Why we lose our friends over time?

Friends are very useful on both sides of a friendship and we are pleased to meet nice people over our decades here on Earth. Some people have best friends or many many pals but friends are only guides as those non-physical ones are in the NP. All relationships are for a certain purpose in life.

Why do you have so many pals?

The answer will be a little bit harsh but because you can’t enjoy yourself alone and don’t want to, maybe. You didn’t accept yourself fully ever and can’t give so much love towards others AFTER yourself. People like to defend themselves that they just enjoy being with friends but they are really just pals. Meaning that maybe you can count on them, their help at hard times. And being antisocial is not this one, only a label. Antisocial means, he/she can’t fit in the actual society. Forget this word.


Friends and pals are two different categories. We have maybe a few true friends in life but we could have dozens of pals, who are kept only for some issues. Playing with something together, going to chat sometimes, do things in crowds, places etc. Pals are like you just can’t stay alone on your butt like people are running away from themselves.

I knew just many many people in my life and never understood this attitude until I realized what this is all about in subjective perspective. You meet people, it is unavoidable here on this planet normally. You make pals and friendships but they are rarely for a lifetime. And if it is, it serves a purpose to both parties. Pals are only for having some people in your bubble to feel comfortable.

Some people are just highly egoistic and they are shining their egos with the dozens of different pals, so-called “friends”. They can’t really realize that they are doing this because they just have a huge ego and trying to prove that they are right in just everything – even if they are not.

Some pals are highly egoistic self-promoting people

These people are just shaking hands and saying hello to just everybody, which is sucks if you see this on first hand. I know and knew many of these too, it was interesting to notice these behaviors. But it is so fake and self-fooling. And I’m not labeling anybody, it is not my job here.


Why you have friends?

Friends are the best connections in life besides relationships with love. We certainly need them at some point or almost forever. We need help sometimes, we need to have some fun with somebody, we just need to talk to somebody who will hear our words and may help.

Well, my friendships were only right on my side after the initial years in many cases, I never understood it in recent years. Some of them were lasting for 10-15 years, it was good and suddenly they just disappeared. Huge blocks (towards them) came out of nowhere and I just didn’t have any idea what happened to those people that they are acting differently. I outgrew them! That is the hard truth. They didn’t change even a bit, doing the same BS over and over again in their life.

So friends are absolutely good, we are guiding each other through life until the connection doesn’t serve the original purpose anymore. That hurts surely but we should leave them alone and vice versa. Don’t forget, we are experiencing here, this is just a seemingly “real” game. But many people are still attached to an “ex” or a friend. It is toxic.

What causes to lose strong connections?

Well before I started to learn about self-development (before that I did it from birth) in the non-physical and between the two worlds, I had no idea why it is necessary to lose good friends. I mean really really good ones.

Some of them have lasted for some weeks for me also but everybody experiences this phenomenon. Until later I learned that friends are only for a certain purpose. If you deeply don’t need them, chances are, you will be very much ok on your own like me. I guess that is a deep “spiritual” achievement to reach. I was partly always this type and I like it. That’s a core of me.

So friends and pals are acting here just like non-physical guides in the NP. They serve a purpose: learn and grow, plus support. This is given to both sides of course. When you experience an almost sudden block in your relationships, two choices are given. You try to talk that out or just leave that one alone. No other ways. Don’t try to even force your relationship to heal itself by arguing, you will suffer. It is over since a while, you just didn’t notice it.

What happened is, you just outgrew that relationship and you are away ahead spiritually/non-physically on your own way. That’s all. You are on another track. The vast majority is just stagnating or slowly moving upwards on their own ladder. That is not a problem until people drag down other people with life goals.

By the way, I noticed that the most just can’t really appreciate a friendship. Like no emotions or anything. They don’t even know what the verb “friend” means. Very strange, but that is true. People are just deeply in their butt in physical life, trying to work for nothing and chasing materialism. Well, most of the people are underdeveloped in emotions and compassion.

Love relationships

That is almost the same but with another strong aspect, love and rely on each other, making compromises/consensus between each other. Experiencing the deepest non-physical forces, maybe having kids as a bonus (or curse lol). We should admit, not every love relationships are lasting until elderly age, just a very very few. True love is not experienced in the vast majority, it is just a fashion to many. Marriages also don’t contain true love, it is a fact. It’s all about the money and facade.

But if true love and your perfect partner is given, you may experience it for only a few years, some decades. It was meant only to experience it, enjoy it and don’t try to understand a deeper meaning! One of the best things in life in my opinion to find somebody with whom you will be in the clouds seemingly forever. If it lasts for decades or until death, it’s better for some but don’t ever try to follow her/him and suffer because the connection is seemingly gone – it is on another level. I mean, don’t torment yourself, it doesn’t worth it.

Friends, like non-physical guides

Some are there for your help, some are there for giving you protection in heavy moments in life indirectly. They are there for a purpose and moving away on their tasks and interests further when they finished. We are doing the same in a nutshell. Very similar to physical life friendships.

But keep it in mind, we came alone here to this life simulation, we are going back to the non-physical with a pack of tricks (Robert A. Monroe). We need to let other’s go on their own way of course. It was fun and good when those lasted, of course, we guard those pretty memories forever and added to our experiences and inner being. Enjoy these connections until they are gone.

Eventually, we return back to our true home and to our non-physical friends.

Edited on 3rd of april in 2018.

The truth about Karma

I guess everybody just hears very frequently about karma. Karma pays this back for you, past lives this and that etc. Isn’t this so boring? You are not just allowing people to control you with a belief construct but you are fueling it further thinking that it is real.

Surprise again, another belief construct, which masses are fueling and accepting as a truth – the other one is the “law of attraction” which deserves another post here. I will try to make it clear here what is this karma thing about really.

A natural “law” (?)

Well, what mainstream says, which grew out from the leading belief constructs over I guess hundreds of years at the minimum is that whatever you do to others or do in your life, you get it back surely (be afraid lol). The other one is that you are “paying” karma back according to some karmic law to a person or anything whatever we can imagine. Maybe non-existent “past life”. Just blame it, huh?

Too many flaws in the concept. One sure thing is needed to mentioned here. If you are a bad person and doing bad things which you feel guilty, it is true that “karma” will follow you. We are not similar as we are many of here right now. But beliefs are playing the biggest part in this according to ethics.

