself, the unknown which you don’t want to face or solve, maybe don’t know. You don’t do it, sooner or later you face it.

There is nothing to fear, especially of death. You will be cared of by other spirits (if needed), saying this without any religious BS. But eventually, there, You are the only one who judges yourself – from any perspective. Love yourself more day by day. Birth and death are only parts of the game.

Edited on 18th of March in 2019.

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