Is Sugar bad or good for Your health?

Sugar consumption is an interesting topic worldwide, full of misconceptions, beliefs. Industries now try to sell other products which are switching you from sugar to a much worse, like artificial sweeteners.

The “Whole food industry” is a religion too and vegetarianism both, with other ones. But no argument here, it is your choice to eat what you want. And if you feel good it is ok, but later after years, you may have deficiency problems. You don’t need to follow groups, just your body, and lifestyle. Common sense is totally non-existent in people these days. Sugar is NEEDED to function properly but the method and amount is the problem. You need natural sugar from real food. That is true.

I’m a perfect example here, I eat sugar since my early childhood and have no serious problems. Maybe some brain fog lol. Eat more protein!

My brain and metabolism using it up as fast as it can, so no real big problems. It is sometimes bad if I make the wrong choices and grabbing it too often from the shop’s selves. It is up to me to change my diet to a degree that I eat more protein and less sugar. I don’t take it so seriously.

I don’t say, eat sugar. Just don’t do it if you can’t handle it. Choices are up to you, what to eat. Also lifestyle in the end. Somebody with an active lifestyle will need more protein. Try to eat rather more protein than carbs, right?


What other’s are telling You what is GOOD for you – totally wrong!

Never try to follow other people’s meal plans and diet. You need to experiment with the food combinations and what is good for your body and metabolism. Certain people can’t digest certain types of foods. But you can try out what is better for you. Those suggestions are just to try some aspects and if it works, use it. Don’t follow meal plans like a cow.

Be aware of allergies and “no foods” because chances are, you are being indoctrinated. In what? To believe that certain foods are bad for you. Beliefs are very strong reality changing tools starting with your body! But to admit it, maybe white flour isn’t good.

If you crave on sugar and being lazy like me, chances are you don’t take in enough protein for your energy levels daytime. Muscles can’t stay strong and for your brain being in balance and not in tiredness. You can consume sugar and eat it in balance with other stuff. I won’t say you, stop consuming sugar, it is not fair. You can eat it but in moderation.

Our body is very adaptable and can handle it. But by the time you will lose minerals like Vitamine B’s, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamine C and some more. You should eat wisely and consider your body’s lifestyle. Fat is the least needed one, we are not in the wild, hunting for prey and storing up fat in our body to survive winters. Protein with vegetables is the best many times, Japanese people have the best recipes for the body. Avoid pasta.

Useful fats are needed like butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and similar. Don’t cling on Omega 3. You need a good ratio of Omega 6: Omega 3 = 2:1 or 3:1 and that’s all. Nobody tells you this ratio, mainstream only hangs up on Omega 3. And don’t take it seriously like measuring it daily for your intake, just don’t do it. Just eat it if you want to. Eat wisely, don’t overdo it.

A basic example is a diet with protein (chicken, eggs, maybe pink meat fish), veggies and fruits and anything around. Don’t be a food religionist.

The importance of water

I found out that if I try to drink more water while I’m eating chocolates (some swallows), it can cause a little delay in releasing sugar into my blood vessels. It is a personal observation but it can help you. Try protein-rich food too to delay the release. Chicken, eggs.

Water is very important, especially pure mineral water. Now I don’t recommend anything other than some mineral spring water, which doesn’t contain fluoride and chloride but has magnesium, calcium, and potassium for your muscles, brain, bones etc. You can still use tap water for washing your teeth or rinse a few times, wash hands but it is unsafe in many countries. It can be full of chemicals, byproducts from washing it back like hormones and drug residues.

I guess we can count up almost every country for unsafe tap water. You have only control over tap water if you filter it by yourself with knowledge.

There is a myth, people in my country used to say. “You should rotate your brands” of mineral water because of some strange build-up theory of minerals… ah, come on! This is just BS again. I know my body uses up what I take in, you can’t overload them. Until you are making personal powder or capsule intakes more often and too much for months. If you consume sugary stuff, you can be sure, some mineral levels are less than normal, don’t worry. Otherwise, rather protein intake is low. A healthy lifestyle and moving your body is a must thing.


How to rather use up sugar the smart way?

Exercising almost daily is needed to maintain balance in your muscles and blood flow to various parts of your body, especially to your brain. You won’t die of course being just in a sitting job or sitting at home. I know I’m lazy as hell, but I can take a run for some kilometers nearby. Or just ride my bike, take dumbbell exercises at home, whenever it is needed. Do it but don’t overdo it.

It is better to use up plant sugar (fruits) or just sugary stuff after workout or jogging. Your muscles are weak at that point, use it with protein to regain damaged muscles tissues and store glycogen in it. Eat vegetables with protein, again. Sugar will give back the energy with moderation.

Daytime? Use sugar rather in the middle of the day. In the mornings you need protein after sleep, and sugar is the less wanted thing before bedtime. It will accumulate as fat and your brain may have a bad bedtime overnight without restful sleep.

Sugar also releases happiness “hormone”. It causes you to feel good after ate some bars. But you can feel weak and hungry if you don’t eat anything else. Same for bread and baked goods without any value of nutrition. Hunger comes from lack of protein again. I tend to eat those from habit and I’m not satisfied with them.

You can mix it with protein once again and try to maintain a balanced diet. You can eat crap too like fast food but in minimal amounts. Those chemicals are stored in your body and need time to clean out. Vitamine C is a good thing to use, it cleans you out used with minerals or with protein. But never mix sugar with Vitamine C! You don’t want kidney problems, it is just stupid.

You can read about dosing Vitamine C here.

Sugar is bad if…

Well, if you are only eating sugar all day long. Or if you THINK it is bad and you fueled this thought for a long time. If you have certain health issues like diabetes, you know the story. But it is a mental problem.

Old people can have diabetes too, full of life problems mentally and beliefs from decades ago. Now imagine how hard is to cure them… They can only rely on specialists like “doctors” and can’t help themselves – well why should they if they are as brainwashed and as “intelligent” as their parents from the last century. They BELIEVE in external help and what is said on TV. To support the elderly circle, there are highly intelligent people too, I don’t want to label them, I know some personally too.

Don’t listen to others! WHO knows what is good for you? Only you know that. If you don’t know, you should closely observe your thoughts about certain things in your life. How do you feel about them? Change that belief and experiment with it. Your physical body tells you if it dislikes something.

Finally, don’t be afraid of sugar, it is spread widely how it is bad or your body is in trouble from it. Use it in balance with real foods and don’t overconsume it. That’s all. Moderation and common sense.

If you think you can’t eat sugar because it is harmful, now that is a belief construct, which you gave power and became your reality. You can reverse it! If you decline sugar in your life – meaning the sweetness (not just this kind of), like watching a movie, it will cause to decline everything which the mainstream brainwashing tells you. You can enjoy eating a bar of chocolate, do it and don’t feel guilty. Don’t rush to the gym to give it down. It doesn’t work like that.

Eat more protein, less fat and less sugar, but don’t just decline them. Your lifestyle also needs it if you are more active in body but if you don’t eat more protein than those, your body will degrade much faster. Your muscles will weaken, lose muscle mass, also your body and brain will suffer.

Sugar doesn’t cause cancer, You are causing it. Not genetics, not sugar. But it can fuel damaged cells and help them spread. Nothing complicated.

It is like going to the doctor to take a pill for certain problems. You can’t heal yourself, forget it, this way you are going for external help and giving belief to a pill that it will finally heal your problems. Many times it can’t, your belief is weak again. Surprise : ) But sometimes our beliefs are weak and need that pill, well it is an interesting self-programming game.

Edited on 19th of March in 2019.

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