Karma is nothing more than a personal belief. We surely have laws in nature here but it is always up to you, your beliefs and emotions, thoughts about whatever you do in your life. If you felt bad after those events, choices, guess what you could manifest back an answer-like thing from that. It happens to everybody.

Tons of funny videos on Youtube also about this, I enjoy laughing at idiot people, doing something which they didn’t even comprehend of being idiotish. It is so stupid, it will end up in crashes and fails. Well just enjoy them.

So it exists but to a certain degree until you fuel that belief with your thoughts. Because everybody believes in it to a certain degree! Some actions are well honored with bad responses for sure, this is about consequences.

Karma is like you are afraid about your choices in your life

Well, that’s all, really. You are afraid of your creative power or making mistakes. Without making mistakes, you can’t grow or develop. You believe in karma, you don’t believe in your goodness and power. Some people or sources are made you feel bad at experiencing life.

People are talking so much about karma on websites, various spiritual forums, I know well too sure what people are thinking about it. Even the most experienced non-physical travelers with technics to detach their mind and explore in the endless NP have thoughts about this. But they are led by their beliefs also, very sad.

Karma is like you are blaming a made-up law about your actions. If you made something bad to a person and feel bad yourself about it, that is enough really and it is not a necessity after effect to get something back. You are growing from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to do anything which is inside morality of course.


Karma vs “past lives”

Now past lives deserving a big topic later but some issues are needed to notice here. Past lives are not existing but partly real (so eventually they are, but in another sense). Because you are jumping in and out from physical world simulations (Earth is not the only one existing), you already had other lives and will have. They are already existing and playing out simultaneously in the non-physical.

If you can imagine that you could be like another character, you can bet that you “were” already! Understanding the mechanics of illusional time, right? If you know that you have talent in certain aspects of your life, you are using various personalities from your essence. Surprise, what is schizophrenia (wow hard word for a label)?

Past lives are NOT this YOU. Never were. They are other focuses of your primary self, your essence. Nothing more. They are other real persons, living their lives right now in other realities. From their viewpoint, you are the probable self and they are the primary ones in their physical world. I won’t discuss this further here but it is misunderstood. So don’t blame past lives about your choices.

One thing is sure here, understanding the mechanics, mystics trying to SELL you fear, based on past “life readings”. Well everybody needs to earn money in this world, I admit. If you have a bad habit, chances are you will be told that you did that in a “past” life. And you believe it, pay for it and problems are solved.

They fail to realize that time and the non-physical is not working like that. Linear time is only in physical worlds for play. Your primary essence lives in just endless realities simultaneously in a nutshell.

Conclusions about believing in karma

So don’t hang up on karma. It is just a label and you are giving power to that instead of accepting your thoughts and actions. If you did something bad, forgive, let it go and be positive! : ) It is hard sometimes but we can do it. Blaming always the other side is not leading us anywhere.

Don’t misunderstand me when I talk about mystics. It is many times beneficial what they are doing. But they simply don’t have a clue what they are seeing or experiencing like “dead people and relatives”. They just accepted some belief constructs and acting on those “laws”. People don’t really like if they are fooled in the long run. So mystics are not 100% responsible but one thing is sure here, I can’t feel sorry for those people who never question what belief did they sign up for.

Regressions and hypnosis is the other one, you are only experiencing mostly your mind’s belief constructs. If the practitioner is better than average frauds, you just merge with other focuses of your primary essence and believe that you were them. You are you, this character only right now.

Don’t believe anything which is said by many sources. Karma is just a fear machine but has basic foundations.

Edited on 26th of june in 2018.

Where are my memories? What about my Past?

Interesting questions. Many people believe from various materialist beliefs that your memories are in the brain and if something happened to it, they are lost memories. Explaining further with various brain traumas and physical issues of course to make a solid objective base.

The brain is nothing more than a translating device to properly let you function through this physical vehicle. But it is NOT you and your consciousness is elsewhere! The brain is a device to keep your body alive and well functioning in this world.

You are a point of consciousness, using a physical focus for a given amount of decades in most cases. If people fail to understand that this physical illusion world is NOT the only one, well mainstream and sciences did a good job, as they are also belief systems to various degrees.

Your Past is already done and stored

As stated above, you already chose many things and your path in your life, which was not some kind of predestined something. If you never chose, your consciousness wouldn’t grow. But you had and will have free will and you are just doing your life. Wherever you are right now, you created that life from intent.

The past is like when we think back it is like it happened in some seconds only. No matter if you are 20 years old, or 75. You may feel some bigger things in your “past” happened since maybe a day or “just yesterday”. Maybe some are just faint something and didn’t have any meanings at all, looking back.

You can’t go back to change it but you can absolutely learn from it. If you made a bad mistake, how should you do it otherwise if you had the chance to repeat the situation? It is all about choices.

There is no time travel in the sense of going back with a Time Machine or with a Delorean. But in the non-physical perspective time is nothing. Lives are played out simultaneously and it is just an illusion because you are also in the NOW.

Your memories are stored in a non-physical mind region, which is your own, called Focus 2. We can use an analogy here as a computer with hardware parts. The unused memory banks are there in the cloud-save and every unused resource. When you die, you have them instantly, you are what you did in this life, you became it. Nothing complicated. You are what you chose, your decisions and how you used up your various aspects of yourself. You are downloading them and adding to your knowledge.

Lost memories

Nothing is lost ever. It is just a mental block or something which happened, that you just can’t reach that data stream in your mind’s endless “space”. Maybe your brain, the translating device is damaged to a degree that the connection is damaged also. When somebody has brain damage, trauma or something similar which blocks out his/her abilities, it is NOT in the brain which stores anything. The brain is the end result of a physical vehicle’s coordinating system.

Here is a post about the mind and brain differences.

What happened is, there are blocks between the two worlds and simply this person is unable to reach what was already known. Two options are here: try to relearn what you knew once and/or try to dig up your memories after an extended amount of time. Well, anything could happen.

If we try to get the materialistic and scientific dumbness of trying to catch memories in the brain, it just appears to be that way. The brain has connections to the wider reality and we are not in it.


Dementia and other mind related issues

It could be a complicated thing but in my observations and on the basis of what I know, people mainly in elder age just try to close out their primary focus. They try to close out this physical world. Not so consciously trying to get in touch with their true self from the non-physical. But mostly just denying the outer world, being lost.

The other common issue is that people who don’t want to listen to the world (the worst type) are just slowly closing out everything in a bubble and just don’t really hear you neither. Funny but it can manifest bad hearing also. Well eventually they return back but they are like in a forcefield or energy bubble. They try to exist in both worlds at the same time. There could be many causes, maybe a bad marriage from decades, maybe wanting to die, maybe just can’t deal with life here.

But let’s get back to Dreamland.

Focus 2 – the personal mind area, dreamland

This mind area is nothing more but a channel for your mind. It is You. Focus of your attention. You are already occupying that area with your consciousness. We can call it one of a level of your existence.

Here you are using your beliefs, manifesting your life and desires, dreaming up your fears and emotions every night. This is a subjective Focus of your mind, where we are using this “place” to function properly in the physical world. It is our primary focus as called Focus 1. F2 is the toolbox.

When people are dreaming in dreamland, most of them are unconscious of what happens, they are not even aware of anything. Not knowing what are they doing and releasing the most craps of their daily lives.

Thought here is instant, so whatever you think it becomes real. Everything is real, non-physical dimensions are as real as your physical one, maybe more real. This shows people with a relatively big awareness that the physical world is not the only one and they won’t cease to exist after death. You are keeping contact with the non-physical the whole time, just don’t realize it.

The worst here is that the vast majority from lack of useful knowledge,  are shaking off their dreams and don’t really want to know what are they acting out by sleep. Dreamland is not just a playground. They just think dreams are insane “subconscious” crap. Well, why should they think otherwise, that is what they learned from birth from people who also just don’t know a thing.

Memories, beliefs, concepts, likes and dislikes, manifestations are all stored in this level of your mind. But your mind is much more, much powerful. This is just for the game here. And as I saw most of the people are playing in a very bad way. Big surprise, they don’t even know they are originally just consciousness from a thought responsive world.

Edited on 26th of june in 2018.

What is Future in the Wider Reality?

Understanding the future. I already wrote about time in one of my first posts here. But if I try to divide the three timelines, well the future (also the near future) is a nice one and people just can’t really understand it. They think they do. I admit it took time for me too, to understand how the illusional physical linear time works according to the non-physical mechanics. There time and space are non-existent. Future also just probable.

Future will never be and never was (lol). Future is purely made up from probable realities. As you go along your pathline with choices, the wider reality is giving you opportunities and realities according to your path. So relatively you are jumping in and out of different endless dimensions in the physical world of illusion. You are not the same person who was one week or a year ago.

Future in the shorter term is more accurate than in longer term

Predictions on the future are always misleading people whatever is the source. Nobody can guess the longer term, not even non-physical people. As the timescale is bigger, the probable future is less accurate with big loads of variables on the events.

In short term, a prediction could be very accurate and many people with precognition skills experienced that. Talented people can predict probable futures for people because they can tap into their information field and see the actual probable outcome. But you can always modify your future path.


But eventually, nothing is set in stone and forget that. People are always telling that your life and future is predestined (religious people), who just don’t know a thing about the nature of the wider reality. And at the same time, they forgot that their choices made their life. You may have primary missions here and now or not but you can always change the plan.

Future is only a label from this civilization, nothing more. You are in the Eternal Now as in the non-physical and because “time” is seemingly passing by with events and daytimes, seasons, aging, you think you are going towards the future. Just a label, an illusion.

People fearing the future and being stuck in the past have the hardest life in this world. They hung up on something which they have no control and can’t let it go.

Humans tend to give labels and objectify just everything. In the non-physical subjective reality, there is no past and future, only Now. We categorize everything from birth because that is what our dumb parents did well and their parents also. It is a self-defensive mechanism, which is needed according to understand this limited box reality. Categories are giving a safety belt of dealing with the actual reality frame.

So what’s about depending on the future?

You are in your past and in your future at the same time and it is up to you, what “future” do you creating your thoughts beliefs and choices. That’s all. Future will never happen lol. I know it is hard to understand.

If you have a certain attitude with characteristics, thoughts, beliefs, your future is going along these attributes. If you are manifested a big disease for yourself like cancer, you will be surely “dead” (return to the NP) sooner than a healthier person, who will maybe survive for more decades. It can be painful for decades to live or easy. Blaming genetics and external circumstances won’t help just reinforcing a false inner perception.

Maybe a person with deadly disease unconsciously chose to exit sooner (you may never know for sure). It was only your choice and you can’t blame others, I’m sorry. Mental illness is another story. It is easier to blame genomes and food than look inside and solve internal problems.

The Future is yours, play with it and don’t get attached. Near future is a probable outcome of your choices, decisions and chosen life path. Manifesting is like that. And stop focusing on the worst cases throughout the World, just stop giving negative emotion to something which is not your reality. Those bad effects in the world are real but you don’t need to dive into it.

Edited on 3rd april of 2018.

Any use of Crystals and Gemstones on Chakras? The fake factory…

A new age type selling fever is spreading since a while, mostly on eBay and on private sites too, promoting crystals and gemstone for sale. Crystals and gemstones have been promoted by their various abilities on chakras and which color does what job on your energy body. Healing crystals, cleansers, projection helpers, there are many types but those gems are not doing anything on their own. Maybe in some industries as energy or frequency amplifiers and they are.

There is nothing new under the Sun, people will try to catch ideas to make money by selling fake promises. Who buys those will believe in them and the belief itself will cause you the effects, not the crystals or gemstones (like healing). Crystals are just energy amplifiers. I’ve bought some more than a year ago and they are pretty nice indeed but nothing more.

Believe in It and You are healed!

Well, this isn’t new really. Your own belief systems, rather a new one in those gems will cause any effects, not the stones. This chakra fever spreads for many years through the web and people try to earn money from selling in vast amounts. China is a simple example, selling in big quantities. Like electronic gadgets and many more and keeping up a warehouse for this one too.

You start to read about chakras and this color is associated with that energy point in your body. Then you will believe that you need some of those to keep your “energy body” healthy. Well, mystics made a good job fooling people. I was just amazed that they went further and there is another subcategory about another subject. Like how those stones are giving you defending abilities about the baaad non-physical (what???) and various healing and protecting effects. Yeah yeah, you believe it, you get it. It is called manifestation.

So you are maybe buying Lapis Lazuli for the “third eye”, an Emerald for heart center, maybe a Black Obsidian for various places. And you feel yourself ok with that, being safe. You lay down and practice or just asking a friend with certain “abilities” to do the healing work. If you have luck a practitioner or a friend could do the job well because their beliefs are much stronger. The user is the key of these crystals and gemstones. Like a race car: you can be pretty bad or the best and the car will be also the best.


Various effects

Now if you are enough lucky or strong-willed, you can feel various effects soon. If you are a strong believer, you certainly could feel something, maybe some energy points are moving your energy stronger. Maybe you feel energy blocks dissolving. The problem here is that you are doing it mostly by yourself if nobody is giving you outside energy. It is a self-fooling thing, belief on your own.

Everybody is capable of moving their energies in certain regions of your physical body and able to pass energy blockages. That is all like everybody have certain abilities, you just need to believe you have those. Same for distance healing or healing from a big illness. It starts in your mind.

If you never played with your energy centers and you feel various signs like bad headaches, diarrhea, vibrations, numbness, chances are you had blocks. Energy block here and there and you tried to dissolve them too fast. Just stop it and do it less frequently with less intensity. It will fade away in time. Balance is required in daily life. Don’t panic, you can make it, just concentrate on various bad points and move your energies in mind.

Energy Body and Chakras

There are many huge fake theories about those. First, energy body is real but it is only your non-physical counterpart. It stores source energy and supplies you throughout your days with life. We can call it etheric body maybe. It is partly a belief construct and it is real because people believe it.

Chakras are real also but there are no colors and frequencies and rotations on different points, that is all BS in my opinion. People can see them and sense them but it is based on individual interpretation! I had a time period trying these and learning about all of the chakra misteries, crystals, and gemstones, frequencies. They are just working for those who are so deeply religious and believing in something material that they really manifesting a non-physical result. Again, your own interpretation.

Here I have an example here. When I meditate and going in too deeply of relaxing (physically), my body starts to heat up brutally if I continue. Chakras opening up, drinking in source energy from the non-physical. Nothing more other than being in a middle stage of physical and non-physical phase, being totally relaxed.

I experience it when my physical body is asleep at night and while I’m in the NP living that life too. My physical body does the job and I’m in just sweat after that as many people are also. Nothing spiritual, nothing saint thing, no hocus-pocus. It is your source, filling it up with energy and maybe some blocks are healing.

So eventually those crystals and gemstone – or any tools – are essential if you learn to use them. They channel energy or amplify it, they are nice natural pieces of stuff. But in the end, you are the consciousness who does the job.

Edited in 3rd of april in 2018.

How to Manifest Petting a Cat!

Well, I thought it is time for some fun here and what would it be for other people to manifest like this. It surely works. The trick is to believe that it will happen, nothing magical really.

Here is a simple experiment for catching a cat and pet her/him. This is only meant for a little experiment to see, your thoughts are building your “future” and practice it. Forget LOA and other BS, this is the way. Beliefs.

I made a fun experiment with this almost a week ago and before that, I had successes also. But I didn’t know what caused it. Manifesting will be a bigger topic which I share later but it builds up from a few things.

The “how to”:

So here it is. If you like cats, they are outside and you can meet some so your chances are good. Especially in a suburban area. For manifest anything like a cat, try to think about you are in that moment, right now. Meeting a nice cat and petting it, purring and meowing. Now this issue says, you will meet one and really pet her/him, if that one is a perfect match with your thoughts (in theory).

If you only imagined that you are actually just encountering a cat, that one may never come close, run away or maybe scratch your fingers when you try to do it. Imagine the whole scene in the present moment or rather it just happened and doing it. Just mind chatting about it won’t do any results, imagine it.


So imagine you pet a cat and you enjoy it. Imagine it visually, not defining anything, only a nice cat. It can help if you don’t give any color or detail. No daytime, no place, no color, nothing. Imagine that you like it, attaching positive feelings and you may add some affirmations that you are doing it, that’s all. You can practice it a few times a day but in my experiment, I did only twice at the maximum and under 30 hours, it happened, when I didn’t even expect it and was walking with a friend, chatting at the evening.

Before that, I only wished for it for fun but never thought about how did I do it when I was successful. Many times it was instant inside 5-10 minutes, outside in nature. Wishing and hoping never gives you your future, it only tells you, you lack that thing and it is magnifying itself up. This is a mind work.

Have a nice play! : )

When You are in a Negative Spiral in Life like depression

Shit happens let’s be straight, with almost everybody as depression. We are living a human life simulation, with other humans interacting with each other.  This is a consensus reality mostly. Most of the time it is embarrassing and stressful to just swallow other people’s controlling opinions and their blames all the time.

Depression can occur and negative thinking, letting the outer world to limit you down. Job life does it’s “effect” to pull you down, also toxic family members are doing well their job.

How can you get out of the neg-spiral?

The best way is to just get as far away as you can as soon as possible from the source of negativism, bad people. The vast majority are just blaming, sucking your energy and don’t let you think about your positive thoughts in your personal life and they just don’t care. People are just what they are and everybody is on their own steps of evolution.

They won’t stop their misery – why should they stop their way of thinking? They are constantly giving thought to their crap and you will suffer from their idiotism. You are maybe a great someone and you have been limited down from social conditioning. Just don’t give a damn to others and their limited thinking!

If you are a work/job type, it is fine. You can switch to another job anytime if you wish and found a better opportunity. That is a huge fake thing when people are complaining, you can’t. Like you can’t find another one, there isn’t any… well their thoughts are creating their reality if they give enough energy. You are not Them! You have options to switch to something which may serve your life better than the previous crap. It will just slowly kill you emotionally. People are just dragging in their little fear box world all the way.

Trying to change people? Just don’t…

There is the saying that you can’t make people change their behavior or whatever they should in our viewpoint. They won’t and don’t want to change – we should leave them alone fast. It is your life, your decisions.

The first step is given: start to work your way out of the crap and remember that your thoughts are building your probable future. Believe in yourself and know that you are not alone and many people could do it in similar situations. Many fail indeed but we need to grab the chances.

The same goes on relationships and family issues. If your friend or love is not a friendship or love anymore, just stop pulling yourself down constantly to their level. You have better things to do. New potential friends are always there on your actual level. You can find somebody to love later too if you inted it. The main key here is the intention. Energy goes where your thoughts are. Don’t give up but keep balance.

Intention, the main energy flow of direction

If you have the intention about getting out a negative spiral or out from negative people’s crowd like workmates, friends, family etc… than you should focus on whatever you want and not what you DON’T want. That is the main difference. Your probable future goes wherever your thought energy is given, keep it in mind, test it, play with it.

It takes time I admit (a real pain in the butt), I had a mentally and emotionally toxic job experience too not so long ago. Which went on months until I made (with some friendly help) myself KNOW and believe that nobody could keep me there, that I’m free. I just hated it and it went against my own rules about making a passive income somehow but family issues went against my plans “again”. Eventually, I made my exit.

My collagues were always in misery, blaming, complaining – forgetting that they chose their job, not me and they also accepted the rules. This is a classical sign of working people and the number of people who are actually ok with their jobs is much less, like 1 out of 20. You don’t need to suffer in your life because of this. Maybe it was a bad decision, but the world is always giving you better opportunities. By the way who the hack needs all of this?

Start clearing up within Yourself!

For first, just close your eyes, and close out any distractions (meditation) and try to observe your thoughts. You may realise that your thoughts are based on fear and suffering from situations on which you don’t have any influence and can’t do anything. Depression most of the time comes from the lack of our direction in life. You don’t have the influence on people or similars, STOP giving thought energy on them. I know this issue too sure from various aspects of my life.

If you found your problems deep inside, you will have the solution soon.  Reinforcement could help from any external source also. You must get away far from negative aspects of your life, rather convert them into positive feelings and formulate a little plan to solve the problem. This is not escapism, this is changing your life for better! Depression is a signpost for an underlying problem mentally, that you are just not seeing the light.


Which one?

If it is a job, there will be other opportunities, trust yourself. Changing work life to independency is also a process, it takes time and effort to step from one into another smoothly. I’m still working on it.

If it is a relationship, they are toxic and not serving the original purpose for both sides anymore, stop fueling them. You hurt yourself! Leave these people alone.

If it is family, well it could be harder because of the stronger relationship – stop fueling them either. We can’t make people change, don’t try that! Get away after you made yourself sure, you tried your best. An action plan is needed only for quit and believing in yourself. Your beliefs will determine your life later.

Remember back whenever you felt yourself well, in joy. Search back of those feelings and what caused them. You must learn to enjoy yourself on your own, not depending on other people. This is not egoism, this is being your true being and being in joy, making people better around you, better in looking with their heart. You should learn to not depend on other’s love and kindness. You can give love too! Practice it.

Trust yourself, stay in balance and don’t let other’s to influence you ever. They are just regular people, they will pull in their circles of misery and depression. You are here to live your life in joy, not in self-destruction! Be playful.

Edited on 26th of june in 2018.

What counts in your Physical Life?

Now there are many many theories and rulesets about what physical life is about. There are many made-up and reliable theories with a common sense of what physical life is all about. That is just guessing. The truth is that no matter how smart people try to be with their wise words Your life is only yours. Your decisions and desires are yours and you need to deal with them.

You are living your physical life and you are walking your path, not those who criticize you all the time. Not even the media and society who tries to pull you into the crap.

Your physical life is for a reason. You came here to this reality to play a game on your own. Now I know for many, it is not a good game and they suffer. But it is meant to be a good play, a game. Well, eventually we leave from here and coming back to the non-physical to do whatever we would like to. Don’t take the game too seriously. Yeah I know, easier than done.

I won’t share any mystical and religious concepts, I rather decline all and always will. Now what I say in my blog posts are coming from personal observations, experiences and from making up the bigger picture of the truth. Maybe personal truth mostly about the wider reality and it’s mechanics.

So what I say here is that the most accurate thing here is that you were the one who planned your initial physical life here and started up. Now many people just can’t figure out why did they select a certain family or life circumstances, body type, etc. To learn and grow from them, mostly! Not the learning itself is the most required thing here. Rather than you are acting and experiencing here and making decisions from your heart instead of fear and egoism.

You are forced to use your creative power and learning to create your reality on your own. Also, you are tested by unseen forces to learn the thinking from your heart as I mentioned above. The vast majority lives from fear, greed, and primitiveness.

Right or Wrong decisions? Doesn’t matter, they are all Yours!

There is no right or wrong. Even some belief systems are saying this but in truth, it is true lol, We only learned that in this duality world you need to make distinctions between those two but really, it doesn’t matter. The main issue is that did you learn or gain something about a certain decision or physical life experience?

Did you make a decision, based on your fears or from your heart without fear? Did you learn to deal with your own fears? It is all up to you.

Everybody has a certain compass against good and bad, we just developed our sense from birth or carrying from other lives. The other side is what your Inner non-physical self thinks is right or wrong but that doesn’t matter. Your non-physical counterpart doesn’t judge or punish you ever, just helping you indirectly mostly – it depends on the individual and how ready to hear the helping “words”. Don’t take your “inner self” as an individual, it is still you, the bigger portion of yourself.

Your developing personality here and now, which you bring “back” to the NP is the one what counts. You are becoming it by choosing and making decisions. But don’t take this seriously, we have the eternity to learn and play.

Your physical life choices are just like you are choosing another path and another one continuously, as jumping to the next reality and the next. Seeing all the endless possible realities, they exist already and you are just seemingly without any effect, going in and out of those. Now we can call it physical time but time is really an illusion. It has a function: do you make the wrong decision over and over again for decades? You have plenty of time to do it.

When you make a wrong decision, you may feel bad after that and face it’s effects but this reality is about one thing for sure. You are in a slowed down environment, concentrating your awareness to one certain life, to make choices until you’ve learned really how to choose wisely. That’s all! Decide from your heart and on what feels good for YOU! Not according to anybody else!

physical life

This is Your life, and you are worthy to live it in full joy!

We can surely get life situations when people are just stepping in our personal area of life and decisions really. Like our family or partners. Egoist people are everywhere, who just can’t make correct decisions and suffer from their weaknesses. They even start to blame you or just telling you how should you live your life. Even comes the next stage what is good or bad for you etc. Now… who the heck cares about what others are thinking about you? We do care but we should stop it. It only has bad effects.

Because you just “subconsciously” processing what they said and will have negative outcome many times. You can’t help it, you can’t help them! Just leave them where they are and stop giving them energy. Most of the people are just stuck in a loop of endless suffering, blames and egoism with stupidism. Let them alone fast and concentrate on your wants. This is not selfishness.

You can be kind to anybody and just do it, that’s ok but eventually, you need to keep up a passive barrier to not get caught up on others. Just don’t let yourself be influenced. You can’t live the other’s life. You should develop a passive observational personality, who can maintain a balance in any part of your life, starting with your emotions. Don’t give a chance for these people to get you.

Physical life is taken too seriously from these interactions with people.

Influence on people and Your physical life

Here is a personal story from me. I many times had struggled with people who just didn’t stay with their own thoughts and forcing their views and beliefs on me or on others. I’m vomiting about it symbolically. I guess I saw this from my birth and observed people’s behavior, starting with my family. Most of them are like that – they try to influence you and you can’t escape (and the worst, they don’t care).

The other side is true, even in a family or just with people in your daily physical life, you CAN give advice to people if they need help, need information, your knowledge, your heart. BUT you can’t force them to do what they should. You can’t ever live other’s life. They have also no idea about you and your being.

I got many messages from the non-physical over some nights because I couldn’t understand why people just want to suffer or doesn’t want to be their own help. Like they wasting their physical life, being humans. And got the message that you can’t live other’s life and let them alone. Just don’t torture yourself about other’s stupidism. We are in a consensus reality but we are doing it individually.

I felt negativism in my feelings because I think mostly from my good heart and seeing people like that, is just sad. But I had self-judgment that if I don’t help, I will be somebody who is frozen against these people because I’m good and have a certain configuration deep inside. But that is not the case.

From the non-physical perspective, everybody is responsible only for their physical life. Another case is of course if you are with somebody or going alone is not a good thing. That is right, don’t think this over furthermore.

No respect towards your decisions, your life, and your personality?

Again, just don’t give a damn to those people who can’t accept who you are, trying to influence you. Maybe laughing at you, not giving even a tiny respect which you deserve. Everybody encounters with these people but it is sometimes really hard to get lost from them. The worst is close relationships like mostly our family members.

Your physical life worths more than idiot people’s influence. Let them tell their opinion to themselves and leave them alone.

Why should you let people blame you or let them humiliate and influence you? Your self-esteem will lower down and you lose your creating power. Just stay yourself, stay strong and remember, what counts is only You, your physical life experiences, joy and memories, your interactions from your side towards people and nothing else.

Eventually, it is all about You and interacting with others

You may do your best and that’s all. This is what you are bringing further, what makes you, the YOU. But eventually you are here and now a limited character so don’t make the false assumption that this is only just you. We are much more than this limited character.

But our added experiences from here are what counts really. You are becoming and developing endlessly. Once more, your character here, this body, personality is just a construct from the beginning for various purposes and you “become” eventually.

The main thing here is that you should always make decisions on your own. Even if you need secondary reinforcement, your family or friends are there. The other side of the game’s coin here is that we live with consequences always. Every little decision has delayed consequences which people don’t accept.

Starting with our thoughts which build up in our “subconscious” as a running program and takes effect in the physical life later. That is manifestation, a so misunderstood aspect of everybody’s hidden part these days. Many people are just in fear to make correct decisions and they are just stuck. Like regular jobs and relationships.

So, if you want to suffer, here you go, do it.
If you want to be happy, that’s cool, do it. That’s all, nothing complicated.

The only barrier is the one which you pull up against yourself. Your limits, mental blocks. It is up to you to live a good life in what you feel good. It is not recommended that you need to swim in money or suffer in mental pain : )

Edited on 3rd of april in 2018.

Is Sugar bad or good for Your health?

Sugar consumption is an interesting topic worldwide, full of misconceptions, beliefs. Industries now try to sell other products which are switching you from sugar to a much worse, like artificial sweeteners.

The “Whole food industry” is a religion too and vegetarianism both, with other ones. But no argument here, it is your choices to eat what you want. And if you feel good it is ok, but later after years, you may have deficiency problems. You don’t need to follow groups, just your body, and lifestyle. Common sense is very non-existent in people these days. Sugar is NEEDED to function properly but the method and amount is the problem.

I’m a perfect example here, I’m in my early 30’s being tall, lean but muscular type man in genetics. I’m eating sugary stuff since my early childhood and never ever had a serious problem with it. If I take into consideration that I should eat it in not massive amounts (lol well many times it is hard to not do it, I admit). Keep balance yeah.

My brain and metabolism using it up as fast as it can, so no real big problems. It is sometimes bad if I make wrong choices and grabbing it too often from the shop’s selves. Maybe I have just some little issues about it like a little brain fog, that’s all, I can deal with it. It is up to me to change my diet to a degree that I eat more protein and less sugar. I don’t take it so seriously.
Choices are up to you, what to eat. Also lifestyle in the end. Somebody with an active lifestyle will need more protein.


What other’s are telling You what is GOOD for you – totally wrong!

Never try to follow other people’s meal plans and diet. You need to experiment with the food combinations and what is good for your body and metabolism. Certain people can’t digest certain types of foods. But you can try out what is better for you. Those advice are just for try some aspects and if it works, use it.

Be aware with allergies and “no foods” because chances are, you are being indoctrinated. In what? To believe that certain foods are bad for you. Beliefs are very strong reality changing tools starting with your body!

If you crave on sugar and being lazy like me, chances are you don’t take in enough protein for your energy levels daytime. Muscles can’t stay strong and for your brain being in balance and not in tiredness. You can consume sugar and eat it in balance with other stuff. I won’t say you, DON’T consume sugar, it is not fair. You can eat it but in moderation.

Our body is very adaptable and can handle it. But by the time you will lose minerals like Vitamine B’s, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamine C and some more. You should eat wisely and consider your body’s lifestyle. Fat is the least needed one, we are not in the wild, hunting for prey and storing up fat in our body to survive winters. Protein with vegetables is the best many times, Japanese people have the best recipe for the body.

Useful fats are needed like butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and similar. Don’t cling on Omega 3. You need a good ratio of Omega 6: Omega 3 = 2:1 or 3:1 and that’s all. Nobody tells you this ratio, mainstream only hangs up on Omega 3. And don’t take it seriously like measuring it daily for your intake, just don’t do it. Just eat it if you want to. Eat wisely, don’t overdo it.

The importance of water

I found out that if I try to drink more water while I’m eating chocolates (some swallows), it can cause a little delay in releasing sugar into my blood vessels. It is a personal observation but it can help you.

Water is very important, especially pure mineral water. Now I don’t recommend anything other than some mineral spring water, which doesn’t contain fluoride and chloride but has magnesium, calcium, and potassium for your muscles, brain, bones etc. You can still use tap water for washing your teeth or rinse a few times, wash hands but it is unsafe in many countries. It can be full of chemicals, byproducts from washing it back like hormones and drug residues. I guess we can count up almost every country for unsafe tap water. You have only control over tap water if you filter it by yourself with knowledge.

There is a myth, people in my country used to say. “You should rotate your brands” of mineral water because of some strange build-up theory of minerals… ah, come on! This is just BS again. I know my body uses up what I take in, you can’t overload them. Until you are making personal powder or capsule intakes more often and too much for months. If you consume sugary stuff, you can be sure, some mineral levels are less than normal, don’t worry. Otherwise, rather protein intake is low.


How to rather use up Sugar the Smart way?

Exercising almost daily is needed to maintain balance in your muscles and blood flow to various parts of your body, especially to your brain. You won’t die of course being just in a sitting job or sitting at home. I know I’m lazy like hell, but I can take a run for some kilometers nearby. Or just ride my bike, take dumbbell exercises at home, whenever it is needed.

It is better to use up plant sugar (fruits) or just sugary stuff after workout or jogging. Your muscles are weak at that point, use it with protein to regain damaged muscles tissues and store glycogen in it. Eat vegetables with protein, again. Sugar will give back the energy.

Daytime? Use sugar rather in the middle of the day. In the mornings you need protein after sleep, and sugar is the less wanted thing before bedtime. It will accumulate as fat and your brain may have a bad bedtime overnight without restful sleep.

Sugar also releases happiness “hormone”. It causes you to feel good after ate some bars. But you can feel weak and hungry if you don’t eat anything else. Same for bread and baked goods without any value of nutrition. Hunger comes from lack of protein again.

You can mix it with protein once again and try to maintain a balanced diet. You can eat crap too like fast food but in minimal amounts. Those chemicals are stored in your body and need time to clean out. Vitamine C is a good thing to use, it cleans you out used with minerals or with protein. But never mix sugar with Vitamine C! You don’t want kidney problems or may not but it is just stupid.

You can read about dosing Vitamine C here.

Sugar is bad if…

Well if you are only eating sugar all day long. Or if you THINK it is bad and you fueled this thought for a long time. If you have certain health issues like diabetes, I have a story here, to see it is caused by yourself (mostly!). I knew a man who has it BUT he can eat sugar, chocolate, sweets! I made him believe (ok, tried to liberate his mind) he has no problems at all. And he can consume it in little amounts of course. but his problem is caused by himself.

He thinks he doesn’t worth his life and he had bad relationships with women. He is just torturing himself directly and he also knows it and doesn’t want to change his mindset. A certain view of his reality in this life causes the trouble. Well, that is his life, if he wishes it, it can be reality. So the actual end result is generated over years in the pancreas.

Old people can have diabetes too, full of life problems mentally and beliefs from decades ago. Now imagine how hard is to cure them… They can only rely on specialists like “doctors” and can’t help themselves – well why should they if they are as brainwashed and as “intelligent” as their parents from the last century. They BELIEVE in external help and what is said on TV. To support the elderly circle, there are highly intelligent people too, I don’t want to label them, I know some personally too.

Don’t listen to others! WHO knows what is good for you? Only you know that. If you don’t know, you should closely observe your thoughts about certain things in your life. How do you feel about them? Change that belief and experiment with it.

Finally, don’t be afraid of sugar, it is spread widely how it is bad or your body is in trouble from it. Use it in balance with real foods and don’t overconsume it. That’s all.

If you think you can’t eat sugar because it is harmful, now that is a belief construct, which you gave power and became your reality. You can reverse it! If you decline sugar in your life – meaning the sweetness (not just this kind of), like watching a movie, it will cause to decline everything which the mainstream brainwashing tells you. You can enjoy eating a bar of chocolate, do it and don’t feel guilty.

Eat more protein, less fat and less sugar, but don’t just decline them. Your lifestyle also needs it if you are more active in body but if you don’t eat more protein than those, your body will degrade much faster. Your muscles will weaken, lose muscle mass, also your body and brain will suffer.

Sugar doesn’t cause cancer, You are causing it. Not genetics, not sugar. But it can fuel damaged cells and help them spread. Nothing complicated.

It is like going to the doctor to take a pill for certain problems. You can’t heal yourself, forget it, this way you are going for external help and giving belief to a pill that it will finally heal your problems. Many times it can’t, your belief is weak again. Surprise : ) But sometimes our beliefs are weak and need that pill, well it is an interesting self-programming game.

Edited on 3rd of april in 2018.

The illusion of Birth and Death

On a higher scale of consciousness, we all made constructs like birth and death for the purpose of physical life. We enter into a given world and play our “game”. When we are finished, we return back to the non-physical world as anybody else. These illusions are needed to not ruin the game.

We just can’t suddenly happen to exists here and disappear, right? We can’t live forever as a character here. This is the big illusion of physical life in a nutshell. And still many people are afraid of death at any age. Knowledge is out there…

You can read more about this life thing from my book called: You Are Not a Physical Being – Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature. Check it out on Amazon Kindle here.

How is the birth and death game played out?

You are born here at a certain race, certain body, characteristics, genetics and form initial possibilities. You are free to choose your path and whatever you believe. Nobody forces you after a while and your circumstances are what you may choose to grow. You can blame other’s about your misery but you are there for a reason and you need to understand it – not anybody else’s job. A bad family can be critical but it is a life test too to deal with it as best as you can.

From birth, we need to develop physically and learn to function in this world, so we can experience according to our beliefs and choices. Social conditioning does the job really, developing brainwashed people and building up unnecessary mental blocks, which later serves the purpose of billions of people’s struggling. This world with all societies is not existing like this by chance.

You are living always in the moment and while you are living a seemingly real life, you are closer to the end game. At death, you exit, switch your focus back to where you came from as everybody else. There you get back your full awareness of your inner being and you are free to do whatever you want to. Then you will see what was your life about if you didn’t care until that point.

birth and death

Why are older people just always have some diseases? Even young people?

Diseases are nothing more than a byproduct or rather a projection of your mental state and beliefs. Repeated beliefs over decades will accumulate in your primary buffer as your physical body. If you don’t stop accumulating bad thoughts and emotions, they will degrade your body. That is why our thoughts have consequences on the longer term.

Just ask everybody, your family members (you rather already know it, the cause), friends, known people. Why are they ill, have cancer, certain types of diseases? They surely can’t answer that and blame what is spoonfed into their mouth by media and various sources.

Becoming old and tired of life

Now, many people don’t select various illnesses consciously. Most of the diseases and illnesses coming from subconscious programming. Many people try to end their lives but for decades. Most of them are from the circle of people thinking, when they reached pension around 60+, they lost their lives, their purpose and it is over. A slowly degrading life, feeling they are unworthy and thinking it is the end of all. They learned and saw this from others also, that is the norm.

Their body is already old and unhealthy. They heat this issue further with more subconscious thinking in the background, giving negative thinking more power. Or just believe in what others saying about illnesses and “you can’t cure it” stuffs. That is BS, people could heal themselves many times from their misery, like cancer, too.

The only needed issue here is changing your thinking and solving mental issues. The physical body should be in perfect health at any time. You just need to observe your beliefs and find the best diet for your body. Aging is a natural process.

Illnesses and diseases are also tools for the physical game

It would be just boring, dying in oldness without anything serious I guess for many people. I think all of this miseries are coming from the lack of understanding of life. The cycle of birth and death have many surprises also.

Most of the people are experiencing the “exit” in this way, as their NP counterpart experiences it too. Not a tragedy, just experience and grow from it. Ok I admit, I guess many people are not learning even a thing from their own self-created mind-acts. I know too many people about this issue. They don’t care, they don’t even know what will come. Surprise what religion does? People don’t know a thing from brainwashing and just don’t want to, that’s sad!

Of course, it is much easier to believe in what is enough comfortable to dive into a self-created illusion about anything. Billions are ok with it.

birth and death

What happens in the “Afterlife” beyond birth and death?

I have bad news and good ones too here. Your willingness to be open and don’t accept just religions, group constructs like a vastly naive human, could make your way easier. People who are believers just have the harder time adjusting back there. It is just vastly easier to be passive and curious and not adapting to any belief systems.

The good news is if you are relatively free from beliefs, you end up in the non-physical with much less struggle and if you are also intelligent, you could navigate easily there and not stuck in any wrong places. Forget the Hell construct, if you’re not believing in it, it won’t happen. But you can visit it anytime.

The Afterlife (human) is full of regions, which are since a while had a label, the so-called Belief System Territories (BST). They exist, I saw many NP cities, people are just living physical like living there too. They don’t even have the slightest idea that they are “dead” or on other words being in the non-physical. People just die and end up in different regions, according to their beliefs and likes. You are relatively free to go, but you are addicted, most of us are. Other groups are proud of being post-humans and being aware of this fact also.

You are not experienced eating enough sugar, having kids, having a soul mate, having a business, seeing a country, trying out certain hobbies… surprise, you will soon plan another life to jump back to a certain Earth simulation and do whatever you wish. No rush, you have eternity.

YOU are deciding your next physical life, nobody else. Now, this is much hard to understand because you are a community of personalities from a higher perspective and you are already living your other lives simultaneously, I will make another post on this. But it is obvious, the vast majority just losing their conscious connection to their source. They just don’t care because they are fully in physical illusion and pros/cons.

Personal limiting blocks

Birth and death can’t exist without the consensus reality where we are interacting physically and vice versa.

The bad thing is that most of humanity is attached to beliefs and religions. They are just not ready to experience everything else. They end up on the most resonating “places” and staying there for who knows for how “long”. Now time is nothing there but there are in scale vast problems what people could continue to experience after they exit from here. People won’t be wiser at death, they are the same there too if they don’t have the intention to change.

Let me take an example here. There are people in this world, who believe, there is nothing after death, you are just in the nothingness, you cease to exist – why should you cease to exist? And some of them end up floating in the transition zone of 3D Void and just wait, and still blaming themselves, “I told myself, I knew it”. And NP people can help you get out, but it is up to you. But on the other hand, some of them end up in different healing facilities. Beliefs, beliefs, beliefs + emotions. That’s it!

Others are teleporting out to different dimensions which are still simulating their last known life situation when they were killed or had some other life-threatening issues. They are in an energy bubble, repeating the same situation for eternity until somebody blows up their energy block and help him/her get out and realize, they are creating their own problem.

The Transition Zone for post-humans

We made a construct in the wider reality to experience the return to our true home to the NP world. We made human constructs to enter certain places, facilities and there you are healed emotionally, mentally, whatever. It is for traumas and repeating issues in yourself to help you get over your non-existent problems and stop taking Earth life previously seriously.

After the Transition, you are led to these places and they are real, so much people noted back and made diaries about these places that they saw people are getting there eventually. Now “age” here is not important, many people are having an aged image around their 30’s but others just using a child’s image. Your physical appearance is only just a self-image, nothing more. But humans are just like to hang up on their physical body and can’t let it go, it is sad really. They think they are that person, that body!

There is an old saying, which older people are used to say, if I was old, and will die, I will be wise. Why should a complete idiot man/woman should be wise if he/she never was? Come on, self-trickery again. I knew too much people in my life already who thought that they are wise, one of them is around 70. Who do you want to fool? You are bringing there your actual value of consciousness.

What is the process?

People are there to shake off bad emotions and mostly beliefs. It is a hard one, beliefs are creating our reality on both sides. Emotions are the other ones, when people are dreaming they just release all the emotions in the next Focus state called Dreamworld and just living up all their likes or bad emotions, fears and having bad dreams.

If You can’t control your emotions and beliefs in your waking life, chances are you will have the struggle in the non-physical too and almost never get further than the massive amount of “people” there. I mean maybe quadrillions of them, just many, nobody knows the number and this is only our local system of post-humans. Non-physical exploring needs a certain type of emotional balance, passive but curious mindstate and no fear. Fear is just coming from yourself, the unknown which you don’t want to face or solve, maybe don’t know.

There is nothing to fear, especially of death. You will be cared of by other spirits (if needed), saying this without any religious BS. But eventually, there, You are the only one who judges yourself – from any perspective. Love yourself more day by day. Birth and death are only parts of the game.

Edited on 20th of october in 2018.